And this just in. From an acquaintance inside the Washington Beltway.Re: Wall St fraud conquers yet another industry; pharma & public health; YouTube censored interview w Dr. Robert Malone? Why? kicked off twitter too? Even LinkedIn

It was a Tweet of this Video I belive that got Dr Malone banned from Twitter which initiated the appearance on Rogan.

Re: Wall St fraud conquers yet another industry; pharma & public health; YouTube censored interview w Dr. Robert Malone? Why? kicked off twitter too? Even LinkedIn

Disclaimer: everything said below pertains to the COVID-19 vaccines alone, not to vaccine technology in general

same old story; cause $20Trillion in economic damage … to extract $30billion in local profits (expediency over sustainability)

we need an electorate that’s more mature than this

the COVID pandemic response has become a hopelessly muddled debacle?
yes, and for more reasons, and more convoluted reasons, than most suspect;
yet as usual, it all comes down to financial fraud

Robert Malone is an eminently qualified specialist in mRNA vaccines & SARS/ZIKA clinical trials

his interview re COVID, banned from YouTube, is still available on Rumble

It is well worth everyone’s time to patiently watch every minute of this interview, to the end.

maybe the key to all his bans? he says that Uttar Pradesh crushed Covid with an early treatment package containing Ivermectin
Instantly denied by seemingly everyone outside of Uttar Pradesh—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html

       it's all tied to "vaccine hesitancy" which has been declared as the core threat to an emerging Public Spending Initiative, i.e., money flow 
           now we have the latest pair of combatants in an age-old battle;  reckless initiative vs careful selection
                   It doesn't have to be this way.   With a little patience & cooperation we could have our innovations and select from them too.
                      The alternative is to cause a riot first and then rebuild.  We could just gracefully remodel, and skip the 2-steps random, 1 step correction dance.

Malone: media/pharma/other corp board messaging is now “harmonized” globally
there is significant (huge) financial incentive to deploy novel vaccine technology, and it has triggered new Institutional Momentum
significant financial COVID-specific compensation incentives (to vaccine makers, clinical trial managers, pcr-positive tests, hospital admissions, respirator use, and covid-correlated death)
orchestrated coordination to remove any & all obstacles to the above funding train (the MICC and Control Fraud story, all over again, now in the Public Health field)
linked to the British-sponsored Trusted News Initiative (there are opposing views on this initiative)

Serious argument:
COVID vaccine adverse reactions (VARs) (qualified people claim critical data is being manipulated, in both clinical trials and public disclosure)
Bypassed analytical standards
mRNA vaccine lipid packaging: concentrates not in muscle, but in ovaries & bone tissue (data not included in COVID vaccine disclosures)
blood clotting (platelet factors); early menstruation; return of bleeding post-menopause; myelocarditis in males; brain fog; fatigue etc: virulently denied by COVID vaccine lobby
ACE2 receptor is used in MANY physiological & cellular functions, and NOT just as the receptor for COVID-spike-protein binding & cell entry
use of vaccine antigens to trigger systemic production of antibodies to ACE2-binding proteins (not just the COVID spike protein)

   In order to aggressively push COVID vaccines, it is NOT necessary to demonize systematic feedback needed to refine risk management

  Spike protein used in vaccines, differs from naturally-occurring COVID spike protein;  how?
       Conformation:  vaccine version is fixed conformation;  wild-type is flexible;
       Vaccine-induced spike protein is eventually presented on surface of muscle/other cells:  significant amounts are sheared off & circulate in blood
           Summary:  inadequate toxicology studies to date;  this has been reckless;
                              Consequence:  statistical claim, health impacts of COVID vaccines are same or lower than impacts of untreated COVID
                                                        major claim:  total deaths are higher after mass vaccination;  currently denied by COVID vaccine sponsors  (statistical argument, in press)

                              Battle: don't get in the way of money flow .... vs .....   be careful, and do all the analytical studies that are normally done
                                               COVID fears ...............................  vs .....   delayed, distributed uptick in variety of ailments (autoimmune diseases, reactivation of latent viruses, cancers)

Overall lesson:
Institutional Momentum always bleeds into Control Fraud. It is not necessary to generate reckless overreactions, which can easily make things worse rather than helping.
Specific examples: multiple vaccinations seem to be making things worse, not helping;
propagated myth that vaccination is as good as or better than surviving natural infection;
negative efficacy of multiple vaccination boosters (re-vaccinating with vaccines to obsolete variants; inappropriately tilting T & B cell populations towards viruses no longer present)
outcome: over-stimulating immune system to threats no longer present leaves immune system less able to re-orient to novel antigens
result is inappropriately biasing immune system (no benefit of priming to disappeared strains; in fact, there is harm)

Malone: famoditine (pepcid) & silicoxin work as prophylactic & early-treatment for COVID
(as do Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine)

LinkedIn “doesn’t have talent to verify your views”
yet anyone who doesn’t agree with vaccination policy shouldn’t be on LinkedIn?
(to be expected of anything now owned by Microsoft)

ps: Malone’s message is the original, common complaint: we should have tested more, & reserved initial vaccines for the most vulnerable population segments;
Well Duh!

and there’s this:
COVID-19: Famotidine, Histamine, Mast Cells, and Mechanisms

Malone: there is a political agenda to suppress informed consent IF it contributes to “vaccine hesitancy”
the simplest explanation of this entire story is the old story of Institutional Momentum: don’t get in the way of the money flow
at least not until initial perpetrators are safely out of Dodge, before the random momentum crashes something & has to be reigned in
What’s visible is coordinated gov policies (Britain, USA, many others) floundering, and easy prey for specifically coordinated Public Funding lobbies
can private industrial lobbies milk Gov funding flows? Obviously yes. Do they? Also obviously yes.
Should they do so as randomly as has been increasingly occurring? Obviously not.
Without full-spectrum feedback, initial forays into new initiative easily turn into wasteful instances of random Institutional Momentum.
We now routinely arrive at novel, unprecedented levels of Social Surplus, and face the quandary of “WHAT TO DO WITH INCREASING AGGREGATE SURPLUS.”
Hint: the first suggestions always come from the squeakiest wheels: our own sociopathic, idiot savants.
First, they were gangsters. Then warlords. Then permanent war chiefs. Then permanent “royalty.”
Then they were millionaires. Then billionaires. Now the race is to become the first Trillionaire. Just because. (Institutional Momentum)
Eventually, aggregates have to again answer the question: What to do with accumulating excess.
Hoard what we don’t think everyone is doing enough with?
Or be patient enough to explore our new options patiently enough to:
a) first, do no harm (don’t gum up legacy works), AND
b) second, find the next needle to safely add to current haystacks (i.e., be a SELECTIVE, not reckless, aggregate)

Dr. Zev Zelenko video of Dr. Rick Bright testimony re: ivermectin COVID therapy
full documentary at HULU
Totally Under Control
entire peer review process is compromised at will, by policy interventions
zinc-ionophores: hydroxychloriquine, ivermectin, corsitin, ecgc, etc
intracellular zinc levels eventually inhibit retrovirus replication (& other parasites)
hydroxychloriquine 400mg/day: prophylactic for SARS, malaria, others
FDA EUAs (emergency use authorizations) are exclusive per application;
so hydroxychloroquine EUA had to be revoked, to allow COVID-mRNA vaccine EUA
that’s an amazing example of bureaucracy run amok;
equal effort could have achieved rule changes to allow multiple EUAs for COVID therapies (e.g., Remsdevir) … but that wasn’t even tried

0.5% death rate from untreated COVID (across all ages, ethnicities)
higher death rate from novel mRNA vaccines (data still contested, suppressed; for profits)

Michael Callahan; ex CIA, worked on DARPA-led dev of Moderna mRNA vaccines


Hopefully, the Jig is up on what has been a shameful and idiot episode in Global Governance both institutional and Corporate.
Happy New Year,

The Other Stellar Rogan Interview is with Dr Peter Mc Cullogh

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