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I think it’s an ESG play with a long-term low coupon green bond with values probably rebased on the new ESG metrics. I have been researching ESG and its Metrics seriously for several years, its related to Circular Economy theories and practices which are directly related to my Energy-based economics work.

I have continued analysing the deep reality of the Finance Insurance and Real estate sector, FIRE as Michale Hudson calls that economic sector. I fully expect that imminently the rebasing or re-calibration of the International currency will act as cover for an international devaluation of the dollar and the re-adjustment of Gold as a monetary specie will not occur as it did in the 70s but, Carbon credits will replace Gold. The big beef between China and Russia and the Five Eyes / EU Dollar Fed Axis is that Russia and China prefer Gold and Oil rather than the Energy proxy carbon credits which is a creature of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and the BIS crowd. I have started to value economic sectors now in terms of Price support schemes, those price support schemes will re-calibrate from Currency exchange rates based on the Sovereign bond market to Exchange rates based upon carbon credit rationing. I wrote a lot about the 16to 1 ratio at the end of last year and early this, as my blog is down as per the past two years’ posts, should hopefully have most of those posts up before the end of the weekend. I am working on a Humeian” is” basis and not an “Ought” basis.

When I say if you are still paying attention you have not been paying attention I really mean it. The CEO of SIRCO quoted in the guardian some years ago to the effect ( There are only 5000 key players in the world who need to know what we do), he was not joking, and it is true. In business, those who pay attention can do quite well with it but I will leave this message with a Quote from Unto this last.

“Pardon me. Men of business do indeed know how they themselves
made their money, or how, on occasion, they lost it. Playing a
long-practiced game, they are familiar with the chances of its
cards, and can rightly explain their losses and gains. But they
neither knows who keeps the bank of the gambling-house, nor what
other games may be played with the same cards, nor what other
losses and gains, far away among the dark streets, are
essentially, though invisibly, dependent on theirs in the lighted
rooms. They have learned a few, and only a few, of the laws of
mercantile economy; but not one of those of political economy.”

in the sense and context in which Ruskin developed it. the quo plurinum posset for money as a means of exchange can not be realised where it is adulterated to the modern extent, no touchstone of economics can accept that the current tyranny is widely beneficial, indeed it is most unwise.



Satire is the best weapon against the absurdity of the pantomime, regarding solutions, the system really works as a price support scheme for the Monopolies of the Establishment as such it works very well. Carbon Credits over gold or the petrodollar is really merely an accounting convention, a necessary tweak to rebase to Debt control mechanism used to govern the 95%, 5% is the proportion of people who are net receivers of interest. It may well be that the 5% will be a smaller number in the future although I doubt it Chernoweths’s work should always be borne in mind when considering the safe ratio of those to be kept in the tent pissing out as it were.




We hired a car on our outward holiday leg from Enterprise and on the return leg from Avis. The Avid system differed from the enterprise system, with Enterprise all that was required was a Driving license number and a credit card, for Avis in addition to the Driving license it was also required to get a code generated by adding your National Insurance number which generated a separate clearance code to allow the rental to be confirmed.

Whether Avis and Enterprise have a different system or whether the system now mandates the NIC confirmation for all companies I do not know, it occurred to me that it may have something to do with Open Banking and an Aadhaar type id system which in turn will lnk to the Social points system already in operation in China. Open Banking appeared as a Tab in my HSBC banking app which I noticed back in February.

I was looking at the latest Bank of England money and credit report today Junes figures show a large retraction in the amount of credit in all sectors


Money and Credit – June 2022




The present trajectory is related to the response to the Repo Spike of September 2019. The double dip recession will be managed by Sunack in the same manner as the organized looting which was overseen by Bailey at the FSA and Osbourne at the treasury between 2010-2012. 

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