Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. part 4 Wheels within wheels the ying and yang of Anekāntavāda


Those are the geopolitical imperatives driving the conflict:

“To prevent the re-emergence of a new rival on the territory of the former Soviet Union that can dominate their own resources and, thus, challenge US power.
The threat of further economic integration that would unavoidably lead to a massive free trade zone spanning Europe and Asia.
The “pivot” plan to dominate the world’s most populous and prosperous region of the next century.

Islands in the Streams. McKinder to Zbig, The Great Game . Reaching back into the Internets cultural memory.

Ying and Yang and the Climate Church Strawman. #GrubStreetJournal @wiki_ballot




Prof. Victor Efimov – Lecture for FSB about New World Order (02/25/2003) ENGLISH SUBS!
The main sources that will allow to double GDP are industry, agriculture and the real sector of
production of commodities as well as services. It is high time that we crushed the murderous bank
usury practicies and bring about taxation-and compensatory machinery of market regulation, which
will provide the balanced development of all the sectors of the national economy; eliminate any inter-industry disproportions in prices and investments. It is time we tore the mask of the myth that
insists the market by itself is all-mighty and omnipotent. Unregulated market will inevitably be adjusting itself to maximum profits, which leads to booming usury, porno-business, drug business,
favoring alcohol and tobacco producers, which destroy the statehood. Well-being and prosperity
should be determined by labour itself, and not by which industry one belongs to.
Victor Efimov
newspaper “Chas pik”, May 6, 2004

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When this push comes to shove play goes into effect, here is the silver bullet as they call it to cancel out the Cabals final step for world wealth conversion into their hands;

Let the dollar be backed by a commodity index which includes; grains, metals, produce; domestic stock; energy; etc. Here it will not be the golden rule but the productivity value of the countries commodity production.

Doing this will really put a hiccup (to say the least) in the Cabal’s plan for final conversion through their hoarding of gold since 1963. (The Cabal won’t get killed, they just won’t make a killing) It will also be a just economic environment world wide being that each country’s currency will now maintain or grow in its value based on that country’s own productivity in physical resources not “exclusively” on who owns the gold.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is said in the paragraph above. It is the difference between primary failure of the Cabal’s last step and significant success accomplished for the people.

A commodity INDEX backed currency and NOT a gold backed currency.

Keep in mind, the central banks with the Cabal players now are the “owners” of 85% of the gold, the general populace has very little. The Cabal’s plan since 1963 has been to facilitate absolute corporate controlled management of the people as conversion of the people’s wealth in final result ended up in their hands.

Since September 11th 2001, the process, in all respects (emphasis added) for conversion of that wealth has speeded up ten times fold. Do not let them turn the final and last key as they have planned.

A few Generals need to come forward from the general population to make what happens, happen for the “benefit” of We The People, and not the Cabal or there will no longer be We The People, but We the Slaves. Break that masterfully applied entertainment conditioning forced on you since birth and join the war, our war to protect our families, friends, and neighbors from the clear intent of the Cabal.

Its The Monetary Sovereignty Stupid. Farage , Bojo, Trump, Alex Jones and Ron Paul walk into a Bar?

The Simple see war is simply a football match conducted with cannons.wise men look not In Nietzsche’s Will to Power, but In the custom house.Says Bernard Shaw

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. Part 3. The Three Oligarchies. ( Michael Hudson)

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy Part 2 ( The Military Industrial Complex )

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. Part 1. ( Left and Right , Rich and Poor )

Usury Hells Fuel and Mans oppressor.

“If Humanity knew what i know , it would be unable to sleep”. ( Klaus Schwab quoting a Leader in the field of AI?)


But what about the gold?

As of February 1, three weeks before the start of Operation Z, the Russian Central Bank held $630.2 billion in reserves. Almost half – $311.2 billion – were placed in foreign securities, and a quarter – $151.9 billion – on deposits with foreign commercial and Central Banks. Not exactly a brilliant strategy. As of June last year, strategic partner China held 13.8% of Russia’s reserves, in gold and foreign currency.

As for the physical gold, $132.2 billion – 21% of total reserves – remains in vaults in Moscow (two-thirds) and St. Petersburg (one-third).

So no Russian gold has been frozen? Well, it’s complicated.

The key problem is that more than 75% of Russian Central Bank reserves are in foreign currency. Half of these are securities, like government bonds: they never leave the nation that issued them. Roughly 25% of the reserves are linked to foreign banks, mostly private, as well as the BIS and the IMF.

Gold, Carbon , Power , Energy, Work and their convenient posits. Standards of Virtue are not what they were? The Grand Final, The Internationalists versus the Globalist Money Power.

08:00 21.03.2022 465033 views . Arab oilmen are ready to destroy the USA . Translated by Google Translate from Russian.


They look at this and they say, How can America gain from all of this? There’s always a way of gaining what something looks to be bad. Well, one way they’ll gain is oil prices are going way up. And that benefits the United States whose foreign policy is based very largely on oil and gas. The oil industry controls most of the world’s oil trade, and that explains a lot of the US diplomacy. This is a fight to lock the world energy trade into control by U.S. companies, excluding not only Iran and Venezuela, but also excluding Russia.

The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

So America is bringing about exactly the opposite of what it intended. It’s hopeless to somehow isolate Russia and then be able to go after China without Russia. And instead, what it’s doing is integrating the Eurasian core, Russia and China, exactly the policy that Henry Kissinger warned against going all the way back to Mackinder a century ago that said, Eurasia is the world island, Russia and China could be the whole world centre. That’s what the fight is all about.


Who is paying the higher cost of energy ? Turning up the Differential Accumulation heat.

Michael Hudson [00:21:51] Even though the United States is the largest debtor economy in the world, it’s a creditor vis-a-vis the global south and other countries and it uses its creditor position to take over their natural resources, real estate, oil and gas, mineral rights and public utilities and natural monopolies and that are being privatised in government infrastructure. It’s becoming basically the landlord monopoly class of the entire world. That’s the U.S. strategy, and that’s the key to why the world is fracturing globally. And in the past, the global south countries were unable to fight against this tendency in the 70s and 80s with the Vendome conference on. But now that China and Russia threatened to be a self-sufficient core in Eurasia, this is the great threat to the American dream of becoming a landlord and financier of the world.

Who is paying the higher cost of energy ? Turning up the Differential Accumulation heat.

Clash of the Oligarchies? Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) Oil and gas & mining (OGAM),Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE)

Ross [00:18:40] A technical part to all of this because let’s face it, it is an information war and it’s also an economic war. Is it the FIRE sector that you point out – the financial, insurance and real estate sector. Is it that they want to continue the exorbitant privilege of credit creation, because ultimately, if you think about gold, there’s no counterparty risk. Gold is gold and it has been for millennia. Far from being a barbarous relic, by the way now, people are starting to realise the intrinsic value, especially as crypto falls apart. Can you just talk a little bit about this, the FIRE sector wanting the exorbitant privilege of creating credit?

Michael Hudson [00:19:19] This is really what the new world division and global fracture is all about. You’re right, Ross. If you look at after World War One, the American fight against Soviet communism, was basically a fight of industrial capitalism against the threat of socialism. But after 1991, and especially in the last two decades, America deindustrialised. So the fight is not by industrial capitalism against countries pushing their labour up. It’s a fight of neoliberalism against industrial capitalism or socialism abroad. It’s against industrial capitalism evolving into socialism. It’s a belief that, well, now that America’s be industrialised, how is it going to control the world economy? Well, it’ll control it through a financial means by being the creditor and foreign countries debt payments to America will enable it to make its military payments abroad and finance its trade deficit. But also, America’s purchase of key natural resources will give it natural resources when its purchase of takeover of real estate is going to essentially make the United States the landlord class and monopoly class, that mediaeval Europe had to hold the rest of the population in serfdom. That basically is the American strategy of neoliberalism fighting against countries that reject privatisation and financialization of their economy, and specifically financialization under the control of U.S. banks, U.S. private capital and allied satellite banks and capital from England or France or Germany. This is exactly the fight. Will banking and finance control the world economy or will other countries try to build up their own economies through labour and tangible capital formation?

Putting the Peakist cart before the usury horse. The Carbon Credit crucifixion of democracy.

Unsettled. Ve ask ze questions, zett zee narrative ztarting azzumptions, and your name iz in ze book. How Dare you!. “I keep six honest serving-men They taught me all I knew Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.”

“Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta” by Geraldine Perry and wanted to share this quote with you.
“I realized that gradually, after reading the WTO, IMF, World Bank papers and tracing the 1992 Earth Summit backwards to Stockholm in 1972 where the real motive was stated in plain English – to replenish the dwindling supply of raw materials global bankers and traders depend on for their wealth and control. Not only have they depleted their plantations in the Third World, the slaves themselves cannot possibly repay the multi-billion dollar debt forced on them by the IMF, Paris Club and transnational banks. Someone must pay for rehabilitating the plantation and someone must supply these parasites with a new debt-income stream. Maurice Strong opened the Rio Summit naming their target – “the affluent middle class in the industrialized countries.” Measuring and monetizing “carbon footprints” supplies the parasite casino with a global windfall profits scheme, while simultaneously consolidating external control over every country’s energy, industry, transportation, agriculture, land use, housing, food and water – in perpetuity. This is the meaning of “sustainable.” When they talk” “about sustainable development they mean sustainable revenue. [According to information provided by The Carbon Disclosure Project] everything under the sun is being measured and monetized – from hospitals and schools to refrigerators, toothpaste and telephone calls – and entered into a global database to provide a matrix for calculating GLOBAL carbon fines. The website states that CDP is “the only global climate change reporting system” and “acts on behalf of 534 institutional investors, holding $64 trillion in assets under management and some 60 purchasing organizations.” I was surprised by how transparent this is – who all their partners are and their board of trustees. When you look at the SCALE of this operation it’s mind boggling. There are trillions of dollars and thousands of organizations already engaged in this – right down to local municipalities that are signed up without their citizens’ awareness. So the economy is not dead. This isn’t a jobless recovery after all. Business is booming – if you’re in the right business. . . Global trade in carbon emissions is already [as of 2010] in the hundreds of billions. Point Carbon estimates they could grow to more than $1 trillion by 2020. Investors also trade derivatives contracts on the future price of carbon on exchanges.”
“EPA director, Lisa Jackson, was New Jersey’s representative on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cap-and-trade program for 10 Middle Atlantic and northeastern states. The Chicago Climate Exchange was founded in 2001 with $1.1 million in seed money from the Joyce Foundation while Obama was on the Joyce Board. Richard L. Sandor, CCX chairman and chief executive, who is credited with inventing interest-rate futures, has attracted about 400 entities, including Monsanto, IBM, Intel, Bank of America, Citi and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Stuart Eizenstat, a CCX director, was Bill Clinton’s lead climate treaty negotiator.”

Start reading this book for free:

ThreeBlindLies #IABATO A Guide for the perplexed the many sidedness of narrative contradictions.


Gentlemen of the jury, When we speak of liberty we speak of the liberty of thought and speech and action that every Englishman was born with. It is not a thing granted to him by the King and his counsellors and so not to be taken from him by those councellors. It musdt never be taken from him!
Beware of the role this trial will play in the history of our nation . Be aware that if the prosecution have their way each one of you will be seen as criminal first and Citizen second. Be aware that powers ceded to the government in times of fear are rarely removed from statute. The power of the government to arrest and imprison a man without charge , this removal of his right to know what he is accused of if, it achieves its aim today, be sure it will stay. Be aware that if this imperfect trial finds this man guilty 800 more will be given the same unjust treatment . 800 whose names are on this list .


It good fortune of the Government and its secret committees that it fell into my safe hands. 800 warrants for the arrest of innocent men, assumed to be guilty. Some of those names are in this court today. I see names here of those in the public gallery , names of others on the lawyers bench, I even see my own name among them , there is even the name of one sat before me in the jury.
Be aware that if you send this man to the gallows today you should be prepared to follow him tomorrow. I trust in god you will give your verdict of acquitall for the prisoner.

“The People is a beast of muddy brain that knows not its own force, and therefore stands loaded with wood and stone. The powerless hands of a mere child guide it with bit and rein. One kick would be enough to break the chain, but the beast fears, and what the child demands it does. Nor its own terror understands, confused and stupefied by bugbears vain. Most Wonderful! With its own hand it ties and gags itself, gives itself death and war for pence doled out by kings from its own store. Its own are ALL THINGS between earth and heaven. But this it knows not. And if one arise to tell this truth, it kills him unforgiven.”― Tomasso Campanella

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