in an open struggle between truth and falsehood, truth has nothing to fear. Do not look Left and right but up and down to find the answer you seek?

Bono City of Blinding Light.
The more you see, the less you know
The less you find out as you go
I knew much more then
Than I do now

The Central Bank Coup det Tat. Hugh Hendry and Prof. Richard Werner , Are we headed for A 90’s style “Japanese” lost decade? #WAGTHECOV

Me and Bobby Magee, it will be a long time gone. Fuedalism Going to California 4+20 = Neo Fuedalism “The Rise of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class” by Joel Kotkin

“just as apples of gold in silver filigree with small apertures, so is a word fitly spoken.” Activism and the Academy. Corrupted Paradigms.

Tribal, Territorial Marking, When the Ephors meet the gatekeepers who argue with the Watchers, Whose shitting on whose slice of the pie.

Gatekeepers , Foundations and Democracy.Usefull Idiot School.

#MMT, are they Gatekeepers of Usury or merely Infiltrated?

Ship Money, paying the price of your own exit.

Bernard Lietaer Has Died

#GreenKeepers #Gophers #UsefullIdiots and #DontEatYellowSnow.

GateKeepers, Chomsky, Strawmen and James Corbet, ´Ít seemed so to him."

The Game – Essential knowledge (Melt Fund On IPFS)

Walden 2, Prevention or Intervention. From Nowhere and Utopia. What’s the point? The Objective, The Purpose !

Did you hear the one about the Blind Straw-man leading the Blind Straw-men. A Utopia of Usurers . the plutocratic appeal to science, or, rather, to the pseudo-science that they call Seeds.

The Shock Doctrine , Re-establishing our Civic Bearings after the Shock and Awe of the Pandemic #COvidPurpose #CovidStroika.

Hangin SCADS (Fake News Memory Hole Update) Listen to Aunty BBC Fake News Alerts

Authentic Discourses on Decisions to Act. @CultStateDotCom #LondonReal #DavidIcke #Ickonick #GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #IABATO #TheSlog #LondonConversation #GolemXIV @davidgraeber @financialeyes #5G #Vaxxed @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts. If Truth were subject to Patent Law.

´´if it were easy to set standards for judging judgment that would be honoured across the opinion spectrum and not glibly dismissed as another sneaky effort to seize the high ground for a favourite cause, someone would have patented the process long ago.´´

Tetlock, Philip E. (2005), Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?

´´If we want realistic odds on what will happen next, coupled to a willingness to admit mistakes, we are better off turning to experts who embody the intellectual traits of Isaiah Berlin’s prototypical fox—those who “know many little things,” draw from an eclectic array of traditions, and accept ambiguity and contradiction as inevitable features of life—than we are turning to Berlin’s hedgehogs—those who “know one big thing,” toil devotedly within one tradition, and reach for formulaic solutions to ill-defined problems.3´´

Click to access Philip_E._Tetlock_Expert_Political_Judgment_HowBookos.org_.pdf

Kant contrasts “apodictic” with “problematic” and “assertoric” in the Critique of Pure Reason, on page A70/B95. . These matters are to do with what we know as truth in the world which is sometimes called reality. Some commentators have been arguing a ´Post Truth´ turn in the news this is a logical error in reasoning for as Frank harris says in England or Germany, p.144 (

Genius welcomes criticism; the more the
merrier, the higher the better. “Come look
what I’m doing´´, it cries fearlessly, knowing
that truth must help it and that in an open
struggle between truth and falsehood, truth has
nothing to fear. ´´

If one considers systems theory and Schumacher’s definitions of Convergent and divergent problems one sees that some DIvergent or “Wicked Problems” require a trial and error best-fit approach, this class of problem is however not ubiquitous, many problems as Schumacher and Roy Madron point out can be dissolved. This sort of theoretical approach to knowledge is very apparent in Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Establishment media narrative management and as Partick Ryan says in the Butterfly war reverse engineering and using the Silicon Teck monopoly’s own tools against its own underlying motivations is what those excluded from the magic circle should sensibly do, Adopt the same wing patterns to spoof entry. Allowing users of the Grub Street Web 3 platform to Enter or Exit through the gift shop as they desire. In generating metadata, there are a number of opportunities to produce, Summaries, Say chapter headings and paragraph subheadings, Keyword clouds, and Sentences in contexts, hence NGram is some of the focus today.Within Googles advanced search and Twitters advanced search functions users can gain a little more control over what results are served up, of course, a very large number of people wishing to give the appearance of Au Current chic, chattering class In the know “Dontcha know” types, are happily faking it til they make it which really is the American Way. Instead of first they came for the Socialists, then there was no one left these days its more, first they came for the Fred Perry polo necks, then they came for the Lacoste Sweaters, then they came for the Waitrose ready-made mealers. Of course, Selfridges, Fortnums and those with Osbourne and Little tastes have nothing to fear.“THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM IS TO CALL THINGS BY THEIR PROPER NAME.” ― Confucius- 2019

“THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM IS TO CALL THINGS BY THEIR PROPER NAME.” ― Confucius- 2019 Overview, Recap 2011-2019 – Contexts going forward, #BlockChain, #Disintermediation #Psychgraphics, #Propaganda, #Cambridge Analytica. Reality Based communities, Procrustean Elephant Graph fitting. Etc and so on and so forth.

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