Barbarians at the gate. From Flagging false positives to False Flags.


12log 2-8’ers gonna 12log 2-8, and Haters Gonna Hate. #Aadhaar

Waiting for the Barbarians BY C. P. CAVAFY
What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

  The barbarians are due here today.

Why isn’t anything going on in the senate?
Why are the senators sitting there without legislating?

  Because the barbarians are coming today.
  What’s the point of senators making laws now?
  Once the barbarians are here, they’ll do the legislating.

Why did our emperor get up so early,
and why is he sitting enthroned at the city’s main gate,
in state, wearing the crown?

  Because the barbarians are coming today
  and the emperor’s waiting to receive their leader.
  He’s even got a scroll to give him,
  loaded with titles, with imposing names.

Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today
wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
Why have they put on bracelets with so many amethysts,
rings sparkling with magnificent emeralds?
Why are they carrying elegant canes
beautifully worked in silver and gold?

  Because the barbarians are coming today
  and things like that dazzle the barbarians.

Why don’t our distinguished orators turn up as usual
to make their speeches, say what they have to say?

  Because the barbarians are coming today
  and they’re bored by rhetoric and public speaking.

Why this sudden bewilderment, this confusion?
(How serious people’s faces have become.)
Why are the streets and squares emptying so rapidly,
everyone going home lost in thought?

  Because night has fallen and the barbarians haven't come.
  And some of our men just in from the border say
  there are no barbarians any longer.

Now what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
Those people were a kind of solution.
Charles Simić has called it “an apt description of any state that needs enemies, real or imaginary, as a perpetual excuse”,
C. P. Cavafy, “Waiting for the Barbarians” from C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Translation Copyright © 1975, 1992 by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Reproduced with permission of Princeton University Press.Source: C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems (Princeton University Press, 1975)


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“three NCI virologists with their eyes, ears, and mouths covered.” #Fauci #Gates #WHO Drain the Big Pharma Swamp. #MAGA #Vaxxed “One possibility left out – A created theory with no real content” #CovidPremise #EmptyPremise #VacinousTruth #VacuosTruth #syllogism #Exosome #COVIDPURPOSE A #GatesWho EUGENICS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. @FINANCIALEYES @JOEBLOB20 #COVIDPURPOSE @CLARKEMICAH #CONQUESTOFDOUGH @WIKI_BALLOT

An Emperors New Clothes Moment. Pivot to the Economy and Monetary System. An Epidemic of Debt, #Debtgov21 a new variant on #GFC08

$9.2 Trillion Per Year To Save The World. Mann made hockey sticks and Phi in the the Sky. The Green Delusion! $9.2Trillion Green Delusions.”There is a vast Inanition an enigma a conundrum”

Degrowth, recessions and Mortality. Emissions Austerity and Mortality. The Deflationary Carbon Based “Gold-standard”. [(((Carbon Credits(( “Just,(“” In Time””)”)))]

Darkness at Noon is an allegory set in the USSR (not named) during the 1938 purges as Stalin consolidated his dictatorship by eliminating potential rivals within the Communist Party: the military, and also the professionals. None of this is identified explicitly in the book. Most of the novel occurs within an unnamed prison and in the recollections of the main character, Rubashov.Koestler drew on the experience of being imprisoned by Francisco Franco’s officials during the Spanish Civil War, which he described in his memoir, Dialogue with Death. He was kept in solitary confinement and expected to be executed. He was permitted to walk in the courtyard in the company of other prisoners. Though he was not beaten, he believed that other prisoners were.

“History has taught us that often lies serve her better than the truth; for man is sluggish and has to be led through the desert for forty years before each step in his development. And he has to be driven through the desert with threats and promises, by imaginary terrors and imaginary consolations, so that he should not sit down prematurely to rest and divert himself by worshipping golden calves.”

― Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

It’s Population Control (reduction) , Stupid!


This video is embedded in the Corbett Report web site, Both DTube and Bitchute no longer stream this video.

Back to Big Oil

Peak X, badly needs a new driver at the wheel. A review of Climate Crisis Economics ( 1st Edition)* By Stuart P. M. Mackintosh. (*not worth rushing stocks will last.)

“The purpose of the 4th Industrial revolution is to stymie the development of energy resources and to control Population and growth and instigate rapid population decline”.

Build Back Better Going Direct and 4IR are all Political Slogans for the Trilateral World Government party, which represents only the hybridized Elite Billionaire class and their lackeys. Differential accumulation is their only concern and also of course population control.
Mackintoshes book shares the following “Quality” with Carey, it is an apologetic, a Polemic, A Narrative. Careys is better disguised Though.

Mackintosh’s brand of Green Fascism has emerged fully now from behind the curtain, Let the discussion of the Facts and the Science commence.

Anthropocene, Dystopian Nightmare or a new enlightenment.


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