The “Pillars of Creation” from the Eagle Nebula

I read a report the other day, Voyager had reached the outer reaches of the solar system and had passed sufficient milestones now so that Data could be reappraised and Physics out there was doing weird stuff.
A new Space probe was launching which would give better and clearer data from which further milestones should be garnered, hence the Weirdness out there should; confirm more of what we thought is, is not what we had previously presumed it to be, our certainties were turning out not to be, “Take it to the bank sure things”. And so to; Nebula, Nebulae, and the nebulous. Who else? I wondered this morning, remembers those Great Photographs, from NASA, showing the birthing of Galaxies; a cornucopia of Diaphonous bejeweled clouds, a cosmic cornucopia of crepuscular spectaculars portending to a super galactic guy Fawkes night. An effigy to set upon the bonfire of earthly delusions of any significance at all. The NASA images, as the story went, should certainly make us humans feel terribly small.

The thing about the Pillars of creation image is that it is an interpretation of data, it is not what we could see with the naked eye it is yet another type of narrative provided by experts. Speaking with my Sisters in the sunshine this Thursday afternoon, my elder sister Suzanne said “Infinity is really hard to get your head around”, my younger Sister Catherine said she didn’t really care to speculate upon such things being more drawn to the wildlife all around in the Back Garden in which we sat chatting whilst Nation Radio played quietly in the background. Things like the Red Kites teaching their young to Glide, or the problem of the Garden ants farming black aphids on the Camomile. Here we had the eternal Nebulae of the Infinite universe against the Lived reality of observed natural phenomena. The Meta-Physical speculations of meta-analysis of meta-data which in turn are built upon hyper-theories; versus, the simple observational and empirical analysis of lived reality, a scientific method for Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Ants Farm Aphids , Who Knew? And many an accepted metaphysical hypotheis parades as undisputable fact.

Man as the measure of all things is a well know philosophical aphorism, Speculation is not measurement, one measures rates of change and also the current state and position of things in relation to a fixed standard. Speculation is at its very best an “Educated bet” about some future state of affairs or condition. Odds on that bet are probabilities of outcomes according to past results, “Form”, “Breeding”, “Going”, and so on all feed into the calculation as to starting prices. The Further wild card is where Peer Pressure makes itself known, “The Market” moves according to the fancied runners ( outcomes ) and the odds are adjusted to balance the book. The Housewives favourite may have no form or, breeding and be on thoroughly unsuitable going. Yet, the Market may make a favourite through sheer weight of belief in an unlikely outcome. A Houswives favourite may result from something as nebulous as the pretty colours employed in the racing silks of the otherwise equinely challenged mount, much fancied as the unlikely winner of the 3.30 at New Market.

In the great discussion’; of “This”,

and “That”,

we find what I am getting at dear reader. Is the future Determined, or pre-destined or is the Flux of free will a constant supplier of both pleasant and unpleasant surprises? Do we create our own reality or are we all just passengers on the emmision-free bus of the New World Order, World Economic Forum omnibus omnishambles? Does the Flux of free will always allow for that Rosa Parks moment. or should we “abandon hope all ye who enter here“?

I wrote this song 11 years ago when I moved to Sweden.


Hey Mr Politician, ya know they payin me scrip
Been working a life time you given me Zip
Even in Debt I can’t make ends meet
It’s Crowded in the gutter and Mean on the street.

Served in the name of your country for Kings and Queen
A home fit for heroes is this what you mean
Compounded interest never make ends meet
Miss a few PaYments and thrown in the street

Workin For life time my fingers are Raw
Work all the hours god sends and fight your bloody war
Deeper in debt but daren’t ask for more
Seems there’s a rule for the rich another for the Poor.

Gold it don’t Rust But Midas still Starved
We’re Ruled by your FIAT that aint the cars
Aint no Corporation lets me Work Rest and Play
An Honest Days work for a fairs Day pay

You Know we been Conned but you pay no head
You’re ignoring our Need and feeding their Greed
You reep what you sow and you stolen our seed
were the 99% and we’ve mouths to feed

We’re Ruled by FIAT that aint the cars
Aint no Politician lets me work rest and Play
An Honest Days Work for a Fair Days Pay

You Reep what you Sow but you aint payin no head
You’r ignoring our plight and sharin their Greed
Hey mr BAnker Man get the hell out of Here
we the 99% and we want whats Fair.

You Reep what you sow and you stolen the Seed
we the 99% and we’ve mouths to feed

Gold it don’t Rust But Midas he starved
We aint taking your Fiat we aint driving you’re car.

Please consider checking your “Peak Nebulae” susceptibilities and take heed of the end of a Blog I also wrote around the same time as that 99% song.

Socratic Management, learning by remembering.#PlaceMakingBasics #AuthenticPlaceMaking #CitizensNotSubjects #TheCure #RealRLD #WeDoDeals


Pythagoras. You will study music and geometry.
First Dealer. A charming recipe! The way to be wise: learn the guitar.

And a final Word From Max Ehrman whośe Desiderata(Link) sent me in search of a cure for my own amnesia.

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.”

In isolated elites remote politicians and financiers in far off lands what can they ever hope to be reminded of. Lets remember not to forget our own worth.


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