One Mans Terrorist is another mans freedom fighter . One Mans Philanthropist is another mans Oligarch. Apertures and shutter speeds of Definition

The Irish Republican Brotherhood was one of the earliest organizations to use modern terrorist tactics. Pictured, “The Fenian Guy Fawkes” by John Tenniel (1867).

Que mon nom soit fletri, que la France soit libre, “For definitions are very dreadful things:They fight; and they fight fair”, the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing #Moduloft Home Truths and Truth to Power?

The Catholic veto upon usury, as defined in dogmatic councils, cuts across all classes. But it is absolutely necessary to the capitalist to distinguish more delicately between two kinds of usury; the kind he finds useful and the kind he does not find useful. The religion of the Servile State must have no dogmas or definitions. It cannot afford to have any definitions. For definitions are very dreadful things: they do the two things that most men, especially comfortable men, cannot endure. They fight; and they fight fair.
to handle the problem that “facts as recorded by statisticians, are always subject to numerous snags and qualifications, and for that reason are incapable of being summarized”,[5] he suggests that theorists “should be free to start off with a stylised view of the facts – i.e. concentrate on broad tendencies, ignoring individual detail”.[5] With respect to broad tendencies that result from such a process, Kaldor coins the term “stylized facts”.

A politician in power might say with pride, “The mean income of our citizens is $15,000 per year.” The leader of the opposition might retort, “But half our citizens make less than $10,000 per year.” Both are right, but neither cites a statistic with impassive objectivity. The first invokes a mean, the second a median. (Means are higher than medians in such cases because one millionaire may outweigh hundreds of poor people in setting a mean, but can balance only one mendicant in calculating a median.)
Nul Point.
Lyrics are technically examined by a committee before making it to the live shows: some songs have been censored in the past for being too explicitly political – in 2009, Georgia withdrew from the competition after being told they could not perform their song – ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In‘ – which was seen as a direct reference to the 2009 Russo-Georgian armed conflict. In 2021, Belarus also decided to withdraw from the competition following backlash over their song choice, which referenced the disputed presidential election.However, in 2016 Ukraine won the competition with their entry, 1944, which referenced Stalin‘s deportation of Crimean Tatars, despite many considering it to be a thinly veiled reference to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea.

Bye bye baby
You lied to me baby
I must have been crazy
It’s your turn to cry

And now for the quick fire round.
Philanthropist or Oligarch. Doh or Neit.

All about Access to energy.

Stylized modelled theory and Empirical Evidence. Seeds of Proof.

Take a Proper gander at the Olympics in Japan. “A New Poem”


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