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This Blog is now back online as one whole. Hardly a startling announcement and I have enjoyed the process very much, following re. subscription to the Business Plan. The reversion to a free word press domain had meant that the additional features and plugins available at the business plan level could not be re-imported into the free WordPress domain.

The help over the past day after re-instituting the business plan has been great, and whilst my attempts to have the blog restored all be it with fewer features under the free plan were fruitless, as I did not have the most recent blog saved up to date and in any event the CSS would not have worked.

The WordPress “Happiness engineers”, did engineer some happiness, much to my surprise and against the grain of my skeptical not to say cynical expectations.

Get Knocked Down Get Back up again. Chumbawumba Blogging.

Ariel M (Automattic)

This is a follow-up email to our live chat earlier today.

I have imported the posts made during July and August to the temporary site

Could you please check the Posts screen to make sure all the posts made after the plan expiration are there?

Once you confirm all the posts are there, we will restore a backup and import these posts back into your site

We await your response.



Happiness Engineer @ | Automattic

Kay (Automattic)

We were just speaking on Live Chat. This is to let you know the restoration process has started and is currently at 72%.

You can let us know once it’s completed and verified the site is as it should be, before we proceed to reimport the posts from your temporary site

Looking out for your response!

Warm Regards,
Happiness Engineer |

Edwin (Automattic)

Hi Roger.

Hi Impirt finished ready now for the temporar site to be added, Thankyou.

We have successfully imported contents from over to your site on Business plan

Please visit your site above, and check that everything is okay.

Once you’re done, you may choose to delete the temporary site by referring to the steps in the link below.

If there’s anything else we can do to help, please let us know.

Happiness Engineer


A best , a Warm regards and – Edwin, All suggest that the individuals that make up the Corporate Fiction that is WordPress all have their own Unique style and all have been very helpful.

Ashley (Automattic)

Jul 14, 2022, 20:08 UTC

Hey there!

Your site at was recently moved back to our Free hosting plan due to your plan being removed/expiring.

As part of this process, we try to import any content that you created while on the Business plan into the Free site so that you do not lose it. Unfortunately, we have been unable to import all of the content to your site at this time.

This can happen for many reasons, but as we do not wish for you to lose the content, we like to reach out to you with some options.

If you would like your site to be exactly the same as it was when you were on the Business plan then you are able to resubscribe to a new plan and restore to one of the latest available Backups of your site. This means that all of the great plugins you may be using and any custom themes you had installed would be available and working again. You can see the latest available plans at

If you are not quite ready to re-subscribe to a paid plan, that’s OK! We don’t want you to lose your hard work. Please reply to this email in the next two weeks so we can provide you with a download link for your Jetpack site backup.

To find out what we do and do not include in a Jetpack site backup, please visit the Jetpack FAQs at

Not using the site anymore?
We understand that sometimes you may no longer wish to keep the content that was on the site. If you no longer require the content, you have a couple of options. You could leave the site as it is now with no action required or you may wish to start your site again. We do not close down sites unless you tell us to, so the site address will be attached to your account unless you decide to delete the site permanently.


Happiness Engineer @ | Automattic

Real-Estate Land Development Limited

Mon, Jul 18, 5:53 PM

Thanks for the update.
Please send a link.
On re subscribing as 2 years of the blog are effectively being held to ransom , i am pretty reluctant to continue, but do want all posts available to host elsewhere. If there is a monthly option I might try on a trial basis but regaining lost confidence in what has never been a particularly impressive service could be a big ask.
Please send the jetpack link and I will think it over and get back to you
I made this Much bigger so not in the tradition of newspaper retractions that appear in small print on an inside left-hand page facing the small ads section.

Any big wig at WordPress that reads this, your Happiness engineers have not only retained my Custom, but their excellent service has also actually inspired me to write this blog.

I have filled out the automatic comment confirming that whilst I have always understood that where the Internet offers something “Free” then the identity data is the product.

TO Wit:


Back to work.

I would contrast my own experiences with my friend John Ward at The Slog.

The web has lost its Intertwingularity.

#CodeMesh #HyperText #Xanadu

Joe Armstrong & Jeremy Ruston – Intertwingling the Tiddlywiki with Erlang | Code Mesh LDN 18

John Ward August 11, 2022 Corporacratic CovidvaxxReturn of the Jabberwocky

Ted Nelsons Hypertext portends and is prescient on the HTTP/URL world of the Internet and interweb. Ted distinguishes the two, The Internet is an ocean and The Web, bound and limited to flaky old URLs Is a Boat whose bilge pumps, eject out mere electronic media making its imitation of print on paper.With Xanudocs and Transclusion, the provenance of Ideas in electronic documents provide the Timelines with both, forward; from the present date of any extant document, and also backwards into the mists of provenance.

And then theres this sort of thing, WordPress Have a word?

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