Globalism/ Internationalism / Imperialism. The Scramble for everything and everybody. #4IR #GreatReset #BuildBackBetter

The purpose of the 4th Industrial revolution is to stymie the development of energy resources and to control Population and growth and instigate rapid population decline.

Syria and the pipeline wars all point to severe rationing of energy and shortly food to frustrate prosperity. These policies replete with plausible deniability will grow and increasingly eliminate the precariat.

Disconnected and alienated from the Borg, Sanctuary for the 10 log 2-8 cooperators. Full Spectrum Localism.

It Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Swing . Tides of the Petrodollar Moon.

The Economic Superorganism: Review and criticism. Close but no Cigar.

Do the Cantango, Backwardation to Monopoly. Power Work Time Blood. Sixteen Tons selling your soul to the Company Store. (#Aadhaar)

All roads lead back to Energy. Energy access and resource distribution are key to “Prosperity” everywhere.

Poisoning the well with false Dilemmas.

Stratagem XXXIIIf you are confronted with an assertion, there is a short way of getting rid of it, or, at any rate, of throwing suspicion on it, by putting it into some odious category; even though the connection is only apparent, or otherwise of a loose character. You can say, for instance, “That is Manichaeism,” or “It is Arianism,” or “Pelagianism,” or “Idealism,” or “Spinozism,” or “Pantheism,” or “Brownianism,” or “Naturalism,” or “Atheism,” or “Rationalism,” “Spiritualism,” “Mysticism,” and so on. In making an objection of this kind, you take it for granted (1) that the assertion in question is identical with, or is at least contained in, the category cited – that is to say, you cry out, “Oh, I have heard that before”;

Abundance or Scarcity. more with less or less with more?

Pelagianism, Free Will Determinism #ActualFantasy #156 #GrubStreetJournal

dong ding dong bell here’s a tale for a fairy to tell, the return of the fairies by Kelvin Patrick’s Oberon from those remember to those who do not. #CovidPurpose #Pelagius #BenMcBrady

Regulating in the Shadow of Big Banking. Paul Carliers Talk at the Transparency Task Force and the failings of the FCA under Andrew Bailey.

Unravelling Catastrophe. Seeds of Hope or Seeds of destruction.

James B. Quilligan The Brandt Report, The Brandt Equation, The Financial Commons and Blockchain.

Guillaume affair
Main article: Guillaume Affair
Around 1973, West German security organizations received information that one of Brandt’s personal assistants, Günter Guillaume, was a spy for the East German intelligence services. Brandt was asked to continue working as usual, and he agreed to do so, even taking a private vacation with Guillaume. Guillaume was arrested on 24 April 1974, and many[who?] blamed Brandt for having a communist spy in his inner circle.[citation needed]

Brandt resigned from his position as chancellor on 6 May 1974, but he remained a member of the Bundestag and chairman of the Social Democrats until 1987. This espionage affair is widely considered to have been just the trigger for Brandt’s resignation, not the fundamental cause. As Brandt himself later said, “I was exhausted, for reasons which had nothing to do with the affair [the Guillaume espionage scandal] going on at the time.”[140] Brandt was dogged by scandals about serial adultery, and reportedly also struggled with alcohol and depression.[141] There was also the economic fallout on West Germany of the 1973 oil crisis, which may seem to have given enough stress to finish off Brandt as the Chancellor.[citation needed]

Guillaume had been an espionage agent for East Germany, who was supervised by Markus Wolf, the head of the Main Directorate for Reconnaissance (Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung or HVA—the foreign intelligence service) of the East German Ministry for State Security. Wolf stated after the reunification that the resignation of Brandt had never been intended, and that the planting and handling of Guillaume had been one of the biggest mistakes of the East German secret services.

Brandt was succeeded as the Chancellor of the Bundesrepublik by his fellow Social Democrat, Helmut Schmidt. For the rest of his life, Brandt remained suspicious that his fellow Social Democrat (and longtime rival) Herbert Wehner had been scheming for Brandt’s downfall.[citation needed] However, there is scant evidence to corroborate this suspicion.

Romeo Spy, John Alexander Symonds Code Named SKOT. Control Files, Spooks, Corruption and seduction. #Sedwill, #MI5 #MI6 #SteeleDossier #Skripal #DrDavidKelly #WeaponsofMassSeduction

Nina then went on to tell me that he worked for a secret organization, which was involved in keeping observation on the entire staff of Willy Brandt, then Federal Chancellor of West Germany. She said they had discovered there was a spy in Brandt’s office who was leaking state secrets that ended up in Moscow, but they did not know which person was that spy. She also told me that the spy’s existence had been confirmed through information fed back from Moscow by a spy working for British intelligence. Nina said her husband was really grateful to Britain. And here was I fucking his wife. She had told me the bare bones of the story even before we did any fucking, but once we had become lovers she confided specific details. She explained that her husband was not a security or intelligence officer himself. Instead he was in the bureaucracy of Willy Brandt’s political party, the Social Democrats (SPD). He was also working for something called the East-West Reunification Committee, which had outraged Moscow. The Russians had said that the mere existence of any organization dedicated to re-unifying East and West Germany was contrary to the Potsdam Agreement, which had cast the frontiers of central Europe in bronze after World War Two. This rigidity had obliged the East-West Reunification Committee to go underground but it had vast amounts of money, including plenty to pay West Germany’s security services to conduct a vast investigation into every one of the hundreds of people working within the Chancellery, just to find this spy. Nina told me that these millions of marks could only be handed to the secret service on his signature. By the time she had come to Bulgaria for this break, the suspects had been narrowed down to just two: a middle-aged female secretary close to Brandt, and a male secretary who was even closer to the Chancellor and whom Nina described as a thorough workaholic. Spies or not, both these people must have been vetted several times to be allowed to reach and remain in positions of such sensitivity. Of course to Nina I was just a holiday romance so I could not display too great an interest in her tale, even though its implications for the KGB were immense. She was spilling out all this priceless intelligence not in a formal interrogation but in idle post-coital – or pre-coital – chat. Even so, after our second night together, I did get her to reveal that her husband had mentioned the name of the male suspect but at the time she was distracted by serving dinner or doing the dishes and could not remember it. She did recall that it was a strange name, not of German origin. Later, all of a sudden, it came back to her. Guillaume. Gunther Guillaume.

Globalism/ Internationalism / Imperialism.

Internationalism Vs Globalisation (Globalism)

SNP, SDP, LibDem, Enlightenment Liberalisation is still Globalisation not Internationalism, Same old Shit Different bunch of Elitists.

World Government #CovidPurpose

Losing Control of the Narrative.London Live, Owned by George Osbournes Boss. Own Goals and other Limitations of inbox Process driven Globalists. #BrendanCox #PeaJackets #5GKillGrid #CovidPurpose #PeasinaPod.#TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @JoeBlob20

The Military Industrial Complex and Brexit. A hypothesis. #EUMilitaryUnification #Brexit #Brino #JoCox #AnnaLindh #OlofPalme #TINA

The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain

over-population-paper-how-big-a-waste-paper-basket-ayers-quite-so-twofingers2brino-4pamphleteers-grubstreetjorno-wiki_ballot-financialeyes-iabato The #Contrick19 News Stand


Wall Street Owns The CountryA Speech by Mary Elizabeth Lease (circa 1890)

This is a nation of inconsistencies. The Puritans fleeing from oppression became oppressors. We fought England for our liberty and put chains on four million of blacks. We wiped out slavery and our tariff laws and national banks began a system of white wage slavery worse than the first. Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of Wall Street, by Wall Street, and for Wall Street. The great common people of this country are slaves, and monopoly is the master. The West and South are bound and prostrate before the manufacturing East. Money rules, and our Vice-President is a London banker. Our laws are the output of a system which clothes rascals in robes and honesty in rags. The [political] parties lie to us and the political speakers mislead us. We were told two years ago to go to work and raise a big crop, that was all we needed. We went to work and plowed and planted; the rains fell, the sun shone, nature smiled, and we raised the big crop that they told us to; and what came of it? Eight-cent corn, ten-cent oats, two-cent beef and no price at all for butter and eggs-that’s what came of it. The politicians said we suffered from overproduction. Overproduction, when 10,000 little children, so statistics tell us, starve to death every year in the United States, and over 100,000 shopgirls in New York are forced to sell their virtue for the bread their niggardly wages deny them… We want money, land and transportation. We want the abolition of the National Banks, and we want the power to make loans direct from the government. We want the foreclosure system wiped out… We will stand by our homes and stay by our fireside by force if necessary, and we will not pay our debts to the loan-shark companies until the government pays its debts to us. The people are at bay; let the bloodhounds of money who dogged us thus far beware.

Usury Hells Fuel and Mans oppressor.

Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )


The value of a colony to the mother country, according to the
common mode of computation, is equal to the sum total of imports
from that colony and exports to it put together.
From this statement, if the foregoing observation be just,
the following deductions will come to be made.
1. The whole value of the exports to the colony.
2. So much of the imports as is balanced by the exports.
3. Such a portion of the above remainder as answers to so
much of the trade as would be equally carried on, were the colony
4. So much of that reduced profit as would be made, were the
same capital employed in any other trade or branch of industry
lost by the independence of the colony.
5. But the same capital, if employed in agriculture. would
have produced a rent over and above the ordinary profits of
capital: which rent, according to a general and undisputed
computation, may be stated at a sum equal to the amount of those
profits. Thence arises a further deduction, viz. the loss to the
nation caused by employing the capital in the trade to the
colony, in preference to the improvement of land, and thence upon
the supposition that the continuance of the trade depended upon
the keeping the colony in subjection.
The other mischiefs resulting from the keeping of a colony in
subjection, are:
1. The expence of its establishment, civil and military.
2. The contingent expence of wars and other coercive measures
for keeping it in subjection.
3. The contingent expence of wars for the defence of it
against foreign powers.
4. The force, military and naval, constantly kept on foot
under the apprehension of such wars.
5. The occasional danger to political liberty from the force
thus kept up.
6. The contingent expence of wars produced by alliances
contracted for the purpose of supporting wars that may be brought
on by the defence of it.
7. The corruptive effects of the influence resulting from the
patronage of the establishment, civil and military.
8. The damage that must be done to the national stock of
intelligence by the false views of the national interest, which
must be kept up in order to prevent the nation from opening their
eyes and insisting upon the enfranchisement of the colony.
9. The sacrifice that must be made of the real interest of
the colony to this imaginary interest of the mother-country. It
is for the purpose of governing it badly, and for no other, that
you wish to get or keep a colony. Govern it well, it is of no use
to you.
To govern its inhabitants as well as they would govern
themselves, you must choose to govern them those only whom they
would themselves choose, you must sacrifice none of their
interests to your own, you must bestow as much time and attention
to their interests as they would themselves, in a word, you must
take those very measures and no others, which they themselves
would take. But would this be governing? And what would it be
worth to you, if it were?
After all, it would be impossible for you to govern them so
well as they would themselves, on account of the distance.
10. The bad government resulting to the mother-country from
the complication, the indistinct views of things, and the
consumption of time occasioned by this load of distant

Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )

Manchester Terror Attack , A Reichstag Fire Moment for Mrs May?

Sarpi believed that government institutions should rescind their censorship of the Avvisi—the newsletters that started to be common in his time—and instead of censorship, publish their own versions of the news to counter enemy publications. In that spirit, Sarpi himself published several pamphlets in defense of Venice’s rights over the Adriatic. As such, Sarpi could be considered as an early advocate of the freedom of the press, though the concept did not yet exist in his lifetime.

Cory Morningstar
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From the Non-Profit Industrial Complex with Love | The Art of Annihilation

“… and I will say this to our colleagues from Western civil society – you have definitely sided with a small group of industrialists and their representatives and your representative branches. Nothing more than that. You have become an instrument of your governments.” – Lumumba Di-Aping

Where is the line that distinguishes the bystander from the perpetrator when atrocity becomes both systemic and political?

In December 2009, the Morales government proved the most progressive of all states (in alliance with ALBA, the AOSIS and the G77 nations) at the COP15 climate meeting in Copenhagen. This union, led by Bolivia, aggressively pursued the scientific targets necessary in order for the world to avoid complete ecological collapse and a global genocide of unparalleled proportions. Ironically (and most revealing), these progressive states led leaps and bounds ahead of the environmental movement itself.

The institutionalized environmental “movement” was united under an umbrella organization/campaign titled TckTckTck, a social media giant, contrived by some of the world’s most powerful corporations and marketing executives. [1] One such TckTckTck partner (there are 280 partners made public) was the Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change consisting of corporations such as Shell, RBF and Coca-Cola. (When this information was uncovered and made public, TckTckTck removed them from their website and scrambled to recover from the PR nightmare.) The Bolivian government’s leadership was so incredibly dignified and courageous that it even put the more legitimate Climate Justice movement to shame.

“In an open struggle between truth and falsehood, truth has nothing to fear. ´´ Frank Harris… “I am the Virus, Killing Joke.#FourHorsemen #CronyCapitalistVirus2020 “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”, nihil sub sole novum. @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby

“In an open struggle between truth and falsehood, truth has nothing to fear. ´´ Frank Harris….

Regulating in the Shadow of Big Banking. Paul Carliers Talk at the Transparency Task Force and the failings of the FCA under Andrew Bailey.

An idiots guide to arguing with bankers well worth a recap from 2011

Goldman and the CDO ‘affair’.

Covidstroika, Corked Wine in New bottles the Great Reset #WrongKindofGreen
The RBS scandal and why it really matters…

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