creating the narrative after the fact merely selling a foregone conclusion – #3dMonkeys , Deaf Dumb and Blind in 3 dimensions.


That very informative video followed by q and a has less than 300 views

Interestingly the Host and one of the guests Robert Trafford of are in reciept of grant support from the open society foundations. Make of that what you will for me it always rings alarm bells YMMV.

This has 2216 views after nearly 8 years. I should point out that RT is a state sponsored Russian broadcaster. You may wish to do your two minutes of hate now and may feel the need to repeat it at the end of this Thought Crime.

I watched it when it first came out, it appeared in my youtube suggestions today. I have a suspicion that the Google Algorithms have an extremely short-term biasing based around the current narrative and do not filter out older off-message and even shadow banned stuff. How to exploit this wrinkle is a good question? It has to be exploited as Google is 93% of all internet searches and the inertia associated to their suite of ever dumbed down apps is considerable. Digital civil disobedience is a thought. Something like The great internet grovel campaign. Instead of a Boycott which is easily filtered an absurd acquiescent slogan. Sick bag alert

an outrageous piss-taking raspberry at the inanities. of these self righteous pricks.. How about all Trust begins with a trust fund?

these people really are morons .

It is hard to parody a self inflicted caricature, Perhaps the WEF are not concerned that their shop window is hawking a false bill of goods, maybe they are right and it doesn’t matter to them? I do though think that they do care how they are presented yet they are completely ill equipped to understand a non technocratic common view , common by their standards. The Gefolgschaft), or followers of the Betriebsführer Factory Leader ( Thought Leader,

Prometheus Bound, A Schwabian Tragedy. Harry Beckough Marks Klaus Schwabs homework

Its all top down that is why a graphic sourced from Deloitte analysis has to set out What Trust is and WHat it is not? The depth of their “Movement” is nowhere to be seen , the surface finished appearance is easily wiped away there really is no way to polish such a huge turd, with such a thin skin as it were.

Manufacturing Conflict. Mind War Games mind war. A road map of the mind map of the well trodden path. Google is not your sensei.

I made this video last summer, I am certain at this point that there has been no attempt to seriously address the “Housing Crisis” since it was engineered from the beginning of the 1980s. The Misallocation of Credit/ Debt is ubiquitous across all sectors of the economy. Of course, it is not misallocated it is highly targetted to achieve differential accumulation into the hands of The “Robber Barons” Baron Von Slaphead, If you look at the Gray space trailer and the Aragon trailers in my Blog post, can you see the similarities, And yet The optimistic nerds in the Aragon video can not see that their DAO’s which they misname, Dao’s are Disintermediated Autonomous Organisations not merely decentralised or Distributed. The Disintermediation is the key and this is the point which Machon gets right, whilst TAILS and TOR, etc are problematical at any scaled application, notwithstanding back doors in all hardware now, The P2P encryption is the thing. to wit COYIM – A SECURE CHAT CLIENT I don’t use it John in fact probably hardly anyone does.

Challenging Discrimination & Polarisation: Whistleblowing in the Post-Truth Era · #DNL25

Annie Machon knows such a great deal and I do feel she is authentic and sensible in her approach. When one considers the hysteria across the piece during the past 2 years I can’t help but think that obscuring the input from those with bomb sights directly over the target are kept from the view of an always in danger of awakening public. It is a mistake to consider the news cycle to have anything to do with what is actually going on. Waiting for “IT” to happen, will be a long wait, it has already happened and charitably the news cycle is just quietly introducing the new arrangements.
‘It is like the parable of Kafka’s gatekeeper, guarding a door to the truth that was built just for you’ (Taibbi, 2018). Often performed in tacit collusion with powerful think tanks, lobbies or even the elected representatives, such strategies have been deployed to manufacture dissent about issues that are comparatively unimportant in order to prevent real dissent about issues that matter.

But to cut to the chase, one would be hard-pressed to state the nature of the 3D game that is being played here any more succinctly than Antony Sutton. When asked to explain why, precisely, the Wall Street interests and other 3D chess players would want to build up the Soviet threat during the Cold War, Sutton stated:

“Why? You won’t find this in the text books. Why is to bring about, I suspect, a plan to control world society in which you and I won’t find the freedoms to believe and think and do as we believe.”

The Full Gabriel Gatehouse, The BBC Story Teller extraordinaire , The Story Telling Hitman #TheStoryofPsyopMan #GrubStreeetJournal , Not Just a Gatekeeper but the whole fucking GateHouse . The Gatehouse The Whole Gatehouse and Nothing but the gate House #Part1

Unsettled. Ve ask ze questions, zett zee narrative ztarting azzumptions, and your name iz in ze book. How Dare you!. “I keep six honest serving-men They taught me all I knew Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.”

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