Putting the Peakist cart before the usury horse. The Carbon Credit crucifixion of democracy.


Limits to Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer

The world monetary system is moving to a renewables-based carbon credit standard. The price of carbon credits and the control of carbon credit allocation will allow the Central Bank digital currency authority to control all aspects of life on earth. A Carbon-based credit state monopoly feudalism is the end goal of the 4th Industrial revolution and the World Economic Forums Great Reset.
In this article by Dr. Tim Morgan, he puts his surplus energy cart before the Usury horse.

Energy costs: the scary reality behind the headlines

Gail in this article is putting the Peakist cart before the usury horse.
The renewables carbon credits relationship is designed to replace the PetroDollar as world reserve currency with renewables production replacing Saudi Arabia as the world swing producer of Oil which in turn regulates the global money supply and access to energy resources.

The Seeds Cart before the Usury Horse. Why SEEDS ECOE Doomsday has not and may never arrive.

Regarding the crucifixion of democracy upon the cross of Carbon credits,

Richard Douthwaite – Money Supply in an Energy Scarce World, Peak Oil – 1 of 4

Notes from the talk:

Gold was primarily an energy currency because more energy meant more gold, and cheaper energy made cheaper gold.
Gold standard broke down when the Spanish raided America and then Spain started to import everything and lost their interest in making things themselves.
The curse of oil — too sudden an influx of money.
If you have a source of energy under your control, then you have the power to decide what is done.
Importing energy is like a loss of sovereignty.

The late Richard Douthwaite explains very well how Energy and economic activity are intimately related, for this second day on the way to Sunday we will continue to focus on how much energy is available over the period which we can sensibly plan our budget. The slide in the screen capture shows the anticipated Peak Oil moment in around 2015, as it turned out the Peak was shortlived, in any event by a pretty well documented and accepted view there are at least 50 years of Oil reserves available, and should we be making a sensible plan 50 years ahead is actually pretty
ambitious after all predictions are difficult especially about the future.

Swing production control through Carbon Credits.

Carbon credits and carbon footprints even tons of carbon equivalent metrics are ubiquitous in much modern Sustainable economics literature. Carbon emissions are a handy proxy for how much “Fossil fuel is burnt” some more Sophisticated analysis from say the WEF tend to use Hydrocarbons instead of “Fossil Fuels” but the big three energy sources are Coal, Gas, and Oil and in that order regardless of the present consumption patterns which are definitely not! Market determined. Following the big three, there are two other Staples of modern Energy production and these are Nuclear and Hydro Electric. Then there are Wind, Wave, and Solar which is usually referred to as “Renewables.”
In the Carbon Credit and Carbon debit system of Cap and Trade and Al gores Billions, The Big Three are Debits, Nuclear is a Don’t know and Hydro Wind Wave and solar are Credits. In the available energy budget on the Debit side, we have 94% and on the credit side 6% The Ratio is interesting, Bear it in mind, it also appears in the slides in the William Jennings Bryan video above.

So the good credits for renewables amount to 5.7% of 2020 production and growing if the current dispute at the Eu where Nuclear and Natural gas are touted for inclusion in the definition, In any event, the blueprint for the Credit side of the Carbon monetary equation has 5.7% of the supply of good energy ranged against 94.3 % of the energy supply which is bad.
let’s say 6/94 or a ratio of 15.6 to 1.

Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?


How Many People Can
the Earth Feed?
THE VERY SIMPLICITY and directness of the question posed in the title guarantee that it will be asked again and again. But taking up the challenge is a
futile effort if the answer sought is a single specific value. The underlying
complexity of food-population-environment relationships makes it impossible to come up with such an answer even if all the links and feedbacks
were known with a high degree of certainty and even if the forecasts were
for a limited period of time. Trying to hit the ultimate total would be much
like aiming at an unseen and moving target.

“The key fact in the new development of plutocracy is that it will use its own blunder as an excuse for further crimes. Everywhere the very completeness of the impoverishment will be made a reason for the enslavement; though the men who impoverished were the same who enslaved. It is as if a highwayman not only took away a gentleman’s horse and all his money, but then handed him over to the police for tramping without visible means of subsistence. And the most monstrous feature in this enormous meanness may be noted in the plutocratic appeal to science, or, rather, to the pseudo-science that they call Eugenics.”

Neoclassical Political Economy: Skating on Thin Ice

see at 8mins 55 secs to see how the price of oil is politically determined and not market determined by any realistically plausible explanation.

Peak Prometheus. Nothing to see here , “Don’t Look up”, Bruce Charlton distracted, Obiedience , its got Electrolytes.

Piigs Ignorance, Peak Oil Primitivism and The Road Out of Serfdom

Peak X, badly needs a new driver at the wheel. A review of Climate Crisis Economics ( 1st Edition)* By Stuart P. M. Mackintosh. (*not worth rushing stocks will last.)

The Economic Superorganism: Review and criticism. Close but no Cigar.

Innovating to Zero Debt. A Model Answer.

Rationing Carbon, Carbon Currency end game. Why the Overshootist Elitist like Attenborough want fuel poverty.

Degrowth, recessions and Mortality. Emissions Austerity and Mortality. The Deflationary Carbon Based “Gold-standard”. [(((Carbon Credits(( “Just,(“” In Time””)”)))]

Peakist censorship is apparent at Seeds and our finite world.

Wallowing in Doom is never a good look.
Things are as they are because it suits the Power Elite.
Peakist memes suit the dominant Peakist Power Elite world view and grand design.
The questions which are not being asked here are the ones where the more interesting possibilist
scenarios will flow from.
The main collapse I see is a collapse into the dominant Peakist , collapse , Climate heating , overshoot narratives.

Textual Analysis Climate Debate of the decade.




http://vaclavsmil.com/wp-content/uploads/PDR1994.pdf Smil 1994 paper

Did you hear the one about the Blind Straw-man leading the Blind Straw-men. A Utopia of Usurers . the plutocratic appeal to science, or, rather, to the pseudo-science that they call Seeds.


Feeding the World. Malthus wasn´t such a miserable old misanthrope apparently.Vaclav Smil, Albert Bartlett Energy Economics and no Alarmism.

The Incomparable Professor Smil. Energy Matters without the spin and The Late Professor Sir David MacKay, Energy Without Hotair.#GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetScience #GrubStreetEnergy #TheExergist #TheExergyst. Exorcising the stupid from the discourse on Political Economy, Energy and Climate Change Fanaticism.

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