The Great Distortion is the biggest transfer of wealth in history… Nomi Prins



For more on Prins’ background, media, and appearances:
Abnormal, Warped refer to America’s Great Distortion
$150 trillion transformation claim:
Fuel prices record high:
Empty grocery store shelves:
Better off than a year ago?
Media expects stock market crash; Marketwatch:
For example, Nomi has worked on projects with Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders, and met with the office of Senator Pat Toomey in March
Nomi predicted the 2008 financial crisis in her book, ‘Other People’s Money’ and chose to walk away from the corruption on Wall Street before it was apparent to the American people. Two examples of being on the right side of history
Nomi media appearances, sampling:
Quote from Nomi’s Book: Photo by Brian Mansfield. Subject is page 254, paragraph 4 of Nomi’s book, Collusion
Netflix crash:
Facebook crash:
Peloton crash and recovery:

Headline: Americans are bracing for inflation and a market crash: survey:
Headline: A stock market crash is inevitable… here’s how to prepare:
Headline: 10 reasons the stock market could crash in 2022:
Wealth gap chart representation of the diverging trajectories of Wall Street and Main Street, the financialization of everything, the wealth gap, and prices for working class vs for the rich as percentage of income. Data source:
Nixon war efforts, Great Society:

Nixon, the Great Society, and the Future of Social Policy-A Symposium,in%20aid%20to%20South%20Vietnam
Nixon Shock:
US Debt since Nixon Shock, Headline:
US Money Supply chart data source: FRED
Household debt getting worse for Americans:
Headline: Earning 6 figures isn’t enough to buy the American Dream Anymore:,even%20on%20%24100%2C000%20a%20year.
Effects of Inflation:
CNN Money: Median home price was $180,100 in Q4 2008.,compared%20to%20%24217%2C900%20in%202007.
In 2021: $404,700
Cost of tuition rising: Data from: Private 4-yr 2007-08: $21,427. 2019-20: $32,769
Nomi Prins’ testimony to Senate committee ft. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren:
Billionaires in space:
Headline: Only 18% of Americans Say Their Wages Are Keeping Pace With Soaring Inflation:
Too big to fail, 2008:,to%20avoid%20worldwide%20economic%20collapse.

Headline: A decade after the financial crisis, many Americans are still struggling to recover:
Protests and rioting:
Trucker convoy:
M1 Money Supply, Date: Jan 2006 to July 2010:
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:,-263%20yea%20%E2%80%93%20171&text=President%20Bush%20signed%20the%20bill,appended%20a%20stalled%20tax%20bill.
Doubling money supply, 2008 – 2020:
Millions of Americans quitting jobs:
From: Some 4.3 million Americans quit or changed jobs in January, edging down a bit compared with December but still in record-high territory in …
FRED M1, dates: Dec 2007 to Dec 2021:
Dollars printed, 2020-2021
Headline from Reason Magazine, backup for $30T/1% claim:
Headline: 12 Year Old Has Made Nearly $6 Million with NFTs:,3.8%25%20over%20the%20past%20year.
Saylor, Micheal quote:
Billionaire claim:
Yellen $150 Trillion Transformation source:
Yellen photo source:
Bank of America source:
Bezos contributing to $150T:
Headline: Ultrabillionaires:
Gold claim, 1970-80:
2008 bailout:
Apple gain claim: Figures according to Google – On March 20, 2008 the price of Apple was $4.76. EOD 11 March 2022, price was $154.73.
Headline, NYT: US National Debt Tops $30 Trillion:
Headline: As millions fell into poverty:
Electricity across American frontier:
Automobile, sentiment v. horse/buggy:
Headline: Fundamentally reshaping America through finance:
Prins’ books: Collusion, All the Presidents’ Bankers, Black Tuesday, It Takes a Pillage, Jacked, Other People’s Money
Nomi Prins’ new book: Permanent Distortion, Due October 11, 2022:
XOM Board:
EV Charging:
“It directs $5 billion to expanding electric-vehicle highway charging, which once in place would let drivers take longer road trips without the fear of running out of power.”
China in advanced rollout. In U.S. Sherrod Brown Senate Bill referred to in pvs footnote would set up FedAccounts, direct digital dollar payments.—Global-Growth-Trends-COVID-19-Impact-and-Forecasts-2021-2026—
April 2022

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May 30, 2022
But Jeffrey Ubben, Inclusive Capital’s founder and managing partner, said
in the company’s statement: “We believe that Countryside shareholders
should be informed about our proposal to enable them to form their own
“We believe Countryside is meeting a critical societal need and as a holder
of approximately 9% of the issued share capital of Countryside, In-Cap
believes Countryside is best positioned to serve this role and to succeed as
a private company under ownership of investors with a long-term
investment approach.
“In contrast, the board of directors of Countryside has presided over the
flawed acquisition of Westleigh in 2018, a dilutive equity financing in 2020,
and the appointment of a chief executive officer with little to no prior
public company executive experience that oversaw overly ambitious
expansion into new geographies and investment into excess
manufacturing capacity that is now generating losses.”

Jeff Ubben, Founder of Inclusive Capital Partners, on ESG’s Litmus Test – The FII Institute Series

Gimme Shelter. Surveillance Capitalism, Financialised Rentier Capitalism , Industrial Capitalism. Make Affordable Housing Great Again.

Things Twice. Look Away now.“My experience is what I agree to attend to.”, For definitions are very dreadful things: they do the two things that most men, especially comfortable men, cannot endure. They fight; and they fight fair

The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

Contextual economics

Unite behind the science event with greta thunberg At COP-25 in Madrid in December 2019.#4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #ClimateChange #Science #PolitcalEconomy #CarbonCurrency #EnergyEconomics #CircularEconomy #Technocracy #Eugenics #LimitsToGrowth #ClubofRome #CFR #NaomiSeibt #GretaThunberg

Chumbawumba Time. From I get knocked down to Jacobs Ladder Pass the Anarchist another cigarette. When the y go in with the kitchen sink.

Things Twice. Look Away now.“My experience is what I agree to attend to.”, For definitions are very dreadful things: they do the two things that most men, especially comfortable men, cannot endure. They fight; and they fight fair

Clash of the Oligarchies? Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) Oil and gas & mining (OGAM),Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE)

Project Cabal ( sorry Syndicate ) The in house Magazine of the Global Elite, Turning up the Heat!

Open Banking, Surveillance feudalism and Graphene Oxide in Vaccines. The Coming of the new Pass Laws and Surveillance Feudalism

Follow the money , the finkish disposition of Central banks as Lenders of Last resort.

The video presentation of the slides above taken from the transcript is well worth watching.

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