“Money” YOU SAY #ARYANS I SAY #ARIANS, Inflation, Cui Bono Who Benefits? Tim Morgans Seeds Falsified? #239: Life after liberalism? Posted on September 13, 2022 THE CESSATION OF GROWTH CHANGES EVERYTHING

“Money”, by Philip Larkin

Quarterly, is it, money reproaches me:
‘Why do you let me lie here wastefully?
I am all you never had of goods and sex.
You could get them still by writing a few cheques.’
So I look at others, what they do with theirs:
They certainly don’t keep it upstairs.
By now they’ve a second house and car and wife:
Clearly money has something to do with life
—In fact, they’ve a lot in common, if you enquire:
You can’t put off being young until you retire,
And however you bank your screw, the money you save
Won’t in the end buy you more than a shave.
I listen to money singing. It’s like looking down
From long french windows at a provincial town,
The slums, the canal, the churches ornate and mad
In the evening sun. It is intensely sad.


When the Blind insists on leading the Blind. @wolfofwolfst Why Wolf Richter is so wrong! #EnergyEconomics #theDebtMoneyAxiom #IABATO #PDC #GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @wiki_ballot

”The monetary and financial system of an economy are part of the socio-politico-economic control mechanism used by every state to connect the economy with the polity and society. This neural network provides the administrative means to collect taxes, direct investment, provide public goods, trade. The money measures provide a crude but serviceable basis for the accounting system which in turn, along with the codification of commercial law and financial regulation are the basis for economic evaluation and the measurement of trust and fiduciary responsibility among the economic agents. A central feature of a control mechanism is that it is designed to influence process. Dynamics is its natural domain. Equilibrium is not the prime concern, the ability to control the direction of motion is what counts.

Money and financial institutions provide the command and control system of a modern society. The study of the mechanism, how they are formed, how they are controlled and manipulated and how their influence is measured in terms of social, political, and economic purpose pose questions, not in pure economics, not even in a narrow political economy, but in the broad compass of a political economy set in the context of society. ” Martin Shubick,

3 Acres and A Cow, Milking the USA, who ate all the pies?

Richard Rorty 1997 on Democracy and Philosophy
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“Roger, you have posted numerous comments linking to the same site, presumably your own. If you’ll refrain from doing that for a period, that would be helpful.”

Hi Tim, I have also been studying the monetary system and particularly Energy Economics for quite a long time, Soddy’s Work and also the Work of Technocracy back in the 1930’s was alive to the point. As such when I link to my own Blog it is to the full extent of the references I have made to those questions.

The Internet is about Links, Hyper text Transfer Protocol .(HTTP) and ( “URL’s )(Uniform Resource Locator’s) is a way of addressing Meta data and searching for needles in haystacks and for attribution.
I also make video and link to those, Search engine optimisation is very much driven by link backs and cross-references and my linking as well as providing source material is designed to bring traffic back to this Blog.

Strawmanning of argumentation is a ubiquitous feature of the internet as is forum sliding and de-platforming both subtle covert and overt. All these things are relevant to Media outlets that challenge established Narratives.
Mark Carney’s recent sermons on Net Zero Carbon and punishment for those who refuse to buy into the narrative and the ( Carbon Credits) and Yannis Varafoukis’s recent Project Syndicate Article on The IBS adopting Libra the CryptoCurrency are all relevant to both the core subject of this Blog but also the context of the political economy and geopolitical context.

Stylized modelled theory and Empirical Evidence. Seeds of Proof.

Tim, You say and have said before many times that.
“All of these hopes miss the fundamental point, which is that ECoEs are very much higher now (above 9%) than they were in the 1970s (at or below 2%).”

Russian and Saudi Lifting costs account for a very large part of core world supply and also proved reserves for future supply, as the proved reserves are using enhanced recovery methods but not the more expensive heat-based recovery of non-conventional heavy oils. I think the simple claim that a substantial proportion of world oil production and continuing supply from those reserves are still at High ECOEs, can you prove otherwise?
Accessible data available in admittedly partial data sets, contradict the very stark claim you make that up to the 1990’s it cost 2 barrels of oil to extract 100 barrels giving a net 98 surplus energy barrels. and that now the energy cost is 9 barrels of every 100 giving 91 surplus barrels.
Adjusted lifting costs on a per-dollar basis have if anything fallen, it is also possible that for Giant fields that lifting costs have actually fallen in Energy terms.
Are your 2% and 9% figures theoretically or empirically derived and if empirically could you please provide the data source from which you derive such a bold claim?
It is also unsatisfactory not to provide adjusted figures for the different souces be they, conventional Land, off shore, deep sea and shallow and deeper conventional sources.
At this point I think it is reasonable to put the End of cheap oil in energy terms theorists to proof.
This paper tackles the question in energy terms and not assumptions drawn from monetary/price assumptions.

Rationing Carbon, Carbon Currency end game. Why the Overshootist Elitist like Attenborough want fuel poverty.

The average 100,000-square-foot office building in the U.S. uses approximately 2 million kWh of electricity per year, or 20 kWh per square foot of space. For my mother, a kilowatt hour is a unit of currency. She knows that, until October 31 when the rates change, one kWh of electricity used in off-peak hours costs her 8.7 cents. Mid-peak usage costs her 13.2 cents per kWh, and on-peak use costs her 18 cents per kWh.
Quick service (“fast food”) restaurants in the U.S. are real energy hogs, burning through an average of 81 kWh of electricity per square foot every year. But my mother is an anomaly. Many consumers aren’t as conscious of their use, or the price of that usage. So, let’s put the kWh into perspective.

U.S. grocery stores require a massive amount of electricity, as well, with 66 percent of the average 52.5 kWh used annually going to feed lighting and refrigeration alone. In the average home, one kWh of electricity means the ability to:
watch 10 hours of television,
wash 12 pounds of laundry,
cook a hot breakfast for 4 people,
listen to 20 hours of radio, or
use the computer for 5 to 10 hours.
According to The World Factbook, the United States alone–and it’s the second-largest consumer of electricity in the world, behind China–consumes 3.832 trillion kWh of electricity annually. To break that down, imagine cooking breakfast for 15.3 trillion friends (or roughly 2,000 times the world’s population), or doing 46 trillion pounds of laundry. That’s how much electricity the United States consumes in a year.


per kWh.
But my mother is an anomaly. Many consumers aren’t as conscious of their use, or the price of that usage. So, let’s put the kWh into perspective.



My Model spreadsheet of the world economy in KWH equivalents from Circa 2018.

In Quest of National Idea: “Energy Ruble” Bound To Be the Hardest Currency. Victor Efimov newspaper “Chas pik”, May 6, 2004

None of the manuals on Economics puts the question of how a state gets wealthy; they focus on the art
of getting rich within a single corporation, a single bank, or give a piece of advice to individual wealth.
Nevertheless, in real life, the corporate effect proves to be achieved at the expense of some damage
done to the state and society.
The country has everything it takes to reach the goals set by the President in his address,
namely, the acceleration of economic growth and the external convertibility of the ruble. The country
possesses quite sufficient sources of energy, a surplus resource potential, a qualified workforce, and
our home demand is stable. However, we have never made proper use of our opportunities on account
of some glaring faults of methodological character. The commodity-and-monetary control needs the
accommodation of interests of both financial and industrial sectors, state interests, and the interests of
the global financial and commodity markets.
The nation’s financial system functionally resembles the haemal system of the human body.

It Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Swing . Tides of the Petrodollar Moon.

Tides of the Dollar Moon

A planet to its Star must look
The planet no less needs its moon.
As the Sun is the store of energy, New.
The moon drives and regulates currents,
of the tides, time and the nature of things.
That Golden Orb gives all
That silvery Moon regulates all
Both work together even as the other
Seemingly sleeps and yet currents
of the tides, Time and the nature of things pass.
On the nature of Man-made things
On a standard of gold which
Jennings would not be crucified upon,
That cross Of Gold-alone hard food of Midas.
No tides to complement the Orb
For Silver was its currency,
the Silvery moon to that crosses Golden Sun
which means of exchange fed the common man
The Silver Moon drives and regulates
Currencies of the tides, Time and the nature of things.
Time passed and Man forsakes the Golden Orb
and its silvery moon. No credit he gave
to drivers of Tides, Time and the nature of things
Fiat of imperial rule enforces debts,
new tides in political Economy.
FIAT dictates the new tides of Commerce.
Ephors of debt above and astride the law.
No silvery moon, complementary to the Golden Orb.
There are no tides by means of which the common man
may be fed. Hard food of Midas alone- Starvation.
King Kanute Like those ephors
wave bidding the advancing tide backwards
Still, they advance tides in a tsunami of debt
Tides of a Dollar moon by fiat
Hegemonic Tides of the Dollar Moon.

Roger Lewis.

“the material economy of energy has ceased growing, the proxy economy of money has carried on expanding.”As usual, Tim is a totally evidence-free zone in the church of seeds.”the material economy of energy has ceased growing, the proxy economy of money has carried on expanding.”
I refute it thus.


EROEI and ECOE The theory and Maurice Adelman the Empirical Evidence.SEEDS of Doubt, Do the facts don’t fit the theory?

Still about oil? 49
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan

Dr Tim Morgan is at it again with his stylized facts and his grand theoretical truth claims which simply fail to stand up to the empirical evidence.

Here’s a book for Tim to read.


The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

Paul Krugman — a methodological critique January 18, (Further Thoughts.)



The Catholic veto upon usury, as defined in dogmatic councils, cuts across all classes. But it is absolutely necessary to the capitalist to distinguish more delicately between two kinds of usury; the kind he finds useful and the kind he does not find useful. The religion of the Servile State must have no dogmas or definitions. It cannot afford to have any definitions. For definitions are very dreadful things: they do the two things that most men, especially comfortable men, cannot endure. They fight; and they fight fair.


Did you hear the one about the Blind Straw-man leading the Blind Straw-men. A Utopia of Usurers . the plutocratic appeal to science, or, rather, to the pseudo-science that they call Seeds.

The latest blog from Tim Morgan on the SEEDS blog is premised upon the inevitability of contraction and the clear, by Tims lights, misunderstanding of “Previous reversals” by mainstream economists.
The world economy is inevitably headed to a terminal state of “involuntary de-growth. Further, inevitability should again be submitted to, such as the most obvious areas requiring innovations are business and government. Although we are promised the possibility of further analysis vis Government, Household and Financial sectors. Again and Again, readers and believers of the SEEDS creed should submit to “”the “OBVIOUS” STARTING POINT FOR TRUE BELIEVERS SHOULD BE “PRIVATE NON-FINANCIAL CORPORATES (PNFC)
Having studied SEEDS seriously for several years now it seems “Obvious ” to this non-believing heretic that Energy Scarcity as an inevitability is a patsy for Austerity. And that the ignored Financial system and the predication of its monetary system upon short term scarcities as a state of inevitable permanence, is what is preached from the Seeds Pulpit.
Seeds are embued with the magical “Prosperity” elixir which we are assured is declining inevitably and that due to “Market forces” then, decomplexification(sic) through consolidation is necessary. We learn that even the essential sectors of the economy will not be left unpunished by the “invisible hand of prosperities reversal from beneficence to malignant catastrophe”.
We are told “it would be wholly irrational to expect financial stimulus to restore the “energy abundance” of the past, and further that Technolgy as a possible solution to any of the wicked curses reigning down from the Gods of the invisible hand Is one of the Great delusions of the Age. And there endeth the first hymn to millenarian destiny.




Idealsim, Materialism, Pragmatism. Putnam, Quine, Minsky, Lewis #PossibleWorlds #MetaLanguage #Context and #Syntax

“Three modes of evolution have thus been brought before us: evolution by fortuitous variation, evolution by mechanical necessity, and evolution by creative love. We may term them tychastic evolution, or tychasmanancastic evolution, or anancasm, and agapastic evolution, or agapasm. The doctrines which represent these as severally of principal importance we may term tychasticismanancasticism,and agapasticism. On the other hand the mere propositions that absolute chance, mechanical necessity, and the law of love are severally operative in the cosmos may receive the names of tychismanancism, and agapism.” — C. S. Peirce,

The most profound thing I think I have ever read is a short question posed in Neal Donald Walsh’s, Conversations with God. ´´What would love do now?´´.

At all breaking points in life there is one question to ask: what would love do now?
Love is not to retain the best of the other – but the best of your self.

Two dogmas of empiricism.

´´As an empiricist I continue to think of the conceptual scheme of science as a tool, ultimately, for predicting future experience in the light of past experience. Physical objects are conceptually imported into the situation as convenient intermediaries — not by defnition in terms of experience, but simply as irreducible posits18b comparable, epistemologically, to the gods of Homer. Let me interject that for my part I do, qua lay physicist, believe in physical objects and not in Homer’s gods; and I consider it a scientifc error to believe otherwise.´´ http://www.ditext.com/quine/quine.html

CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE: ´´In order toreason well …. it is absolutely necessary to possess … such virtuesas intellectual honesty and sincerity and a real love of truth (2.82). The cause [of the success of scientificinquirers] has been that the motive which has carried them to the laboratory and the field has been a craving toknow how things really were … (1-34).[Genuine inquiry consists I in diligent inquiry into truth for truth’s sake(1.44), … in actually drawing the bow upon truth withintentness in the eye, with energy in the arm (1.235). [When] it is no longer the reasoning which determineswhat the conclusion shall be, but … the conclusion which determines what the reasoning shall be … this is sham reasoning…. The effect of this shamming is that men come to look upon reasoning as mainly decorative…´´. http://web.ncf.ca/ag659/308/Peirce-Rorty-Haack.pdfPierces seminal essay How to make our ideas clear is also a great starting off point for embracing such truth as we might be fortunate enough to encounter in our allotted time on this blue marble suspended in eternity.http://www.peirce.org/writings/p119.html

The Economic Superorganism: Review and criticism. Close but no Cigar.

Price A piece of information, or metric, often attributed with magical or potentially sinister influence. On the magical attribute of price, there are market prices. A textbook market price, say of an energy commodity, is supposed to simultaneously include all influential information on supply from multiple producers and demand from multiple consumers. In the real world a market price neglects many external costs related to common goods such as the environment, sharing of information among all actors, disproportionate influence of actors (e.g., due to size), and other facets that are necessary for a textbook free market to exist. Even though all of the conditions for a perfect market never exist, existing markets work very well for many purposes. On the neutral-to-sinister attribute of price, monopolies or cartels can set restrictions on the flow of commodities and specify prices to achieve various goals including the balance of supply and demand, the maximization of profit, geopolitical influence, and the elimination of competitors. The U.S. has been no stranger to these practices, with oil trade front and center. Oil extraction from the early 1930s East Texas oil boom was so prolific that the 1933 National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) specified state-level oil extraction quotas. After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the NIRA, Texas senator Thomas Connally sponsored the Connally Hot Oil Act that became law in 1935.

( See the Authors 2010 paper).

This point should be considered in the light of the Us Secretary to the treasuries famous line when he famously told a group of European finance ministers worried about the export of American inflation that the dollar “is our currency, but your problem.”


Peak X, badly needs a new driver at the wheel. A review of Climate Crisis Economics ( 1st Edition)* By Stuart P. M. Mackintosh. (*not worth rushing stocks will last.)

I think the Author Should spend some time with Prof. Richard Werner’s Princes of the Yen and Disaggregated Theory of Credit, and move on to considering the Work of Wes Freeberg on “The Big Apple Plan”

Dr. Mackintosh’s book is a risible screed of cliche and Teenaged emo angst pseudo-intellectualism. The seriousness of the academic rigor is amply illustrated with quotes from Greta(fig 1)( No Climate facts then?) and Attenborough.(Fig 2)
The pessimistic predestined Calvinist would-be commissar gives Gem Bendell of Deep adaptation fame a serious run for his money in the inauthenticity of their “Clinton Thumb Sincerity

Enough really is enough Dr Tim Morgan. The seeds blog has descended into the same self referential and unsupported dogmas present in the Mackintosh and Carey King Books.

Enough is Enough, Don’t be fooled by the Great Money Trick!

The Latest from the Slog.

“Well,” blurted Whitewash, “thank you for that small diversion Paddy, but let’s be clear about this: a lot of people have been injured and sometimes killed three times over by horse-pill quackery like Ivermectin, and…”

“That’s Sir Patrick if you don’t mind,” countered Bigbalance, “and I while know that – as an Alien – you already have the gift of Life Eternal, some of us here don’t, so I’ll thank you to pipe down because believe me, if the Reset comes in and I miss it thanks to Death, I shall be one very pissed off bunny”.

Satire & Slimeballs on a Saturday

The Myth of the “Infallible Elite”


This is an interesting article, What is Knowable, The Unknown Unknowns of Donald Rumsfeld Fame?


9/11 was a monetary Event, The missing Pentagon Billions and records kept in Building 7

This from Brendan O’Connel iii is worth watching.

Amazingly, no major outlet – Alt or MSM – has seen fit to link Donald Trump’s 911 comment with Bannon’s “end the fed” remarks a week later with the raid on Trump’s lair?

Event 201 was a monetary event. Ushering in the going direct Paradigm.

Obviously, the 2008/9 Global Financial Crisis was also a monetary event but clearly more obviously so.

#FtheWEF was trending on Twitter in the UK a couple of days ago.


“Money” YOU SAY #ARYANS I SAY #ARIANS, Inflation, Cui Bono Who Benefits? Tim Morgans Seeds Falsified? #239: Life after liberalism? Posted on September 13, 2022 THE CESSATION OF GROWTH CHANGES EVERYTHING

The Climate Crisis is also a monetary event, when the Carbon Based Central Bank currencies are in place the CLimate Crisis will go away, and various environmental crises will of course remain but it will be claimed that Austerity through Carbon rationing/Taxation has solved Global Warming.

Victor Efimov calls this the Egregor Matrix.


this or that this lie is always set out as lie number one and lie


number 2 and, accordingly, people are positioned to choose between them.

«And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.» (Matthew, 12:25).

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