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One of the things which computers are good at doing is starting from where they left off, always assuming they have not crashed or their memory has not been wiped inbetween; shutting down, sleeping or, having been left unattended for some period of time.
Computers as an assistant to human memory are not a bad thing and when I turned mine on this morning I restored the browser pages from my previous session. I tend to keep many Tabs open in at least two windows one window for current research tasks and another window for my longer term strategic business project planning.

Today’s Window restored from shutting down my machine last night.


French intellectual Thierry Meyssan discusses Ukraine and the end of the unipolar moment. Since the collapse of the USSR, Washington has tried to prevent any power from challenging it, including the European Union. The EU is a good market but must never become a political power. The Ukraine conflict is being used to pauperize and economically collapse Europe, which will happen. Russia is militarily stronger than the U.S. For over a decade there has been a growing movement of Nazism or Banderism in Ukraine which now makes up one-third of the armed forces. He explains why false flag operations are so successful and that perhaps next time such an operation will be used against Russia or China or anyone and everyone! He lived in Libya and Syria and worked with both governments and explains how the Pentagon uses Daesh as its private army and is doing the same with the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. He doesn’t think the U.S. will go to war with Russia or China as they are too formidable, and that rather, they are at war against the Europeans as Washington wants to be the empire for Europe. They will continue false flag attacks against their own allies. He discusses the oligarchic system in the U.S. and the Straussian neocons. The world is dividing in two blocs which will no longer communicate with each other, and the West is the smaller bloc.

Voltaire Network

About Thierry Meyssan
Thierry Meyssan shocked the world with the first “9/11 Truth” books, his L’Effroyable Imposture in March 2002 (9/11: The Big Lie), and a sequel, Pentagate. In the 1990’s he was national secretary of a French radical party which held seats in the government. He is the founder of the Voltaire Network, a major alternative international press agency. In 2005, he organized the Axis for Peace, a congress of international leaders and writers opposing illegal wars. In 2007, he was forced into exile and settled in the Middle East, where he has witnessed and participated in history in the making. He has been called France’s most controversial public figure, and is the only Western observer to remain on the scene in Libya and Syria during the entire conflict. In 2011 Meyssan went to Tripoli and was appointed by Gaddafi to mobilize international support against the aggression that would destroy the Libyan republic; but the NATO onslaught came too quickly, and he narrowly escaped with his life. He is currently consultant to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, and has been close to heads of state like Hu

In the U.S., you discover this people with Paul Wolfowitz was a direct disciple from Leo Strauss. He was number two in the Pentagon during George Bush, the son. And you know also Daniel [Pearl 00:53:54], that guy was an advisor in the Pentagon. But he was also before that the man who organized the war in Yugoslavia, he was a special advisor for all political affairs to President Izetbegović in Bosnia’s government. When at the same time, Osama bin Laden was the advisor of Izetbegović for military affairs. At the same time Pearl and bin Laden in the same government doing the same politics.

In 1941, Izetbegović helped to found an Islamic organization named “Young Muslims” (Mladi Muslimani), which was modeled after the Muslim Brotherhood.[6] When the “Young Muslims” became torn between supporting the largely Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Division or the communist Yugoslav Partisans, some claim that Izetbegović joined the SS Handschar, despite a lack of evidence.[7][8] Izetbegović’s family denied the claim and said that he was in the communist partisans.[8] Izetbegović was detained by the Serb royalist Chetniks in mid-1944 but released by Chetnik voivode Dragutin Keserović[9] out of gratitude for his grandfather’s role in securing the release of the forty Serb hostages in 1914.[4] He was arrested by the Yugoslav communists following the war and sentenced to three years in prison in 1946 on charges of collaborating with the Nazis.[10] Before incarceration, he had earned a law degree at the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Law.[11] He remained engaged in politics after serving the sentence.[12]

U.S. President Bill Clinton meeting with Izetbegović in Tuzla in 1997

For three and a half years, Izetbegović lived precariously in a besieged Sarajevo surrounded by Serb forces. He denounced the failure of Western countries to reverse Serbian aggression and turned instead to the Muslim world, with which he had already established relations during his days as a dissident. The Bosnian government received money and arms. Osama bin Laden was given a Bosnian passport during Izetbegović’s presidency and went on to visit Bosnia and Kosovo several times.[33][34][35] Bin Laden stated to a German reporter that he planned to bring Muslim volunteers to Bosnia.[36] Following massacres on Bosnian Muslims by Serb and, to a lesser extent, Croat forces, foreign Muslim volunteers joined the Bosnian army in the so-called Bosnian mujahideen, numbering between 300 and 1,500.[37] They quickly attracted heavy criticism amplified by Serb and Croat propaganda, who considered their presence to be evidence of “violent Islamic fundamentalism” at the heart of Europe. However, the foreign volunteers became unpopular even with many of the Bosniak population, because the Bosnian army had thousands of troops and no need for more soldiers, but for arms. Many Bosnian army officers and intellectuals were suspicious regarding foreign volunteers arrival in central part of the country, because they came from Split and Zagreb in Croatia, and were passed through the self-proclaimed Herzeg-Bosnia unlike Bosnian army soldiers who were regularly arrested by Croat forces. According to general Stjepan Šiber, the highest ranking ethnic Croat in the Bosnian army, the key role in foreign volunteers arrival was played by Franjo Tuđman and Croatian counter-intelligence underground with the aim to justify the involvement of Croatia in the Bosnian War and mass crimes committed by Croat forces. Although Izetbegović regarded them as symbolically valuable as a sign of the Muslim world’s support for Bosnia, they appear to have made little military difference and became a major political liability.[38]

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History’s Dire Warning: Beware False-Flag Trigger for Long-Sought War with Iran

Clearly, Meysanns interview which I watched in full left many connections which I found intriguing especially with respect to and conection with Zalensky the “Ukrainian Jewish Nazi”


The Internet is Big, The Big Boys Still Dominate. Web SEO, Combining to Compete? The Distributed Web and Disrupting the Disrupters.

The Internet is Big, The Big Boys Still Dominate. Web SEO, Combining to Compete? The Distributed Web and Disrupting the Disrupters.

Censorship, Algorithm Machine Learning Fairness The Need for the Grub Street Journals Exegesis Flux Capacitor #GrubStreetJournal #ProjectVeritas

The “Loft Miles”​ self build token #SmartContracts #OIP #GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #PropTech #BlockChainPropTech @emptyhomes

The other Window is my current projects window, my day job if you will. The First tab is instructive in that it speaks to yet another Government Narrative which remains a narrative leading away from the target.

25 – Planning reforms: Boris Johnson outraged the Tory faithful with plans to tear up the planning system and pump development into liberalised zones of towns and cities. While many welcomed reform, the pressure was too much to bear and the Housing Secretary was sacked. His replacement Michael Gove appears to have shelved the plans.

The Control of Oil. The Energy/Exchange Cartel. (Who Shot JR?)

‘democracy is finished’. By ‘democracy’, of course, he meant private capitalism. The Lion and the Unicorn , George Orwell

What have that lot ever done for us? plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

HORIZON 30TH ANNIVERSARY THE FARSIDE. 23 MAY 1994 E.16. A Behind Hand Review.

The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

We need a New Chartist Movement. Parliament is not fit for purpose. Brexit Betrayal of the British Electorate.#MrPootersBrexit

Searching for ´´Intelligence´´, in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO? Not Counting Niggers, by George Orwell

Gatekeeper or Freedom fighter, you decide?

As this video is in my you tube feed I can not accept that it is not there for some reason , the algoritm clearly has placed it in the array of choices based upon
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