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I think at the Risk of re-iterating myself is an excellent title for a blog about Affordable Housing. The Housing Crisis as a class of problems is really too wide a category to be anything more than a meme. One could usefully just go with the Title “The Problem of Housing everyone”, and take that as a neutral starting point. This mind map is the distillation by the writer of 2 years of deep research into Housing affordability, on top of a 35 year career in the property business in various capacities. Any career in property would involve periods during which some specialisation would be necessary, in order to make a living, which specialists or experts would one consult if one were to look at the problem of housing everyone? In the 1945 film The Ten Year Plan (1945) which I edited into a 6 minute short called Home@ix steeling the show.

there is a scene
where the production supervisor instructs the films main character the “Louche”, Charles Martin, played by Charles Hawtree, that..
“As well as the Steel experts you should interview ordinary members of the public”. Affordable Housing for who?

With “Property” and “House Prices” being something which we all feel uniquely qualified to talk about not a lot of listening seems to take place and the same conversation has become fictionalised, politicised, and mythologised. The latest Blog on real RLD goes over the familiar ground of how familiar it all is “Borem@ix” this, from May 2015 , plus ca change plus la meme chose.
Anyone that wants a good grounding in these questions could do a lot worse than head over to ASH ( architects for Social Housing)and also read the Home@ix Framework of understanding affordable housing finance.
With that and at the Risk of reiterating myself
I give you the Home@ix Mind Map a guide to Affordable Housing for the “Reluctant 10%”
The Home@ix Mindmap

A Well Dressed Supply Side Lie chased by Naked Truth.full spectrum take on the Global Modular MMC Off Site industry #VorsprungdurchVerrymatix, #offsite, #mmc, #HousingForAll, #Volumetric, #housingdeliveryevolved, #rethinkmodular, #offsiteconstruction, #BOPAS, #buildbuildbuild, #DfMA, #BIM, #smarttech, #DaveCooperLive, @SCABALnet @Hawkins_Brown @akoustudios @Contrast_Design @snaploader @rld_real_CPR @DavidParsleyPW @financialeyes @GenRentBook @Virtual_Viewing

A Well Dressed Supply Side Lie chased by Naked Truth.full spectrum take on the Global Modular MMC Off Site industry #VorsprungdurchVerrymatix #offsite #mmc #HousingForAll #Volumetric #housingdeliveryevolved #rethinkmodular #offsiteconstruction #BOPAS #buildbuildbuild #DfMA #BIM #smarttech #DaveCooperLive @SCABALnet @Hawkins_Brown @akoustudios @Contrast_Design @snaploader @rld_real_CPR @DavidParsleyPW @financialeyes @GenRentBook @Virtual_Viewing

Original Modulous Video with Subtitles.
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Christopher Mortensen has travelled beyond digital silos.

Modulous Main Points.
moving away from digital silos

increase speed and efficiency within the design and construction industry

two really big questions
1. affordable housing an industry, we account for about 38 percent of that carbon emissions.

real gap in our ability to deliver
So instead of having a finite number of options, we have not quite infinite number of options, but hundreds or thousands ( This is a fundamental mistake of categorisation Solving NP Hard problems see also ;1.
Transcript. (Key Points Green) Points of Difference Red

The reluctant 10 Percent, Mortgagemaxm@ix

WELL Building Standard i Sverige

on the wrong question, but if you’re asking the wrong question, garbage in
Garbage out.
As I said At the risk of re-iterating myself is a very good name for a blog about the “Housing Crisis”

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