Acting on Common Knowledge. #SITREP situation Report. “Of Course its true , This time out Loud”!

Sitrep for the 99% , The Financial Jigsaw, SNAFU & IABATO to Stick your NWO where the sun don’t shine! Two world wars and one world cup!

Following the full out attack on civil liberties since March 2020 the dispersed groupings that had led the resistance against the Post 2008 bailouts and austerity regimes through the Occupy movements, have now again regrouped and established communication between themselves and the 99%.The 2700 Billionaires served by the Corporate monopoly establishment have sought to impose Austerity through Inflation and a Hot War in Ukraine Again the multiple cells of resistance across all corporate franchise areas have re-established coherent communications and secured dominance over the psychological and the much degraded groupings of the on the ground forces of State monopoly capitalist violence ( Militarised Police Units).

The psychological theatre has been the last resistance to re-asserting the vector of power from the 99% to its appointed institutions. The extent to which the state monopoly media efforts have exhausted all credibility is now at a level of Public Knowledge, The emperor’s lack of clothing is now openly discussed without fear of fabled state informers or electronic snooping causing a collapse in life chances. This is true of the Sitrep region in which we are reporting, Known as Oceania in the State Monopoly Capitalist franchise manuals. It is presumed that similar breakthroughs in recognising reality are also emerging in East Asia.

Actions required now focus on consolidating the fully sourced evidence of various state crimes against democracy and prioritising repairs to sabotaged supply chains and industrial sectors taken out of commission by the Management fifth columnists under the various banners of WEF and Technofascist Philanthropic foundations, The process must start with rejecting and dismantling the framework implemented through Black Rocks Going Direct paradigm. What is broken through sabotage can be easily repaired and where systems have remained in commission obviously not fit for purpose or designed to fail the process of evaluating and selecting alternative solutions can begin at the appropriate scale and level of democratic institution.

Risks remain as they did following the de-nazification process post 2nd world war and a similar de-radicalisation of higher levels of institutional and corporate management will be necessary to prevent continuity of regime and COG ( Continuity of Government , Gladio 2 ) sleeper saboteurs from preventing the return to the processes of democracy honoured more in the breach than the observation for the past 43 years from 1979 and 50 years since the Nixon shock.

Sitrep for the 99% , The Financial Jigsaw, SNAFU & IABATO to Stick your NWO where the sun don’t shine! Two world wars and one world cup!

“in this story the censors are desperately afraid and they know this dynamic, as well as I do or you do now. That you understand this they’re desperately trying to keep things from becoming common knowledge and they have many tricks at their disposal to do this right they can distract”

something game theory calls common knowledge – through a model. Since we can’t measure what the crowd believes directly, we instead observe the behavior by influential individuals and institutions (e.g. politicians, executives, celebrities, core cultural institutions, Wall Street, Madison Avenue and the media). More specifically, we observe their missionary behavior, by which we mean linguistic evidence of attempts to shape, create and sustain those narratives.

Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia, that kind of thing.

And then we measure it.Now, the Narrative Machine is not a model for what the crowd actually believes about some topic. For reasons we have written about at length previously, we don’t think that would be very useful anyway. Instead, ours is a model which seeks to represent what the crowd believes the crowd believes

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Anand Giridharadas on ‘Winners Take All’ and the charade of elite philanthropy | VPRO Documentary

Acting on Common Knowledge. #SITREP situation Report. “Of Course its true , This time out Loud”! .

Musk is not buying Twitter for free speech reasons, it i for the value of the Data, He has the same model described by Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism in this video

The story is not who owns Twitter or free speech its about using data as a prompter or manipulator of human actions.

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