Will the tory’s Fatten the wrong pig again? David davis should be the interim PM #AllFleshisGrass


I agree with my good friend the Slog in every word in this excellent most recent article. The question begged is what to do.
I was troubled yesterday to read the Off Guardian response to the pantomime season coming early again at no10 Downing Street.

Boris Johnson vs Rishi Sunak. Labour vs Conservative. It’s just more fake binaries. A paradigm designed to demand your engagement, not your agreement, they don’t care which side of the (incredibly narrow) divide you’re on, as long as you pick one and then fight tooth-and-nail to defend it. That’s the model. A violent debate about whether John Jackson really is better than Jack Johnson…

I had started sketching out a response but got waylaid and my response did not get posted yesterday.
My view is along the lines set out in the rest of this blog yesterday From Cameron was an Idiot Just like Boris.
The democracy and democratic institutions bequeathed us by our forbears are over 1000 years old David Davis describes a Romanticised view of what they are in his debate with David Cameron for the 2005 Tory leadership vote. The debate is notable also for discussion of the post-7/7 security measures brought in by New Labour and apeing the Homeland security provision brought into the USA post 9/11.

Tactical voting at all levels with an Occupation of Democracy and the holding to account of representatives is what is needed now as it has always been the case.
Cameron is questioned in his Jonathan Ross interview about Public opinion and the Iraq War, he voted for it and has not changed his mind at the time of the Ross interview.
Has he changed his mind since?

Tactical Voting was very successful in terms of making a start in the recent Australian Elections, I make the point in this old blog A well-hung parliament is a sign of a virile democracy.

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The BBC is very much working against democratic ideals.



The Truman show will continue without Boris

Yesterdays Blog started here:::::
Cameron was an Idiot Just like Boris.

Cameron was an Idiot Just like Boris.

David Davis makes the case that stands very well today. Davis for Interim PM 2022.

David Davis should be the interim PM, either until the next election is due or another alternative to Boris Jonson is found through the Party Leader election process.

David davis should be the interim PM, either until the next election is due

Boris famously quoting Lytton Crosby said,


Fattening the Pig For Market, “You Can´t Fatten the Pig on market day, you have to do as much as possible in advance”.

Leaving it too late fattens the wrong pig for market?

Salience, Relevance, Differentiation and The Polling Booth , A Crosby Show Blogzine.

The Clinton Thumb and the Bed Wetting Tory Wets.Thumbing through the Tory Leaderships Clinton Thumb Chops.


Lets Talk about Mrs Mays Replacement. A record of Fattening the Wrong Pig.

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The Clinton Thumb and the Bed Wetting Tory Wets.Thumbing through the Tory Leaderships Clinton Thumb Chops.

Where it all started going wrong for The UK. Cameron chosen over Davis and May replacing Cameron instead of Davis.
May Must Go! Davis is the best person to keep the PM´s seat warm for Jeremy Corbyn. ??????? Starmer or another of the cardboard cutout Great Reset clones. or will we rediscover “People Power”


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This we do not need!

“All flesh is grass”, The redundant establishment and political class the only scarcity is a paucity of IRL (in real life), Our leaders are symptoms not causes. #AllFleshisGrass

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Nature rejects the monarch, not the man; All roads lead to Rome.Wise Directions, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”



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