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In 1981, on the Los Angeles-Sydney leg of the sea voyage, he was commissioned to write a piece for the 50th anniversary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which became the musical fantasy production, Zero Zero.[9] Batt designed, co-directed (with John Eastway) and starred in the studio-based production of “Zero Zero” shot at Gore Hill studios in Sydney and aired by Channel 4 TV in the UK in the week of the Channel’s broadcast launch in 1982. The album, featuring Batt with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was released on Epic as a Mike Batt solo album. The show was a combination of music, mime, dance, acting and animation, telling the story of a young man in the far distant future where love has been genetically eradicated. Batt’s character “Number 17” falls in love and is sent to an emotional decontamination centre called “Zero Zero”. A single, “Love Makes You Crazy” was released by Sony on Epic Records.

The Nazification of the West

THE ELITE NEVER, EVER GET MASSACRED OR WIPED OUT with their wealth. They just move. They move, all down through the ages. They bring on catastrophes to an empire when they’ve used that empire up and they’ve already created another one to move into and then they flatten the old one and move on. This has been the system for thousands and thousands of years at least.The trick of Darwin was to make you think we just evolved in 200,000 BC and before that, he even said 10,000 BC, which is rubbish. This whole evolution thing is actually a Masonic doctrine. It’s nothing to do with what we think it’s meant to be. It’s a Masonic doctrine. Darwin just was pulled out of the hat by the Royal Society, which was a Masonic scientific establishment chartered by the British Crown to exist. He basically gave the “Origin of the Species” et cetera to justify the right of certain types to rule; and he wasn’t talking about other animals or animals. He was talking about themselves over us. Evolution is a caste system. It’s to verify a caste system, to reinforce it and of course, it’s worked very well up until now.Going back to the Minoan’s, we know they also shared and they were probably very much so a part of the ancient Egyptian elite, because the frescos on their walls have the same imageries, styles, techniques used as you’ll see in the frescos inside some of the tombs inside-in Egypt. They even had the little curls down at the front locks of the youth that they used to depict youth in Egypt.Yes, they make perfect sense. A real elite wouldn’t live in a place where they could be easily attacked. They would have a front—an empire or a city and come in and out of it certainly, but they would also have somewhere safe, such as in the middle of the Aegean Sea. We know, for instance, that in a circle in the Aegean Sea of little islands, which are left after a volcano goes down, they had that huge island there at one time. Islands like Thera are the remains from when the tropic volcano sinks into the ocean, so these little fringe ones remain and become separate little islands; and that’s where we get much of the Minoan history from.Interesting, the Minoan’s used a double-headed axe in their religious ceremonies, the symbol of the fascia, which is from down through the ages. We’re looking at something the Catholic Church used afterwards, thousands of years later. Minoan’s were around 5,000 to 6,000 BC and here is the same symbology used by their own Catholic church, who simply inherited their culture from the Greeks who moved into Rome. The elite, that is, of course, and brought all this symbology with them.The Greeks got it from the Minoan’s. This is an endless stream of symbology, down through the ages, of language, you might say, which they understand very well; and which some very high Masons understand; and which some people, who are natural adepts, can figure out themselves, but there’s not [many] of them. The Catholic Church used this Minoan fascia of the axe with the bundle of rods around it, meaning, “strength was in numbers.” When you get one twig you can break it easily, but you get a whole bunch of them in a bundle and try to break it in one go, it’s harder; and so the nobility-the ruling elite must stick together at all costs, you see. In the middle of the bundle is the main shaft of the fascia—the actual axe itself.This is also in the Senate in the Congressional Hall in the U.S., where Mr. Bush now gives his speeches and every other one before him has.–The_Manipulation_of_the_Human_Psyche_2009.html

When Alan Watt’s website Cutting Through the Matrix went offline in February, he knew it was because someone “at the top” decided he was getting too close to the truth.

Watt is one of several “esoteric researchers” (call them conspiracy theorists) who believe Big Brother is telling Yahoo!, Google, and other companies which websites get to stay up, and which come down.

“I am certain of it,” said Watt, a researcher studying the role secret societies play in global events.

This provided Diocletian with the perfect opportunity to launch his persecution and Romanus had his tongue cut off and languished in agony for over a year after in jail. Meanwhile, the Emperor demanded the Christians sacrifice to the gods of the state or face execution. Many refused and further retreated underground in the hope of avoiding the manic dictates of this mad general.Diocletian’s vice-emperor, Galerius, didn’t have a hard time in persuading him that if a Palace were just to burn down, Diocletian could really accelerate his crusade against the Christians. Just by coincidence, twice within sixteen days toward the end of February, Diocletian’s palace in Nicomedia burned. The Christians were immediately blamed.

“video et taceo” (“I see but say nothing”) #OnBrino #HMQE2 #EUMilitaryUnification#RumpParliament #EnglishCivilWar #GloriousRevolution #CondemnedtoRepeat #AsFarcethenTragedy #ShallIRevealMyDarkerPurposes Understanding Brexit, Prince Rupert Speaks. #ElectedPredestination #TheCalvinistAngle #TheChosen #The Holy Roman Empire #Diocletian.

Manchester Terror Attack , A Reichstag Fire Moment for Mrs May?

Eschatology for Dummies, Just Above Sunset #HancocksPostulates

Harvest Of Despair. Ukraine Holodomor.–The_Manipulation_of_the_Human_Psyche_2009.html–The_Manipulation_of_the_Human_Psyche_2009.html

Authentic Discourses on Decisions to Act. @CultStateDotCom #LondonReal #DavidIcke #Ickonick #GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #IABATO #TheSlog #LondonConversation #GolemXIV @davidgraeber @financialeyes #5G #Vaxxed @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby

This is a JAFFA orange

Neo-Liberalism now full on Corporate State Monopoly (Crony)Capitalism. (Fascism!) #Brexit #Brino #EUMilitaryUnion #ExtinctionRebellion #NGO’s US or EU Fascism take your Pick #PDC #TheSlog @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes

There were Genoese ships in St Simeon’s harbour in the spring of 1098 and at Jaffa in 1099; in 1099 Dagobert, the archbishop of Pisa, led a fleet from his city to the Holy Land; and in i ioo there came to Jaffa a Venetian fleet of 200 sail, whose leaders promised Venetian assistance in return for freedom from tolls and a third of each town they helped to conquer.

#BlackNobility #IronLawofOligarchy #OccultMysticism #CananitevHemmenite #EustaceMullens #WebsterTarpley #LyndonLarouche #SCADS #ComplotsofMischief The Venetian Connection.


“Admit the Facts of life in international political relationships.” The Kakistocracy and Venal Establishment. #FreeSpeech #FreeTommy #MoslemBrotherhood #UnitedNationsHateSpeechDictats #TragedyandHope #RealPolitik #GeoPolitics #MassMigration #MultiCulturism #Immigration #FreeSpeech #WarofCivilisations #Agenda2030 “Do you find this happens all the time. Crucial point one day becomes a crime. And I’m not the kind that likes to tell you just what I want to do” #AgeofConsent #NewOrder #ConquestofDough

you’ll note from this chart that just as you testified we are more productive and more competitive and I want to ask about the word competitive in a minute but we are now more productive as a work force but that doesn’t translate into more income it translates apparently into less income for American households.

Hyper normalisation & Social Constructionism. Adam Curtis, Foucault or Chomsky? Let History be the judge. #4PAMPHLETEERS @GRUBSTREETJORNO @WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES @JOEBLOB20

Adam Curtis’s new film Hyper-normalisation takes its starting point at 1975, with the New York Bond issue and Austerity imposed by the Wall Street Bankers on that City; this, contrasted with Assad in Syria and his perceived betrayal by Henry Kissinger and US foreign policy in the Middle East. This Interview with Foucault contrasts well with and provides an alternative starting point for Adam Curtis´s argument that Self-referential infotainment is fed on-line to pacify the egotistical narcissistic angst of theBourgeoisiee. The starting point at 1968 perhaps gives the lie that all protest and resistance is futile and neutered.

The Next Million Years – Ch… by kevin4972

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. Part 5 (The new Grand Strategy of the United States)

Blog Heuristics.

“If Humanity knew what i know , it would be unable to sleep”. ( Klaus Schwab quoting a Leader in the field of AI?)

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. Part 1. ( Left and Right , Rich and Poor )



Mono Chrome Dystopia, The Many Not the Few, The Internet Fades to Grey



Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy Part 2 ( The Military Industrial Complex )

Towards an Integral Analysis of World Views in the Oligarchy. Part 3. The Three Oligarchies. ( Michael Hudson)


It’s complicated?

Shocking Truth about Obama and Syria. Eric Zuesse on Wiki Spooks. #Syria #ThePlot #Corrupteddemocracy

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