Globalism V Internationalism , Fascism versus Mixed Economy Social Democracy . Whats going on in the Factions of The Oligarchy?

AUGUST 26, 2017

Six Ways to Sunday. Trump Sells out and why the Left still shoots wide of the target!

This is far from the Manichean caricature of Good versus Evil, any serious study of even the Hybridised global elites reveals factions. Alex Thompson reduces the binary types to Aristotelians Versus Platonists, others would distinguish Globalists from Internationalists.

The Factions exist even in a unipolar world order.

“The two bounded orders, which are beginning to form, will include institutions that aim to foster economic cooperation among their members while seeking to gain economic advantage over the rival order. The Obama administration, for example, explicitly designed the Trans-Pacific Partnership for this purpose, although Trump withdrew from it after he became president. China’s highly ambitious “One Belt, One Road” initiative, which was launched in 2013, is designed not just to help China sustain its impressive economic growth, but also to project Chinese military and political power around the globe. And because the United States refused to join the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank, that impressive institution is likely to become a central part of the China-led bounded order.
In short, the rivalry between the China-led and U.S.-led bounded orders will involve both full-throated economic and military competition, as was the case with the bounded orders dominated by Moscow and Washington during the Cold War”

Bound to Fail John J. MearsheimerThe Rise and Fall of the LiberalInternational Order I think explains well the broader context of how International relations both in the Narrow trade sense and the geo-political-military balance of power is playing out presently. At present, it would seem the International Liberal order whose factions have driven the extant show into the now waning “Plandemic/Event 201” power grab of the 2019-2020 Flu Season seem now to be losing ground to other factions.

From the Economics perspective, particularly international trade the Identity passports and a carbon-based standard basing Special drawing rights on Carbon Credits seems a potentially hard-fought struggle currently playing out. Renewables are seeking to replace oil as the energy swing producer, allowing manipulation of world energy markets and hence money supply. Whether a mixed economy or a full-blown fascist economy will emerge is what’s in dispute presently. Neo-Liberalism is Fascism as this old article will remind us all.

The President of Belgian Magistrates: Neoliberalism is a form of Fascism

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The Oligarchical Virus #PlatonOvidVirus666 #AristotolilliadoVirus33 #CronyCapitalistVirus2020 A 9/11 event.@wiki_ballot @financialeyes #IABATO #SAM @JoeBlob20

The Oligarchical Virus #PlatonOvidVirus666 #AristotolilliadoVirus33 #CronyCapitalistVirus2020 A 9/11 event.@wiki_ballot @financialeyes #IABATO #SAM @JoeBlob20
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Alex Thomson is well known to regular viewers of UK Column News for his truly insightful analysis of Global events. Alex made his Alternative View debut at AV9 captivating the audience with his expose of ‘… those who see the World as their Fiefdom and Humanity as Livestock.’

At AV 9.1, the speakers exposed the course of the plans which broke surface in the 1970’s, to sell off all public assets and to replace common-law representative democracy with the corporatist and third-sector stitch-up of “participational democracy”. In his contribution, building on his AV9 talk on the history of cabals and cartels, Alex Thomson will outline his understanding of how we reached this nadir and how not one but two major streams of élitists are responsible.

Inspired loosely by the philosophies of Aristotle and of Plato respectively, these two persuasions of purloining bloodline élitists and their technocratic hangers-on have been wrestling over the juicy prize of Britain and our diaspora for at least three centuries. (In a nutshell, the Aristotelians justify their rule by reference to religious notions and the Platonists do so by promising prosperity.) Alex will provide background on the Aristotelians’ and Platonists’ creeds and methods, focusing on post-Second World War developments and on Britain, as called for by the AV9.1 agenda. In a way, this talk will complete what he set out at AV9, particularly answering the questions he left hanging of what the prime British and world assets are which the globalists are fraudulently trading on the back of, and which they have appropriated from the sovereign people.

Bio :
After learning what today’s British Establishment was all about at Rugby School and Cambridge, Alex Thomson served in a Christian mission in the former Soviet Union witnessing the planned destruction of a region of the world, before spending the rest of his twenties as a GCHQ officer.

He moved to the Netherlands aged thirty in 2009 and has spent the last decade more quietly as a translator and interpreter and a researcher of networked evil. For the past five years, he has presented his emerging findings via UK Column and the British Constitution Group, where his specialisms are geopolitics, religious history and comparative constitutionalism.

The Iron Law of Oligarchy.

Meet The Fuggers, Brexit, The Euro and Clueless Elites.

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