James Burke: Strata Data Conference UK 2019. At the risk of re-Iterating myself. “There are no problems only solutions”! “the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing” Wittgenstein

Technology changes so fast these days that we spend much of our time just keeping up. Prediction, difficult enough at any time, is made even more complex when big data and predictive analytics immensely increase the number of options we need to consider. Is this because when we make decisions about the future, we tend to do so with one eye on the rearview mirror? To what extent is all prediction constrained by the contemporary paradigm in which we find ourselves and our businesses? Is there any way to break free from these constraints? Is there a pattern to the process of change that could be used to second-guess events ahead of time?

James Burke asks whether we can use big data and predictive analytics at the social level to take the guesswork out of prediction and make the future what we all want it to be. If so, this would give us the tools to handle what looks like being the greatest change to the way we live since we left the caves. A change that, some say, is due to happen within the next 50 years. A change that will alter everything.

James Burke Future 2113

The Knowledge Web
Welcome, this is a prototype test version of James Burke’s Knowledge Web (video overview). It includes only the very basic functions.

The fully developed version will have three tools (input and display) that all work together: 1) a web view (see above) to see the relationships, 2) a timeline to know when you are (e.g., Chronozoom), and 3) a map to know where you are (also tours of historical sites). This user interface might look more like this:

Going Direct Paradigm

The Home@ix Mindmap


Life in a Present ever so tense

Whats Goin’ on with, “The Going Direct Paradigm”?. Horses to water and fly’s out of bottles.

Affordable Housing, Show me an Angle and I’ll show you an edge. #MOAB #QED



GFC2, Ephemeralisation, Doing More With Less. Bucky Fullmeister and Circular Economy.

“Remember that we sometimes demand explanations for the sake not of their content, but of their form. Our requirement is an architectural one; the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing.”

― Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations


Hat Tip to Ranjan


The London Conversation in the Going Direct Paradigm Mindmap


The Slog in the Going Direct Paradigm Mindmap


Going Direct is a plan put by Blackrock to the Federal reserve in Late Summer 2019. All of the financial realities facing us now are a consequence of the policies adopted by the Fed and the world’s central banks implementing Blackrocks’s recommendations. The first thing that Blackrock did was bail out its own Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) effectively a new TARP with ETFs being the new subprime CDF’s (Credit default swaps) What Klaus Schwam calls the 4th industrial revolution or Great Reset, and the slogan “Build Back Better”, all the Green New Deals and promised fresh starts stem from a Financialised Bean counter logic from Black rock and its Going Direct, we are living in the Going Direct paradigm and in Going Direct there is no democracy, there are no grassroots there is only Authority to below and obedience to above.We have built a mind map, Brain, of the Going Direct Paradigm, which was inspired by the Tragedy and Hope blog, Brain by Richard Grove from 2018.


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