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We are looking for primary cause. What are you looking for?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Definition of a Neo Classical thinker

In the economic sense: Any thought that says that Land is Capital.

In whatever shape or form that comes. By rich or poor thinkers, from both the left and right of politics. Any economic investigation using only Labour and Capital as factors in the production and distribution of wealth. Excluding Land as a primary factor.

I see this neo classical disease not just on the traditional right wing of politics. But also on the left and just as intensely. For example Steve Keen a post keynesian refuses to integrate finance, property and taxation. Professor Michael Hudson a seeming Marxist and Positive Money an apparent libertarian funded institution think that perfect finance will remove speculation in property assets. Mr. Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network tells us amazingly that “land no longer exists”. Ms. Caroline Lucas Green Party leader refuses to talk about one of her party’s fundamental manifesto policies, at all costs, even the environment itself.

What is causing this feckless thought from otherwise intelligent people? They all own property of course. And lots of it. We should not be surprised about that.

Lets take a peek at the history of Neo Classical ideology?

Marx on the far left, ironically started it accidentally, ‘encouraged’ by the ultimate of champagne socialists, Engels. Marx posthumously conceded his huge error in Das Kapital III by conceding land not capital as the mother of all monopolies. Engels never conceded and fought hard as a neo classical thinker to maintain the corruption as do most socialists today. Socialism is neo classical ideology in its heart.

Next came the church in the form of Pope Leo XXIII, Vincenzza Pecci, who made his fortune as a property speculator, as a tax collector and assisted heavilly in that enterprise as a leading civil servant. He used his famous encyclical Rerum Novarum to tell the poor of the world “… to be happy with their poverty and not complain. Redemption will come in heaven. God’s earth can be owned as private property, just like capital. They are the same thing”. The church has since become transfixed by this doctrine and exists in a schizophrenic state of denial about what the bible says about it in the Levitican Jubilee and Redemption of the land, constantly punished as pious hypocrites by those with even more monstrous doctrines like Richard Dawkins and rightly so. The church is neo classical ideology in its heart.

Then the ‘Chicago school’ on the far right, through Clark was built at huge cost, by the biggest in wealth and power, to blot out the astonishing revolution in economic thought that had taken the modern world by storm. This new ‘academy of knowledge’ finally set neo classical economic thought into concrete form. With the help of Marx and the church. See here for this corruption of economics. Libertarianism is neo classical ideology in its heart of course.

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Going Direct Paradigm

Home@ix Mindmap

“Remember that we sometimes demand explanations for the sake not of their content, but of their form. Our requirement is an architectural one; the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing.”
― Ludwig WittgensteinPhilosophical Investigations
We can usefully distinguish between events, and Characters as well as Domestic and International Dynamics.
Russia, Turkey, Saudi, Iran.
Here is Gets Very Complicated indeed.
3 players are steeped in the intrigues of Petro Dollar Hegemony and Turkey was a key creation of the Post WW1 treaties which brought in the age of Oil and FIAT/GoldStandard and the Fed (The Gold Standard was a FIAT system under the shining exterior, I will not go into that here But Zarlenga’s Lost Science of Money goes into it in depth)
Gas PipeLines Involve all of them.and in that respect we have to bring Ukraine into the Picture as well.
Israel is also a player with the Gas question in respect of the Leviathan fields and other fields in the Eastern Medetaranian this also brings Egypt into the picture. Of Course, Libya and Iraq come into the question from PetroDollar and Energy aspects of the question and lead back to General Wesley Walker.
“it will be revealed to you that man’s status is better and higher for the very reason for which it is thought to be inferior: it is on this choice between two ways, on this freedom to choose either alternative, that the glory of the rational mind is based, it is in this that the whole honor of our nature consists, it is from this that its dignity is derived”.
Pelagius (c. 390-418) 
Out of touch Elites, The Westminster Bubble, The Brussels Bubble, The Washington Bubble, The Metropolitan New York Bubble, The Paris Bubble, The Frankfurt Bubble..
Out of Touch Elites and a Bourgeoise, a chattering class who Mr. Pooter would recognise as a bunch of Know Nothing Know it all Nobodies, that couldn’t keep a diary between them.


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