Escaping the Digital Matrix of Mind Control. Speaking truth to friendship and self respect.


Trust your gut, follow your instincts this is the mindset encouraged in the opening verses of my Poem Bourgeoise Resolution.

Bourgeois resolution. A poem in Three Voices for added 4th part Harmony.

Start here with your own experience. Bring here your
open mind and trust your instinctive feeling for truth.
As resolution of discord demands a return to the tonic.
The Tonic for our dissonant condition is a harmonic resolution to the Chord of Nature.

I had a dream. I found myself in a graveyard where all the tombstones were marked in a curious way – 1822-1826, 1930-1934 – always like that, always a very short time between birth and death. In the graveyard was a very old man. I asked him how it was that he had lived so long when everyone else in his village had died so young. But no, he told me this, “Not that we die early. It is just that here on our tombstones we do not count the years of a man’s life, but rather the length of time he’s kept a friend.” Let’s drink to friendship.

  • Orson Welles (Mr. Arkadin)

Too much is spoken of speaking truth to power, Truth spoken in friendship is by far the most powerful communication possible.
What Mr. Arkadins Georgian’s story tells us is our true friendships are few and often fleeting. Digital friends and followers are nothing of the sort,
when one uses the Digital Cookie monsters to “Speak Truth to Power” we are actually providing the data that power uses to further manipulate us.

The purpose of this blog tracks the dialogue of speaking the truth to my own thought processes challenging the information which I believe to be the best available and seeking to
challenge that information from outside of my own boundaries. In Mathematics it is akin to the Incompleteness theorems and the requirement for something outside of a set of axioms required to confirm
an apparently internally consistent system.

So here it is Speaking truth to friendship and self respect.

Inflation, Austerity by other means. Divide and Rule , The world is awash in Energy. The Non Energy Crisis.

“post facto ad hoc adjudicum” . like serfs in a tide to which there’s no sequel. Spring Time for Schwabler in Germany, Momus Strikes.


12log 2-8’ers gonna 12log 2-8, and Haters Gonna Hate. #Aadhaar

Snookered, A dead end , Mirror written to Camera Obscura .Which species of Inversion is this.

In Writing this short blog I do not accept many of the starting assumptions which used to inform my earlier world view. I doubt for instance that oil is not a renewable resource It more or less goes without saying that I am at the very least skeptical about even the greatest certitudes of the current age. In many of the matters in which I have a level of expertise and training I know that the main tropes pedalled to folk outside of my own particular field are nonsense and those who claim expertise and training in those fields believe much of the nonsense they spout quite sincerely.
As Richard werner says in his latest appearance on The Renegade Economist, in answer to the question What should one do?

Many of the elite pushing the WEF’s Great Reset plan are part of the WEF’s Forum of Young Global Leaders

But before it was called Forum of Young Global Leaders, it was called Global Leaders for Tomorrow (until 04′). Richard Werner explains how the new program emerged…

My guests today, for a special Ukraine-focused roundtable, are investigative journalists Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett, as well as former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) officer, regional expert & regular guest on UK Column News, Alex Thomson. Today we will dissect the narrative around the current conflict in Ukraine and give insight into how many around the world are being mislead and outright deceived.

The Military Industrial Complex and Brexit. A hypothesis. #EUMilitaryUnification #Brexit #Brino #JoCox #AnnaLindh #OlofPalme #TINA

Brexit is not a stand-alone or binary question I have commented before that Brexit is about an emperor and the battle for supremacy between two Eunuchs charged with looking after his harem.

This Global Governance question seems missing again from the present discourse on Section 50, the context is much wider than the UK divorcing the EU, this is not a mere Marriage or even a menage a trios breaking up, this is more akin to a polygamous harem of the Ottoman Sultans involving some sort of internecine struggle between two of his, arguably high to middle-ranking eunuchs, for more recognition or status.

The Global Governance context was something high on the agenda of the Brussels elites back in 2006 when A Bruegel Policy brief entitled ´Global Governance: An Agenda for Europe´ was published to The Prime Minister of Finland’s office. The full paper is available at
The full paper, only 25 pages long and worth a read may be found at this link.

(This Policy Brief builds on a paper prepared at the request of the Secretariat of the Economic Council of the Finnish prime minister. See “The EU and the Governance of Globalisation”, Bruegel Working Paper n° 2006/02, September 2006).

The explanation of the rise and fall of the world system’s leading powers in terms of uneven economic development tends to overlook the role of the creation and management of public credit and national debts. Prior to 1815, the Netherlands and Great Britain owed a significant proportion of their respective victories over the larger and wealthier states of Spain and France to the development of competitive financial capabilities. Winning, however, leads to higher absolute debt burdens which, prior to 1945, encouraged postwar reductions in governmental expenditures. In this fashion, world leaders have contributed to the erosion of their preponderant capability positions before the emergence of international rivals. These ideas are elaborated within the context of George Modelski’s long cycle of world leadership theory and through a brief review of war-related financial problems between 1500 and 1815 and the consequent development of national debts. The longitudinal analysis of British and American public debt data provides collaborating empirical support.

GateKeepers, Chomsky, Strawmen and James Corbet, ´Ít seemed so to him."

Rebuttals and other Un-Buttressed hysterias. Kurtz brings more doom! #CovidPurpose Debating the Eugenecist Euthanasia Crew, #4PAMPHLETEERS @GRUBSTREETJORNO @SURVATION @WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 ROGER LEWIS ( PORTHOS) @JOEBLOB20

During his time in Congress, McDonald introduced over 150 bills, including legislation to:[third-party source needed]

Repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968.
Remove the limitation upon the amount of outside income a Social Security recipient may earn.
Award honorary U.S. Citizenship to Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.[27]
Invite Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to address a joint meeting of Congress.[28]
Prohibit Federal funds from being used to finance the purchase of American agricultural commodities by any Communist country.
Create a select committee in the House of Representatives to conduct an investigation of human rights abuses in Southeast Asia by Communist forces.
Repeal the FCC regulations against editorializing and support of political candidates by noncommercial educational broadcasting stations.
Create a House Committee on Internal Security.
Impeach UN Ambassador Andrew Young.
Limit eligibility for appointment and admission to any United States service academy to men.
Direct the Comptroller General of the United States to audit the gold held by the United States annually.
Increase the national speed limit to 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) from the then-prevailing national speed limit of 55 miles per hour (89 km/h).
Abolish the Federal Election Commission.
Get the U.S. out of the United Nations.
Place statues of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver in the Capitol.[29]
Main article: Korean Air Lines Flight 007

Alaska’s Gull Island Oil Fields Could Power U.S. for 200 YearsBy Mark Anderson

The Pushback for FREEDOM 2022 – 2023. Engage Unite or live the un-examined life. rule by the 0.0000348%

Snookered, A dead end , Mirror written to Camera Obscura .Which species of Inversion is this.

One mans fish is another mans poisson! So, is one mans truth another mans poison? The Media is highly propagandised and the memory hole very much in use.

creating the narrative after the fact merely selling a foregone conclusion – #3dMonkeys , Deaf Dumb and Blind in 3 dimensions.

The End. #QED.

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