ALL of the following can be fact checked mostly from UK Government web sites.

Everything below is an attempt to provide a timeline of events & commentators views, mostly with web links to the original source.

It is for the reader to decide what, if anything, the following information adds up to. If a web link doesn’t work this is likely due to CENSORSHIP (It has been removed!).

Summary of facts proving that Covid19 is a hoax & Vaccines are dangerous.

Destroying the Narrative: 40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed

JULY 2021 views of a credible & suitably qualified professional who is highly regarded by his peer group.

Dr M Yeadon (ex Pfzier chief scientific officer) 20 July 2021-says Covid19 is a hoax & Governments lie:

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #16


1 January 2022-USA Hospitals paid to diagnose Covid19 & treat with Remdasiver which is usually fatal.

1 January 2022-Max Igan update.

Power of Words

1 January 2022-Deaths following Vaccination far worse than once thought says Dr M Yeadon & Prof S Bhakdi.

“The Numbers Killed by these Vaccines is Much Worse than What We Thought”. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Mike Yeadon

1 January 2022-Dr Robert Malone- detailed review of censorship/financial incentives/adverse events/vaccine safety/data manipulation/fear propaganda/mass formation psychosis.
2 January 2022-‘Trusted News Initiative’ Initiated by BBC & used for broad censorship & to suppress any challenge to official narratives.

2 January 2022-Vaccines Spike Protein doubles risk of heart attacks.

Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ​System

2 January 2022-Dr Robert Malone discusses information censorship/great reset/new world order
3 January 2022-USA-Idaho Life Assurance CEO says deaths for ages18-64 up 46% but not due to Covid19…So due to Vaccines & Government policies??
3 January 2022-Evidence that Vaccines of same brand with differing ingredients. Planned experimentation. Nefarious!

Covid Jabs — Different Strokes for Different Folks

3 January 2022-World Council for Health calls for cessation of using ‘Experimental Vaccines’

WCH Calls for an Immediate Stop to Covid-19 “Vaccines”

3 January 2022-Swiss Policy Research sets out 20 Covid19 facts.

Facts about Covid-19

4 January 2022-The Corona narrative was planned.

Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned? Analysis by Ernst Wolff

4 January 2022-How FDA/CDC/Media spun a web of lies about Ivermectin.

A Myth is Born: How CDC, FDA, and Media Wove a Web of Ivermectin Lies That Outlives The Truth

4 January 2022- Professors defend the great Barrington Declaration’ Following ad hominem comments from Dr Fauci & Dr Collins.
5 January 2022-What if the largest experiment on humans in history is a failure.
5 January 2022-Mass Formation Psychosis UK example

5 January 2022-The coincidence of 666 days in the Covid19 timeline.

Warning! The Hammer is About To Fall

6 January 2022-France-PM Macron calls unvaxed non-citizens & vows to “piss them off”.
6 January 2022-Dr Robert Malone explains ‘Vaccine Dangers’/’Gain of Function Research’/Origin of Covid19/Deep State involvement.
6 January 2022-First ‘Flurona’ case cited in USA. New strain of Flu??
6 January 2022-History of Governments’ Lies/deceit/manipulation.

Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy

6 January 2022-Man rips apart Covid19 narrative live on BBC.
7 January 2022-Max Igan Update.

7 January 2022-Do Viruses exist? Does Covid19 exist?

7 January 2022-Bishop Schneider views on Vaccines implies depopulation agenda.
Explosive – Bishop Schneider: “I’ll not exclude that..[it] is a depopulation agenda”

8 January 2022-Using Fear/Anxiety/Coercion to create Medical & Government Tyranny.

8 January 2022-Pfizer won’t answer simple questions about their Vaccine.
Pfizer Passes the Buck – Dec 2021
8 January 2022-Is the Covid19 events hiding a nefarious agenda.
8 January 2022-USA court rejects FDA request to withhold Pfizer safety data for 75 years.

Judge Rejects FDA Withholding Pfizer Safety Data for 75 years – Another Revolving Door

8 January 2022-Dr A ndrew Kaufman discusses Medical Matrix/Gain of Function/Dictatorial Policy/Evidence for Covid19 absence/People Control.
8 January 2022-Ex Pfizer Scientific executive Karen Kingston blows the whistle on the Covid19 scam.

8 January 2022-Dr Cowan & Tika Caldwell discuss current Science. A step into reality.

8 January 2022-The 1976 Swine Flu fraudulent scam & Vaccines resulting in numerous adverse events & lawsuits.

9 January 2022-Dr M Yeadon-Describes an epic of lies/deceit with a nefarious agenda.
9 January 2022-Dollar Vigilante update.

9 January 2022-The PCR test shown to be unfit for purpose. PCR inventor Kerry Mullis exposes the HIV scam by Dr Fauci.
9 January 2022-Dr Zelenko shows how remedial medication is supressed & Doctors censored/Dismissed. Reveals the vaccine is 100x more dangerous for children than Covid19.
9 January 2022-Max Igan Update.

6G The New (D)evolution

9 January 2022-Dr Zelenko discusses Covid19 & the deep state.

10 January 2022-Excess deaths England

10 January 2022-USA heart problems

10 January 2022-USA Vax deaths & injury cover up.

Vaxx deaths and injuries. The greatest cover up in human history

10 January 2022-Vaccination facts ignored by Doctors.

20 Facts about Vaccination Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You

10 January 2022-Dr Mike Yeadon interview.

11 January 2022-Study of 145 countries shows that Vaccines makes things worse.

New Big Data Study of 145 Countries Show COVID Vaccines Makes Things Worse (Cases and Deaths)

11 January 2022-Professor John Ioanidis study shows the fatality/serious impact of Covid19 is same as seasonal flu.

99.9987% of Under-20s Survive Covid, Study Finds – And 97.1% of the Elderly Do As Well

11 January 2022-UK GB News Interviews Dr M Yeadon who summarises the lies of Covid19.
11 January 2022-French man sues Insurance co for refusing life ins pay out on death following vaccination. Court says man committed suicide by taking a dangerous experimental Jab so loses case.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Covid Vaccine

11 January 2022-UK Downing street party May 2020 at height of ‘Lockdown’

11 January 2022-‘Live with Covid’ narrative being promoted = Back pedalling on Pandemic fear narrative?

What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid”

11 January 2022-Professor “The Vaccines are designed to harm/kill/control people.

12 January 2022-Evidence that Dr Fauci knew of Covid19 lab leak & intentional creation.
12 January 2022-USA 75%+ of reported Covid19 deaths had 1-4 co morbidities.
12 January 2022-Dr Lee Meriitt says ‘the fog is lifting’

12 January 2022-Has Dr Fauci lied to congress & been complicit in creating Covid19.

Has Fauci Lied Under Oath? Was COVID Created Because of Him?

12 January 2022-Study shows Vaccines cause Autoimmune syndrome with high risk of death.

Bombshell: Vaccinated people are dying from autoimmune attacks against their own organs

12 January 2022-UK BBC guest destroys Covid19 narrative.

How Did This Get on the BBC?

12 January 2022-UK health care worker on BBC reveals truth of Vaccines & adverse events. BBC then removes the interview.
12 January 2022-Israel Professor says all Governments have failed miserably in dealing with Covid19 by following unscientific advice.
12 January 2022-Canada Quebec imposes ‘health tax’ on unvaccinated.
13 January 2022-Plan to destroy middle class.

The Plan To Destroy The Middle Class

14 January 2022-UK 4 of 5 Covid deaths in December were Vaccinated.

COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinated

15 January 2022-20 Reasons why masks are ineffective/unsafe/immoral.

Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral

16 January 2022-Wake up you’re under a spell.

16 January 2022-USA adverse events data manipulated by Government. True deaths 150,000 to 300,000.

Experts Accuse Govt Of ‘Manipulating’ Vaccine Data, Claim Up To 300,000 Deaths Caused By Injections

16 January 2022-Hospitals are paid to diagnose Covid19 = False Diagnosis.

D. Peterson Pierre: Hospitals Payment Scheme Exposed (English, German subs, French subs, Spanish subs, Arab subs)

16 January 2022-Covid19 history-Yes it’s a Killer Vaccine.

16 January 2022-Heading for a Digital concentration camp.
17 January 2022-Dr Peter McCullough explains protection from Covid19 & its treatment.

Video: Dr. Peter McCullough Speech at the ReAwaken America Tour

17 January 2022-Dr Sam White-Doctors are being censored/supressed/attacked for telling the truth.

17 January 2022-Six-hour video of Covid19 history & adverse Vaccine events & Details of censorship& manipulation/falsehoods.
18 January 2022-USA Miami Doctor of 41 years experience suspended & subject to Psychoanalysis for expressing reservations about Covid19 narrative.

Doctor loses license, must have psych evaluation for COVID falsehoods, board says

18 January 2022-Dr Cowan & Christine Massey Biostatistician discuss current Covid19 status & validity of identifying viruses.

18 January 2022-USA 60% increase in all cause deaths in 2021 following Vaccination.

Up to 65% Increase in Deaths Among 18-49 Year Olds in the U.S. During 2021, the Year of the Experimental COVID “Vaccines”

19 January 2022-Summary of curent Vaccine safety data.
19 January 2022-Professor explains why mass vaccination is counterproductive.

Infectious Disease and Vaccination with Prof. Raymond Obomsawin Before Mysterious Death Dec 28, 2021

19 January 2022-Max Igan –update on vaccines/passport demonstrations worldwide

19 January 2022-Covid dictators- fictional movie.
19 January 2022-Five nurses speak out about what’s really happening in hospitals.

20 January 2022-CDC admits masks are ineffective.

The CDC Admits Cloth Masks Are Ineffective

20 January 2022-Statisticaly unvaccinated are healthier.
20 January 2022-Dollar Vigalante-Vaccine deaths ‘dropping like flies’
20 January 2022-Organs of the dead prove that vaccines cause Autoimmune disease.
20 January 2022-England-Vaccines now under criminal investigation.

Covid-19 Vaccinations Now Under Criminal Investigation in England

21 January 2022-Covid narrative crashes down.

21 January 2022-Four USA doctors on a panel discuss the ‘unknowns’ about the vaccine.
21 January 2022-History repeats. Past ‘medical emergencies’ overstated/manipulated. So called ‘Spanish Flu’.
21 January 2022-Jordan Peterson speaks out about the fallacy of the Pandemic & Governments response.
21 January 2022-Dr Mike Yeadon repeats his views about the Covid19 fraud & agenda.
21 January 2022-Bishop Williamson details the lies of the holocaust & Covid19.

21 January 2022-USA Paul Craig Roberts provides a collage of Covid19 lies.
22 January 2022-Covid19 leading to Financial Crash / Inflation / Digitisation.

The COVID-Omicron Crisis: The Roadmap Towards a Worldwide Financial Crash, Inflation, Digitization

22 January 2022-Max Igan ‘Entering the twilight Zone’

24 January 2022-UK pharmacist reports vax injuries to police.

Pharmacist Reports Vaxx Injuries

24 January 2022-The jabbed are brainwashed. Time will reveal the Full impact & the real damage.

24 January 2022-Dr Vernon Coleman ‘wake up video’

25 January 2022-WHO says Pandemic not over & mistake to treat it like Flu.

WHO Claims We’re Only at “Halfway Mark” of Pandemic and Warns Against Treating Covid Like Flu

25 January 2022-
25 January 2022-
25 January 2022-
25 January 2022-
25 January 2022-

Two Paths, Cycle Paths and The Road to Hell. #Schwabism #FatBlair #TimeLinefromCovidGroundZero #4IR #COP26 #EndofDemocracy #TechnocraticTyranny

Policy Based Evidence Making. Inside the Beltway 2.

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