08:00 21.03.2022 465033 views . Arab oilmen are ready to destroy the USA . Translated by Google Translate from Russian.


We took the liberty of spending time listing the merits of the host, so that the reader realizes the importance of what is happening, as well as the scale of events, including those that are only expected so far, which will be discussed below.
Assad’s visit to the UAE is historic.




Vlad the Bad, the Impaler and tyrant, the oligarchical, novichock wielding, golden shower snapping, election trolling cyberpunk, mini mi blofeld, pussy stroking barebacked riding, poof bashing, climate denying, ex-spy, commie, red, suspected vampire……Why the EU needs a Penis Enlargement operation.

Its a familiar old 5000 piece jigsaw. Some Golden oldies from 2014. Who was Arrby?


Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan. Capital As Power. Power in the Blood of the earth.

Brexit, Oceana or Eurasia The true choice all along? And still the Distractions, cod pieces and all.

Islands in the Streams. McKinder to Zbig, The Great Game . Reaching back into the Internets cultural memory.

The People Versus Parliament, The People Versus the Banks. #Brino #SurrenderActii #BorisasPrinceRupert #GrubStreetJournal #DavidStarkey #BrexitUnentangled #LordActon #ShipMoney #EdmundBurke #onThesePresentDiscontents #StCrispinsDay #EUMilitaryUnification

Money its a Gas, used to be oil, but you still have your hands on my stash. Energy Economics. Banned from seeds. #WTF

Syria, PetroDollar and Pipelines Reader. Greater Israel Or the Moslem Brotherhood? Lesser of two evils minus One Evil still Evil.

https://steemit.com/cognitivedissonance/@tonefreqhz/untangling-cognitive-dissonance-pt-1-notes & Part 2 Notes

6 THOUGHTS ON “END OF THE PETRO DOLLAR AND THE FAILURE OF THE CARBON CURRENCY END GAME.” Re-Arranging the Sock Drawer of Cognitive Dissonance. S0 Many Sock Puppets.So many Odd Socks.

NSA SHA-256 SHA-2 Mrkel Trees and Magic Money Trees Bitcoin and the CIA


Darius Guppy. Theres a fly in the soup. The epic swerve , dodging the bullet by choice.N1, N100 and NLarge Soundbites, Narratives and Policy consumption, Investment and Production. Perplexed Guide

AN INFERNAL CONVERGENCE, INVENTORS of EVIL THINGS , Alex Thompson and the world view of the men who believe themselves to be gods.

FreeTrade Vs Free Markets. The Camera Obscura of the Elite Propaganda discombobulation.

Putting the trilateral into Binary divide and rule. Trinary Debate, The Triangulation Pyramid? “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”

A commodity INDEX backed currency and NOT a gold-backed currency.

Keep in mind, the central banks with the Cabal players now are the “owners” of 85% of the gold, the general populace has very little. The Cabal’s plan since 1963 has been to facilitate absolute corporate controlled management of the people as conversion of the people’s wealth in final result ended up in their hands.

Since September 11th 2001, the process, in all respects (emphasis added) for conversion of that wealth has speeded up ten times fold. Do not let them turn the final and last key as they have planned.

A few Generals need to come forward from the general population to make what happens, happen for the “benefit” of We The People, and not the Cabal or there will no longer be We The People, but We the Slaves. Break that masterfully applied entertainment conditioning forced on you since birth and join the war, our war to protect our families, friends, and neighbors from the clear intent of the Cabal.

I support Dr. Ron Paul for President of the United States at this time on most points but not at all on his statements per the dollar backed by gold. Intentionally or unintentionally on his part, if he was elected president and was to implement a just gold backed US dollar, he would be finalizing turning the last key for the Cabal to accomplish their final conversion. If, at this time Dr. Paul changed his statements to a dollar backed by a “commodity index” that included gold and all other commodities (Where the true wealth of the US rests), then I would back this “General” platform 101% otherwise I could not.

PS: Back to who Benefits? It was not a few countries from the Middle East or the people therein who have had their resources plundered, a million or so of their people killed, who are now facing totalitarian rule by an externally placed and managed puppet regime.

Look closely at reality and not well managed marketed hype designed with specific objectives harmonized with well orchestrated and promoted events designed to accomplish the Cabal’s master plan.

If We The People do not get a grip, and then regain control, we will all suffer dire consequences for not having done so. One voice can turn into a million and a million can change the World. Focus on the basics and stop scattering like minnows every time the Cabal throws a rock in the pond. Catch the rock before it hits the water and throw it back, or even better yet, take the rock out of their hand in the first place.

Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936




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I do think Tax avoidance comes into it but it is related to the wider issue of Money Laundering, the Panama Papers, and The Military-Industrial Complex.
Jo COx’s Murder is relevant to this question also.

Taxation and Government spending is weakly related at best ( Ruml) where there is a Sovereign currency issuer. This is at its heart tied to Monetary Sovereignty rather than Rich Donors supporting in or out. It’s about Money creation hegemony.

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How close we are to the denouement. Lord of the Dance or Follow Davos Man.

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The Conquest of Dough.


Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )

It Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Swing . Tides of the Petrodollar Moon.


This is the Money Power Gold Standard PR wing.
Lewis Lehrman also partnered with Ron Paul to write The Case for Gold. Alex Jones is a dedicated promoter of Ron Paul and a return to the gold standard. Alex Jones and Ron Paul also both have significant investments in gold, with the producer of the Alex Jones show being a gold trader. It seems that Alex Jones knows a lot about the endgame of the New World Order and the blueprint for global enslavement. What Alex Jones does not tell you is that the gold standard is part of the endgame and blueprint for global enslavement, and that Ron Paul and Alex Jones are heavily invested into it. Since they actively promote a gold standard, they are not merely invested in gold just because they fear a new world gold standard. They are complicit in that agenda.

ANALYSIS: Why the descriptor ‘NEWS’ is no longer valid. One Party State Elysium Nirvana, #BrexNicked

Nostradmus and Martin Armstrong, Anyone? I do not take him seriously or Alex Jones for that matter but this is worth watching as reading between the lines as in poker with even a good opponent there are tells.

Putting the trilateral into Binary divide and rule. Trinary Debate, The Triangulation Pyramid? “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”

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