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I visited London in January 2020 on business, my trip was to meet some old friends but also to look at the former Pescatori restaurant building in Charlotte street which I had thought would be ideal for a cellular hotel brand I had been developing for the Scandanavian market but, for which, I had failed to gain any traction for in what I affectionately call “The Freezing Bleedin North”.
London was buzzing in January 2020, I had a great time and returned to Sweden full of enthusiasm and with plenty of promising ideas to build upon for the Charlotte street project but also for the provision of affordable homes for young people just starting out.

I returned to Sweden after my London trip and then The lights went out in the UK as a response to the threat of a deadly Pandemic, hearing stories of building supplies shortages and the extent of the “Lockdown measures” I was intrigued as the Swedes seemed to be responding in what seemed to me to be a wholly more measured and sensible way. And that’s how my seat at the Greatest show on earth started and continued, as I contemplate my next business trip to continue the New Business which was conceived prior to the still as yet to be fully understood response to the Pandemic of 2020.

When I say as yet to be fully understood, that is because there are so many responses that may have led one to give the benefit of the doubt to the Powers that be(TPTB), but as the whole charade now enters its third year as with so many my own attitude towards TPTB has hardened somewhat, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” Maybe?

If we cast our minds back to the start of 2020 we will recall that on both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the north sea there was much heralding and hyping and eulogizing and pontificating in political circles regarding the Green New deal, the newly anointed EU commission President Von der Leyen had Gilded her technocratic lily in all shades of technocratic Green, AOC had given shrill volume to it along with Pocahontas in the States, dousing the Evil Trumpster in the shame of climate denial opprobrium.Clearly, the Inconvenient Truths of the Goreist narratives the saintly martyrdom of Saint Greta to the ALtar of Climate Change were media bells ringing in the 2020 New year, but also the Official Brexit.

But it was quickly revealed to be a political stunt. The same night, a political action committee that supports Trump — and whose website refers to global warming as “population reduction, not science” — publicly took credit.“Thanks, that was us,” the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee wrote in a tweet, adding: “Satire is always the best.”Also, a LaRouche PAC-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate in New Jersey, Daniel Burke, posted a statement from the organization to his campaign Facebook page on Oct. 4, saying a “volunteer for LaRouche PAC committed a prank against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after thinking about the actual implications of the Extinction Rebellion and the Green New Deal.

Boris Johnson was installed Red wall and all into no10 downing street on a promise to”Get Brexit Done”

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What is the direction of travel and main narrative embedded in the Narrative of the past 40 years? The Rules-Based International Order or ( New World Order ) Narratives.

1.Globalisation and Urbbanisation.
2.Petro Dollar Hegenomy . Addiction to Oil.
3. Man-Made Global Warming
4. Overshoot Overpopulation
5. Elitism, Starfucking worship of ”The Elites**

WWIII is nothing but another colonial resource war.

Six Impossible things before Breakfast from the BBC. Aunty Beeb has been at the Gin again. “The Devils Excrement” #Oil #Debt #Brexit #EndGame #EndTimesEschatology #FOMO #FUD and #SCUDS



What Bill’s Saying here is
“we’re gonna have to Science the F#@K out of this” Melinda Gates


Innovating to Zero Debt. A Model Answer.

Which all leads me to yesterday’s post

Chumbawumba Time. From I get knocked down to Jacobs Ladder Pass the Anarchist another cigarette. When the y go in with the kitchen sink.

Much of the following Article will be offensive to many British and Commonwealth citizens,


The popularity of Queen Elizabeth the second and of her mother before her “The Queen Mum” is a source of National comfort to so many of my own generation ( born 1964) The claims made in this document are though in my own mind fairly irrefutable. Fond as I am of Ruskins unto this last both the original and Gandhi’s translation. The new generation of Royals and the Global hybridised elites seem to be firmly in the Rockerfeller useless eaters camp of dystopian neo Malthusianism.


BBC Climate Propaganda. JP Morgan Green Washing and Bloomberg and Carney behind the bit save the Central Banking Cartel. Carbon Currency Endgame, playing out.

Six Impossible things before Breakfast from the BBC. Aunty Beeb has been at the Gin again. “The Devils Excrement” #Oil #Debt #Brexit #EndGame #EndTimesEschatology #FOMO #FUD and #SCUDS


This comment I made on the did not get past Dr Tim Morgans censorship of his Seeds Blog.
#219. The unravelling begins

When discovering the structure of DNA, Francis Crick famously announced to his drinking companions in a Cambridge tavern that he had discovered the ‘secret of life’. The director of
his Institute, Max Perutz, was rather more careful than Crick when he
said that DNA was the ‘score of life’. That is more correct since a musical
score does nothing until it is played. DNA does nothing until activated
to do so. pp.35 “Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity 1st Edition
by Denis Noble
Regarding Garrets work and the paper in review with Steve Keen, I think it is reductive and also submits to a FInite type of analysis which does not seem to accommodate the dynamics in potentials available regarding the rate of flow of energy into and through a system and the responsiveness of the system to feedback.
The idea of a Musical Score, as opposed to a fixed recipe in Denis Noble book, is I think a good conceptual comparison of two approaches to the same set of Data , of course there are many potentials between the two categories of approach.
Douthwaite The Ecology of Money (Schumacher Briefing, 4) https://az.1lib.to/book/896040/105bf6
Chapter 4: One Country, Four Currencies
“Now we’ve surveyed the various types of money system, we come to the exciting bit – specifying
the integrated multi-currency system of the future. We have seen that three groups (commercial
institutions, governments and users) can create money. Very little can be said in favour of
allowing the commercial creation of money to continue. Instead, money should be created by
non-profit-seeking organisations representing the people using it. In the case of a democratic
country, this would obviously include a national or regional government working on behalf of its
At least four types of money are needed. One is an international currency, playing the role taken
by gold before the collapse of the gold exchange standard. The second is a national or regional
(sub-national) currency that would relate to the international currency in some way. Thirdly, we
would need a plethora of currencies which, like LETS, the WIR and the commodity-based
currencies, could be created at will by their users to mobilise resources left untapped by national
or regional systems. Many of these user currencies would confine their activities to particular
geographic areas, but some would link non-spatially-based communities of interest. And fourth,
as our current money’s store of value function can so easily conflict with its use as a means of
exchange, special currencies are needed for people wishing to see their savings hold their value
while still keeping them in a fairly liquid form.”
Douthwaites briefing has a foreward by Beranrd Leitaer.
“Do I agree with all the ideas that are presented here? Even Douthwaite admits that he doesn’t
“expect everyone to agree with the conclusions he has reached”. For instance, although I agree
with him on the importance of linking monetary issues to energy sustainability, I question the
viability of the means he proposes. (Why not include his “Energy-Backed Currency Units”
(ebcu) as part of a basket of commodities and services backing the currency – rather than being
the exclusive backing of currency?”
Leitaers TERRA is easily sourced on line .
Back to Nobels biological Theme The work of Martin Nowak as demonstrated in David Malones excellent series why are we here speaks to the idea of a measure of some cooperation and some competition.
MN: Yeah, let us start the game. And we see, yes, these defectors, they are spreading, you know. So the colours that we are observing here are: red are defectors and blue are co-operators, and yellow and green are changing sides.
So yellow is now a new defector: it was a co-operator before. And green is a new co-operator: it was a defector before. We see the pattern is spreading. A kind of symmetry is being maintained here because they are deterministic of the rules, and the initial symmetry is never broken. But the amazing thing is these co-operators, they are persistent. They just refuse to get wiped out and they survive in those clusters. And if you watch very carefully, you see the clusters, they are actually growing until they collide with other clusters, and then they’re shrinking, and then they grow.
David: But they never go out of business.
MN: But they never get out of business. And the amazing thing is the average abundance of co-operators in this pattern is very close to 12log 2-8.
David: What does that mean?
Ard: It’s close to constant.
MN: It converges to a constant which is approximately 31%, and this is a mathematical curiosity.
Ard: Natural selection would say the co-operators would get wiped out, because they are paying a cost to help their competitors. And yet it’s not happening. So why?

Why indeed?


#153. One for the sceptics. Free Will or Determinism , The Climate Religion Rowsons #Perspectiva

Re-framing the War on Carbon. The Carbon Surplus Question?



Ian R Crane – The Green Agenda and Population Reduction (AV3 2009 Presentation) #Contrick19 #CovidPurpose #Covid1984

#They The Hierarchy That Enslaves You.

Full Spectrum Imperialism which we could call Globalism for short. The Hierarchy That Enslaves You #THEY #Covidstroika


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