Benefits to Bricks , A Home@ix response to PM and Michael Gove . Proposing the; English, Scottish, Welsh, & Ulster Land pound .

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Boris mentioned this yesterday in PMQ’s, will look at details. If Boris want to give the right to buy to Low Paid workers , he would get the Bank of England to establish a regional Mortgage Finance corporation ( Building Society, but not necessarily mutualised) The Bank would originate finance for Land purchases, construction finance and long term mortgages . The mortgages would be held by individual home owners in stead of for profit private landlords. . Proudhon described such a system.

“he proposed to obtain by means of
a national bank, based on the mutual confidence of all those who
are engaged in production, who would agree to exchange among
themselves their produces at cost-value, by means of labour
cheques representing the hours of labour required to produce
every given commodity. Under such a system, which Proudhon
described as ” Mutuellisme,” all the exchanges of services would be
strictly equivalent. Besides, such a bank would be enabled to
lend money without interest, levying only something like 1 %,
or even less, for covering the cost of administration. Everyone
being thus enabled to borrow the money that would be required
to buy a house, nobody would agree to pay any more a yearly
rent for the use of it. A general ” social liquidation ” would
thus be rendered easy, without violent expropriation. The same
applied to mines, railways, factories and so on. ”

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The Bastiat-Proudhon Debate on Interest (1849-1850) Letter 13

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A good way to deal with creating such a “State Bank” would be to implement Gordon Browns , Federalised Bank of England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster. This would scotch the Scots Nat’s, as per PMQ’s handbags between Boris and Ian Blackford, but would also stimulate activity at the end of the market that needs it.

A federated Pound Stirling and a Federated Euro, Subsidiarity and complementary Currencies. #GrubStreetJournal

The Home@ix Mindmap

Within that larger pure banking structure, the sorts of Bonds Home@ix is proposing and which Berkley homes floated last year

could be underwritten by the new federated land banks of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ulster. a sort of rentenmark solution

The Miracle of the Rentenmark

In that little lot the whole Home@ix model was found, the Home@ix approach is for one segment of the Market the reluctant 10%, Rungs 1-25 and rungs 35-50 could quite seamlessley and for great benefit be worked into the brief of the regional English landpound Scottish Land Pound, Welsh Landpound and Ulster Landpound. ETc, so forth and so on.


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