Inside the Beltway 3. The Reality Based Community. Graph Fitting and Political Graft. Bourgeois Resolution. (Part 2)

Inside the Beltway 3. The Reality Based Community. Graph Fitting and Political Graft. Bourgeois Resolution.

The fed rate Hike and throttling back on monetary adventurism coupled with the very high energy prices portend to more stagnation and destruction in the SME sectors of the economy. This Bichler and Nitzen presentation

Neoclassical Political Economy: Skating on Thin Ice Is a very good analysis of their overall approach to Capital, as “Power”.


Still About Oil . ‘Weapondollar-Petrodollar Coalition’ . Differential Accumulation, When Big Energy and Big Data Collide.

Failing Lies, #Man Made Climate Change #The 2019/2020 Flu season ” Plandemic” , The Lies Based International Order , Stuttering towards Oblivion. Ours or Theirs?

Creorder out of Covidstroika Chaos.

Mearsheimer has figured quite a bit in my reading lately as well as my thinking.
Why Leaders Lie
Main article: Why Leaders Lie
Mearsheimer wrote a book, Why Leaders Lie (Oxford University Press, 2011), which analyzes lying in international politics. He argues that leaders lie to foreign audiences because they think that it is good for their country. For example, he maintains that US President Franklin Roosevelt lied about the Greer incident in September 1941 because he was deeply committed to getting America into World War II, which he thought was in its national interest.[66]

Admit the Facts. The Kakistocracy and theVenal Establishment.
I read an essay about Henry Kissinger’s Doctoral Thesis yesterday,…/henry-kissinger-a…. It is a very good essay and explains well how Governments find it difficult to justify Real Politick at home, it contrasts Metternick the Austrian Diplomats experience of the Phenomenon with that of Castlereagh the British Foreign Secretary and their roles in the Vienna Treaty of 1815 post the Napoleonic wars. This treaty lasted well up to the momentous events of 1848 a period between the French revolutions and the Myriad revolutions of 1848.This is the challenge we face in Quiggleys words.p.232 tragedy and Hope.

´´but criticism should have been directed rather at the hypocrisy and lack of realism in the ideals of the wartime propaganda and at the lack of honesty of the chief negotiators in carrying on the pretense that these ideals were still in effect while they violated them daily, and necessarily violated them. The settlements were clearly made by secret negotiations, by the Great Powers exclusively, and by power politics. They had to be. No settlements could ever have been made on any other bases. The failure of the chief negotiators (at least the Anglo-Americans) to admit this is regrettable, but behind their reluctance to admit it is the even more regrettable fact that the lack of political experience and political education of the American and English electorates made it dangerous for the negotiators to admit the facts of life in international political relationships.”

“Admit the Facts of life in international political relationships.” The Kakistocracy and Venal Establishment. #FreeSpeech #FreeTommy #MoslemBrotherhood #UnitedNationsHateSpeechDictats #TragedyandHope #RealPolitik #GeoPolitics #MassMigration #MultiCulturism #Immigration #FreeSpeech #WarofCivilisations #Agenda2030 “Do you find this happens all the time. Crucial point one day becomes a crime. And I’m not the kind that likes to tell you just what I want to do” #AgeofConsent #NewOrder #ConquestofDough

Policy Based Evidence Making. Inside the Beltway 2.

UKRAINE ON FIRE   well worth watching.

Walden 2, Prevention or Intervention. From Nowhere and Utopia. What’s the point? The Objective, The Purpose !

simple story the average human has one breast and one testicle Taleb goes Large, #nLarge #Taleb #BlackSwan #GreatBarringtonDeclaration

Mediocristan to Extremistan (Covid to car accidents)


Globalism Decoded, Usury Hells Fuel, Bourgoise Resolution #ConquestofDough

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