Control The Debt Control the Conflict, The International. When the crisis hits the fan.

“Under competition, the price results from endless struggle between depletion andincreasing knowledge. But sellers may try to control the market in order to offerless and charge more. The political results may feed back upon market behavior.These factors—depletion, knowledge, monopoly, and politics—must be analyzedseparately before being put together to capture a slice of a changing history.”M. A. Adelman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Date Written: November 1997
A very big question is the differential accumulation of and implementation of geopolitical power over time.
There are questions of Access to energy feedstocks that are not determined by the availability of energy resources and arguments deployed to restrict access fall into various further categories with different worldview justifications. Such as; Peak oil, Overshoot, human rights, and a whole host of ideological positions.
This is a very good Peak Oil paper available on the UK government web site.

Published in August 2009 the report can be checked against its conclusions and a progress report concluded.
Adelman’s insights into the valuation of proven reserves based upon market transactions are interesting, Of course, BP disinvesting its Russian Holdings presents a useful vignette of the political dimensions, the Oligarchical and Monopoly dimensions of the energy business.

This scene form the International is about controlling debt and controlling conflict referring to Arms , it applies equally well to access to energy.

WW111 another Colonial Resource War. Culling The Plebs Malthusian Psychopathy Misanthropic Catastrophists

Ukraine-climate nexus

Climate change is commonly referred to as an “emergency”, a “crisis”, and an “existential threat.” The horrific unfolding of the Russian invasion of Ukraine should remind the climate alarmists of what an actual emergency, crisis and existential threat actually looks like:

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