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MAY 29, 2011

Carbon Taxing and the Reform of the Banks.

My main observation is, what an absolute bunch of drivel.!
My view Its religion, not science! and it’s about Banking and not the environment.
There is science but its findings do not provide an easy solution for taxing the people over the corporations. Stop polluting, Carbon Trading doesn’t address that problem it taxes a very inelastic demand curve which is great like Alcohol and cigarettes( if you are the Government and Corporations with a globalist agenda that is.).

I wrote that summary back in May 2011 just after having been living here in Sweden for a year. The feeling of Dejavu is overwhelming, not only do I suspect I have been here before upon consulting my notebook I can see precisely when.
History is not merely rhyming but plagiarising itself only the Numbers are bigger.

US debt for instance is pretty much 30 Trillion now, it was 15 Trillion after the GFC bailout bill.



The past two years have been built upon a bogus model from UCL prof. Neil Ferguson, Modelling in the CRU Climate-gate emails showed that climate models in 2009 were as shoddy as revealed by the Harry read me text file.


My blog from first thing this morning.

“the chartered rights of men.”. Burke, and The East India Company Charter. Thomas Paine the trial of common sense! SOme Pamphleteer memorabilia.


retraces the footsteps of a walking tour of the City of London. the video was recorded in November 2008, I blogged about it after seeing it for the first time in 2011

More from Thomas Paine.

Blogging The New Free Press, 21st Century Pamphleteers.

We should listen to the modern-day Thomas Paines they are the 21st Century Pamphleteers and as Blake said of Thomas Paine, The Author of Common Sense.

Blake believed that Paine’s “Energetic Genius” led him to perform miracles: “Is it a greater miracle to feed five thousand men with five loaves than to overthrow all the armies of Europe with a small pamphlet?”
Sound money by Bill Frezza (Forbes op-ed)

• Anyone interested in a good grounding in the whys and wherefores of Debt Based Fiat Money and its historical machinations check out Guido’s Blog.

Tic-toc… tic-toc… to global war

There is more to money than just the bits of paper in your pocket. Money and the monetary system are upstream of all and any human dynamics bar none. The choice of monetary system is a choice between liberty and enslavement and indoctrination.

A bon entendeur, salut!

  • If the American people (or any other people) ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power of money should be taken from banks and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe that the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.
    (Thomas Jefferson)

(1) http://libcom.org/history/peter-linebaughs-new-introduction-works-thomas-paine

“Government does not consist in a contrast between prisons and palaces, between poverty and pomp; it is not instituted to rob the needy of his mite, and increase the wretchedness of the wretched,”

Paine wrote in Rights of Man,

The trial of Thomas Hardy (political reformer) is dramatised in Garrow’s Law, a BBC dramatisation based on Hardy’s trial (episode 4, series 1)

The Defender of Hardy was Erskine
The Dramatised closing argument whether based on Erskines’ actual performance or not certainly can’t do him much of an injustice.

Gentlemen of the jury, When we speak of liberty we speak of the liberty of thought and speech and action that every Englishman was born with. It is not a thing granted to him by the King and his counselors and so not to be taken from him by those counselors. It must never be taken from him!
Beware of the role this trial will play in the history of our nation. Be aware that if the prosecution has their way each one of you will be seen as criminal first and Citizen second. Be aware that powers ceded to the government in times of fear are rarely removed from statute. The power of the government to arrest and imprison a man without charge, this removal of his right to know what he is accused of if, it achieves its aim today, be sure it will stay. Be aware that if this imperfect trial finds this man guilty 800 more will be given the same unjust treatment. 800 whose names are on this list.


It is to the good fortune of the Government and its secret committees that it fell into my safe hands. 800 warrants for the arrest of innocent men, assumed to be guilty. Some of those names are in this court today. I see names here of those in the public gallery, names of others on the lawyer’s bench, I even see my own name among them, there is even the name of one sat before me in the jury.
Be aware that if you send this man to the gallows today you should be prepared to follow him tomorrow. I trust in God you will give your verdict of acquittal for the prisoner.

Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )


For legend has it that after the bloody battle of Thermopylae, the victor Xerxes prepared to spread a purple cloak over the body of his vanquished enemy Leonidas, out of admiration for his valor. But as he was about to lower the cloak, a strange voice out of nowhere called out: “No. Take that cloak from me. I will accept no favor from the Persians.” And Xerxes knew that it was Leonidas, speaking to him from the other world. And he called out into space: “But thou art dead, Leonidas. Why hate the Persians even in death?” And, according to the legend, back came the stirring reply: “The passion for freedom dieth not.”

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