Selling England By the Pound. Gabriels Gate, a portal into a more human dimension, Un-common knowledge.

Here is a recording of musician Peter Gabriel making use of the sequence.
The result has been natural and satisfying for everyone who has been guided to use it.

selling England by the pound

Gabriels Gate, a portal into a more human dimension.

Free Will, Paul Ollswang (1945 – 1996), not waving but drowning.

I have reflected overnight on the Martenson Video I linked to yesterday.

This is the Piece he based his Common Knowledge themes upon

the Fishes in water story is a good one except it fails to mention that the 3 fishes are infact the 3 wise fishes, all are Blind .

No one is capable of leading anyone else. Generalised Common knowldge? about what? In old time philosophy,
man was the measure of all things ,

in the modern world degraded “Human Being” money is the measure of all things.

The Money Tail Wagging the Human Being Dog.

Ollswangs wisdom has much to recommend it, particularly in its cynicism.

Perhaps the Thought leader Narcissist of all thought leader caricatures should have the last word.
Sam Harris , all that is wrong with the world today he lacks only one qualification for total
damnation, I am assuming he is not a Billionaire .

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When we gain knowledge of the world are we experiencing it or are we thinking it? It is really a combination and a cycle between, Sleep and dreaming and Awakeness and automatic experiences External Sensing and imaginings within our thinking portal.The eyes are the window to the soul looking in, but the soul is us looking out and acquiring physical experience of possibilities outside of our thoughtful imaginings.
our human Being is a portal that offers access to dimensions of Being and dimensions of thinking and combines the dimensions of Being and Thinking when we employ our powerful interdimensional apparatus to synthesise shareable goods or sometimes we synthesise a combination of Bads. When we discover the truth everyone will not be a winner, one can think of many situations and states of affairs which should the truth be honoured, then some group or collection of powerful interests may lose some previously justified privilege. This essayical melange is not though, about the defense of the indefensible it is about making our wishes clear, stating our opinions clearly and honestly and seeking agreement. Agreement to disagree is a much preferable outcome to an enduring resentment against those with whom we differ, about some matter or state of affairs.

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