Zero sum appears to be copyrighted to and presumably owned by Clearchannel the large advertising site combine?
Ford Foundation and other foundations as “conduits,” “pass-throughs,” and “fronts” to disguise CIA funding for domestic operations . Robert Kennedy and JFK Ghosts of Revolutions Past?Zero sum appears to be copyrighted to and presumably owned by Clearchannel the large advertising site combine?
A similar enterprise was ROAR magazine a blog about which you can search on the Grub Street Journal.
Strawberry fields etc.

Davos reveals building blocks for “green” social credit system

The default position on anything making it through the filters should be to ask MIHOP or LIHOP usually applied to False Flag analysis but Information False Flags, dummy drops, booby traps, Limited Hangouts, etc are all part of the machiavellian arsenal of Mass Psychosis mind control.
Open Public Forums on the Web are clearly not the most secure information drops? The belief that typing into a computer is getting information across to a group of like-minded or open-minded readers or in the case of Multi-Media Watchers or Listeners is Naive.

Let me take you down
‘Cause I’m going to strawberry fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever


Hypatias Eyebrowser

Davos reveals building blocks for “green” social credit system

How about a Democracy where you get to join in? The Internet and Democracy two things that are done to you, Let’s change that! @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @BlocktechCEO @alexandria @TheTedNelson @DavidGolemXIV #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019
Since wrapping up and mothballing Grub Street and Hypatia’s eye browser I have spent two years and a cashed in Pension on establishing a new affordable housebuilding company, as a life long entrepreneur and Merchant property developer my own solution, when confronted with challenges, is to seek solutions and make a start of the aspects for which I see commercial opportunities to add value for customers and profit from providing what an identified Market grouping wants.
This essentially is one approach for one particular individual I fully respect and understand the wish to form cooperatives or communes.
As a young man I twigged fairly early on that not everyone wanted to own their own business and there were more compelling Life goals available that others placed above my own list of priorities. Once I had learned to accept the choices of others I found it much easier to adjust my own expectations of others to a realistic level consistent with our mutual interests balanced against our quite different goals.

Strangely enough, I watched this Henry Kissinger video yesterday.
Henry Kissinger: ‘We are now living in a totally new era’ | FT

In it, Dr. Kissinger shows insight into understanding other parties’ interests ( and accepting them from their point of view, acceptance does not denote agreement). The bit which turned me off was the Real Politik of playing differences in interests off against each of two parties, whilst Holding the coat of one or other of the parties.

Through 2019 it is very clear that the top down command and control model was in trouble and also had a big PR problem. It has taken 2 and a half years for the PR problem for the Elitist Kakistocracy to effectively be back in the position where they started with respect to Public consciousness.

The measure of Public Consciousness is best measured with a sample of 10 people you meet regularly. not a survey of 100 Twitter accounts. Or a Twitter vote or straw poll on a Blog comments section.

What you believe and how that measures’ up against your own circle of Freinds, family and acquaintance

in Real life ( IRL) World not Universal resource locator World (URL)

IRL not URL!

And now a point for reflection. Margaret Thatcher is said to have claimed that Tony Blair was her greatest achievemnet
Would Dr Kissinger claim the same thing about Klaus Schwab?

The Evil URL

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