Russia possesses quite sufficient sources of energy, a surplus resource potential, qualified workforce, and our home demand is stable. However….”?

Provenance: A book written in mirrors, wrapped in a conundrum and buried in a deep jungle of knots.

In Quest of National Idea: “Energy Ruble” Bound To Be the Hardest Currency. Victor Efimov newspaper “Chas pik”, May 6, 2004

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then that will provide them with the propaganda weapon to force Germany to close the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline:
“The country has everything it takes to reach the goals set by the President in his address,
namely, the acceleration of economic growth and the external convertibility of ruble. The country
possesses quite sufficient sources of energy, a surplus resource potential, qualified workforce, and
our home demand is stable. However….”

The World Financial system particularly the world reserve currency status of the Petro Dollar is what has been in play since 2008 as a matter of urgency but actually since the DOt Com bubble burst.
Control of the world reserve currency has revolved around the Saudi and OPEC market position as swing producer of oil. This balance changed with the US shale and unconventional oil and gas revolution.
The Main players outside of Wall Street and Texas Big Energy had increasing put Carbon credits in the Frame. CLean sustainable renewables are king of the castle in that particular power grab and it is RUssias Gas and Oil and other natural resources along with Russia China alliances vis Geo Political and manufacturing synergies leveraging Russian federation natural resources.
Globalism V Internationalism, Fascism versus Mixed Economy Social Democracy. What’s going on in the Factions of The Oligarchy?
This is far from the Manichean caricature of Good versus Evil, any serious study of even the Hybridised global elites reveals factions. Alex Thompson reduces the binary types to Aristotelians Versus Platonists
others would distinguish Globalists from Internationalists.
The Factions exist even in a Unipolar world order.
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The two bounded orders, which are beginning to form, will include institutions that aim to foster economic cooperation among their members while seeking to gain an economic advantage over the rival order. The Obama administration, for example, explicitly designed the Trans-Pacific Partnership for this
purpose, although Trump withdrew from it after he became president. China’s
highly ambitious “One Belt, One Road” initiative, which was launched in
2013, is designed not just to help China sustain its impressive economic
growth, but also to project Chinese military and political power around the
globe. And because the United States refused to join the Asian Infrastructure
Development Bank, that impressive institution is likely to become a central
part of the China-led bounded order.
In short, the rivalry between the China-led and U.S.-led bounded orders will
involve both full-throated economic and military competition, as was the case
with the bounded orders dominated by Moscow and Washington during
the Cold War
Bound to Fail John J. MearsheimerThe Rise and Fall of the LiberalInternational Order I think explains well the broader context of how International relations both in the Narrow trader sense and the geo-political-military balance of power is playing out presently. AT present it would seem the International Liberal order who have driven the show into the Plandemic power grab seem now to be losing ground to other factions.
From the Economics perspective particularly international trade the Identity pass ports and a carbon based standard basing Secial drawing rights on Carbon Credits seems a potentially hard fought struggle
with renewables replacing oil as the energy swing producer allowing manipulation of world energy markets and hence money supply. whether a mixed economy or a full blown fascist economy will emerge is whats in dispute presently. Neo Liberalism is Fascism as this old article will remind us all.

The President of Belgian Magistrates: Neoliberalism is a form of Fascism

Rationing Carbon, Carbon Currency end game. Why the Overshootist Elitist like Attenborough want fuel poverty.

Globalism V Internationalism , Fascism versus Mixed Economy Social Democracy . Whats going on in the Factions of The Oligarchy?

Boundary Conditions for a Fiscal Conservatism based upon Circular Economics. PART Two better late than never


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