FreeTrade Vs Free Markets. The Camera Obscura of the Elite Propaganda discombobulation.

Detail of Scheiner’s Oculus hoc est (1619) frontispiece with a camera obscura’s projected image reverted by a lens

A Camera Obscura was a device used by 17th-century artists to paint according to the new single-point perspective discovery. A grid was superimposed over an inverted image captured by a Lens, the artist would use their own eyes and skill to do what was later replaced by a Photographic plate. The artist would of course turn the image the right way up, not so with the modern media narrative and ELitist narratives since time immemorial, as evidenced by the story of Plato’s cave, Modern images of “Truth” do not turn images the right way up indeed, as Bruce Charlton says in addicted to distraction, the images are left either the wrong way up or described as the opposite of what is being represented.

“Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories:
1. Good presented as bad
2. Bad presented as Good
(That is to say simple inversion)
3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason
(That is to say explanatory inversion)
These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.”
Professor Bruce Charlton, Addicted to Distraction.

This post ends with David Malones Public Talk on TTIP in 2015, Free Trade as a category has been through the Camera Obscura it is not free trade at all. What is refers to is Open Markets to unfettered exploitation my Transnational Monopoly Corporate interests, Like NAFTA, international Free Trade impoverishes the people who live in the Franchise areas we once called nations.
Don’t Get Fooled again.

The Giant Sucking Sound , A Sharp intake of Breath, A duel to the death The New United States Republic 1776-2016.

The driving motivation behind the accelerated rush to a Techno Fascist Feudalism has been occupying my mind for the years leading up to the Repo Spike in New York in September 2019.
In the Financialised economy and with the CBDC push tied to DIgital Id’s, we see a symptom of the appearance of what the system is trying to preserve, namely itself and its Monopoly ingroup. The real Economy is put in the position of trying to make bricks without straw, a misallocation of resources, and the Credit tokens to acquire those resources.
The Dominant Resource tieing the Financial system’s real potentials to the Real potentials of the real economy is the Flow of Energy resources and Primary resources through the economy. It would seem that a Hard limit on available energy to sustain the present industrial output of the global economy has been hit, what seems inexplicable is the Priorities touted in narratives regarding Why our largest Energy Sources the Hydro Carbons, Gas, Oil and Coal, and the largest potential replacement for them Nuclear are being demonised? It is more properly described as being stood down, why? Climate Change, The Climate Crisis, The Plague of Humans. (1)

“The purpose of the 4th Industrial revolution is to stymie the development of energy resources and to control Population and growth and instigate rapid population decline”.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen before they started Microsoft used to search the dustbins of a computer laboratory they frequented to look for snippets of code it’s an interesting metaphor for Gleaning in the commons. It is strange indeed that the internets’ very own room 101 allows for the rehabilitation or gleaning of snippets of truthful reporting, writing, and documentary film that has had the Winston Smith treatment from the fact-checkers of #Covid1984.
By a variety of methods, the Gleaners for truth can start by using an alternative internet browser, Duck Go-Go or Dissenter and a new world of casually discarded yet still fully consumable media food for thought opens up. A little deeper where no longer available or 404 messages appear then the Wayback machine can use its magic and offer up a cached archive of the destination URL
One can also search for Torrents of the missing program or document on Pirate bay, using a VPN to spoof one’s location should the content perchance be still protected by DRM prohibitions. Such is the tool kit available to pick the locks of Room 101 and to read the materials which got Winston in so much trouble, ” THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein.”
When one has the keys to room 101 What follows is akin to when the Main Character Winston in 1984 starts reading a copy of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism. there are though some Heresies against the necessary beliefs of the Trilateral Commission Parties rules-based international order that will evade even the most determined Gleaner in the fields of room 101.(2)

When discovering the structure of DNA, Francis Crick famously announced to his drinking companions in a Cambridge tavern that he had discovered the ‘secret of “life”. The director of
his Institute, Max Perutz, was rather more careful than Crick when he
said that DNA was the ‘score of life’. That is more correct since a musical
score does nothing until it is played. DNA does nothing until activated
to do so.

pp.35 “Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity 1st Edition, by Denis Noble
The idea of a Musical Score, as opposed to a fixed recipe in Denis Noble’s book, is I think a good conceptual comparison of two approaches to the same set of Data, of course, there are many potentials between the two categories of approach.
Douthwaite The Ecology of Money (Schumacher Briefing, 4)
Chapter 4: One Country, Four Currencies
“Now we’ve surveyed the various types of money system, we come to the exciting bit – specifying
the integrated multi-currency system of the future. We have seen that three groups (commercial
institutions, governments and users) can create money. Very little can be said in favour of
allowing the commercial creation of money to continue. Instead, money should be created by
non-profit-seeking organisations representing the people using it. In the case of a democratic
country, this would obviously include a national or regional government working on behalf of its
At least four types of money are needed. One is an international currency, playing the role taken
by gold before the collapse of the gold exchange standard. The second is a national or regional
(sub-national) currency that would relate to the international currency in some way. Thirdly, we
would need a plethora of currencies which, like LETS, the WIR and the commodity-based
currencies, could be created at will by their users to mobilise resources left untapped by national
or regional systems. Many of these user currencies would confine their activities to particular
geographic areas, but some would link non-spatially-based communities of interest. And fourth,
as our current money’s store of value function can so easily conflict with its use as a means of
exchange, special currencies are needed for people wishing to see their savings hold their value
while still keeping them in a fairly liquid form.”
Douthwaites briefing has a foreward by Beranrd Leitaer.
“Do I agree with all the ideas that are presented here? Even Douthwaite admits that he doesn’t
“expect everyone to agree with the conclusions he has reached”. For instance, although I agree
with him on the importance of linking monetary issues to energy sustainability, I question the
viability of the means he proposes. (Why not include his “Energy-Backed Currency Units”
(ebcu) as part of a basket of commodities and services backing the currency – rather than being
the exclusive backing of currency?”
Leitaers TERRA is easily sourced on line .
Back to Nobels biological Theme The work of Martin Nowak as demonstrated in David Malone’s excellent series why are we here speaks to the idea of a measure of some cooperation and some competition.

MN: Yeah, let us start the game. And we see, yes, these defectors, they are spreading, you know. So the colours that we are observing here are: red are defectors and blue are co-operators, and yellow and green are changing sides.
So yellow is now a new defector: it was a co-operator before. And green is a new co-operator: it was a defector before. We see the pattern is spreading. A kind of symmetry is being maintained here because they are deterministic of the rules, and the initial symmetry is never broken. But the amazing thing is these co-operators, they are persistent. They just refuse to get wiped out and they survive in those clusters. And if you watch very carefully, you see the clusters, they are actually growing until they collide with other clusters, and then they’re shrinking, and then they grow.
David: But they never go out of business.
MN: But they never get out of business. And the amazing thing is the average abundance of co-operators in this pattern is very close to 12log 2-8.
David: What does that mean?
Ard: It’s close to constant.
MN: It converges to a constant which is approximately 31%, and this is a mathematical curiosity.
Ard: Natural selection would say the co-operators would get wiped out because they are paying a cost to help their competitors. And yet it’s not happening. So why?


Peak Prometheus. Nothing to see here , “Don’t Look up”, Bruce Charlton distracted, Obiedience , its got Electrolytes.

If Energy production from Hydro Carbons has Peaked and is also potentially going to decline going forward then production of other Energy will be required if prosperity is to be within reach of the whole of the human population.
This is a Distribution problem and one which the existing debt-based money system is failing to address, even assuming it would be capable of addressing the challenges.
The monetary system and Governance systems are not a product of natural biophysical laws, Political Economy and Democratic processes are the correct fora in which the alternatives should be addressed.
The Sortition process and psychological nudge manipulations being shoehorned into place along with a far-fetched mendacious narrative do not guarantee an optimal outcome. Regulatory Capture and a general dumbing down induced by Group think and obedience to “The Science”

The problems in Political Economy as it stands presently and the question of future Political Economy based upon future Energy realities are I think helpfully separated which is something Prof. David MacKay is very successful with, in his presentation of the question.
The Problems are only weakly related with respect to future solutions and breaking the process into 3 parts is useful rather than lumping them all together. It is clear that the existing Form of Market economy and political economy is not able to solve the problem at stage 3 ( I.E Post 2050 post-Oil Economy)

Stage 1 requires a reform of the existing paradigm which involves facing up to the broken debt-based money system. Pension provision, the sovereign debt crisis and Public debt crisis are all addressable and will see improvements even within the deteriorating Cost of energy inputs as a share of output. We could call this stage let’s fix what we know is not working.
Stage 2 covers the Post Financialised ( Big Bang Experiment) period to the oil running out in 2050.
This requires a much more long-term investment horizon and complicating the energy mix by overstating the ”Climate Change question** seems to be counterproductive, again I like the way Prof David Mackay dealt with the question including stating the necessities of **Clean Coal and Nuclear”. In this stage, we will be implementing ideas previously barred due to the denial inherent in clinging to a failing system.
Stage 3 Post 2050, This part is much easier than Stage 2 and stage 1, in my opinion, the myth-busting and leveling out inherent in solving the political problems at stage 1 and the challenge to vested interests in stage 2 are by far and away the largest obstacles to getting down to Brass tacks in my opinion.


#165. To catch a falling knife. Comments in Moderation. Closed Mindedness and Certainty, the correlation that never fails.


When we speak of liberty we speak of the liberty of thought and speech and action that every Englishman was born with. It is not a thing granted to him by the King and his counselors and so not to be taken from him by those counselors. It must never be taken from him!

Be aware of the role this trial will play in the history of our nation.

Be aware that if the prosecution have their way each one of you will be seen as criminal first and Citizen second.

Be aware that powers ceded to the government in times of fear are rarely removed from statute.

Be aware that if you send this man to the gallows today you should be prepared to follow him tomorrow.

“Wer Jude ist, entscheide ich” – “It’s me who decides who is a Jew”. “But flowers distill’d, though they with winter meet, Leese but their show; their substance still lives sweet.” Verantwortung nach oben, Autorität nach unten , (responsibility towards above, authority towards below) #IgnoranceisStrength #RiseLikeLions #YeAreManyTheyareFew #Bill(Mengele)Gates #WindowsT4Virus #CovidT4 @BillGates



Still About Oil . ‘Weapondollar-Petrodollar Coalition’ . Differential Accumulation, When Big Energy and Big Data Collide.

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