The Unexamined Life is not worth Living. The Examined Bank Statement is not worth the paper its printed on.

“We must now take precautions to prevent you from being embarrassed by something in which the ignorant majority is at fault for lack of proper consideration, and so from supposing with them, that man has not been created truly good simply because he is able to do evil. … If you reconsider this matter carefully and force your mind to apply a more acute understanding to it, it will be revealed to you that man’s status is better and higher for the very reason for which it is thought to be inferior: it is on this choice between two ways, on this freedom to choose either alternative, that the glory of the rational mind is based, it is in this that the whole honor of our nature consists, it is from this that its dignity is derived.”

In the introduction to his play Socrates on Trial (2007), Andrew Irvine claimed that because of his loyalty to Athenian democracy, Socrates willingly accepted the guilty verdict voted by the jurors at his trial:
During a time of war, and great social and intellectual upheaval, Socrates felt compelled to express his views, openly, regardless of the consequences. As a result, he is remembered today, not only for his sharp wit and high ethical standards, but also for his loyalty to the view that, in a democracy, the best way for a man to serve himself, his friends, and his city – even during times of war – is by being loyal to, and by speaking publicly about the truth.

“Some things I have said of which I am not altogether confident. But that we shall be better and braver and less helpless if we think that we ought to enquire, than we should have been if we indulged in the idle fancy that there was no knowing and no use in seeking to know what we do not know; that is a theme upon which I am ready to fight, in word and deed, to the utmost of my power.”

Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta

Carbon Footprint money?

Carbon footprint and other good behaviours



“Money” YOU SAY #ARYANS I SAY #ARIANS, Inflation, Cui Bono Who Benefits? Tim Morgans Seeds Falsified? #239: Life after liberalism? Posted on September 13, 2022 THE CESSATION OF GROWTH CHANGES EVERYTHING

”The monetary and financial system of an economy are part of the socio-politico-economic control mechanism used by every state to connect the economy with the polity and society. This neural network provides the administrative means to collect taxes, direct investment, provide public goods, trade. The money measures provide a crude but serviceable basis for the accounting system which in turn, along with the codification of commercial law and financial regulation are the basis for economic evaluation and the measurement of trust and fiduciary responsibility among the economic agents. A central feature of a control mechanism is that it is designed to influence process. Dynamics is its natural domain. Equilibrium is not the prime concern, the ability to control the direction of motion is what counts.

Money and financial institutions provide the command and control system of a modern society. The study of the mechanism, how they are formed, how they are controlled and manipulated and how their influence is measured in terms of social, political, and economic purpose pose questions, not in pure economics, not even in a narrow political economy, but in the broad compass of a political economy set in the context of society. ” Martin Shubick,


Event 201 with Hind sight, Was it a Monetary event.Have we gone direct #CBDC #Carbon CurrencyEndGame


The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

Notes from the talk:
Gold was primarily an energy currency because more energy meant more gold, and cheaper energy made cheaper gold.
Gold standard broke down when the Spanish raided America and then Spain started to import everything and lost their interest in making things themselves.
The curse of oil — too sudden an influx of money.
If you have a source of energy under your control, then you have the power to decide what is done.
Importing energy is like a loss of sovereignty.

Chrematistics to Carbon Credits. The new Monetary System, The carbon credit “Gold Standard”

Capitalism & the Illusion of Money – David Korten

“The term capital is one of the major reasons that we seem to be unable to have an intelligent conversation about the economy. Because the term capital; it’s actually the same in business school, in business school you use the terms, resources, assets, and capital. I think those are the ones that come to mind immediately. None of those tell you whether the person using the term is talking about a real resource like land or a building, or technology, or human skills, or any of the things that are absolutely
essential to life into a productive process. Or whether they are simply talking about money which properly
understood is nothing but an accounting chip you think about it there is nothing outside the human mind that can recognize it, it’s totally intangible and the fascinating thing is we organize our economy around the idea that money is the ultimate constraint, Wow!”

Yanis Varoufakis On Ancient Greece And The Nature of Money

Semantics of Monetary Prices and Values qua Values?


Virgil, in Book 3, line 56 of the Aeneid, reflecting upon the the treacherous murder of Polydorus:

Quid non mortalia pectora cogis,
Auri sacra fames?

Fell lust of gold! abhorred, accurst!
What will not men to slake such thirst?

(translated by John Conington)

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Gold, Carbon , Power , Energy, Work and their convenient posits. Standards of Virtue are not what they were? The Grand Final, The Internationalists versus the Globalist Money Power.

The phrase “auri sacra fames” was appropriated by the ever erudite Keynes as the title of a September 1930 polemic against the gold standard. Of more than passing interest, Keynes seems to hint that his is an indictment of the central bankers of his day for hoarding gold — sacra fames! — thereby crippling the gold standard, rather than an indictment of the gold standard itself:

The Hundreds, Collective responsibility, Collective Punishment, Jante Lagen . Is the grass always greener for “Grasses”, Are we Human or are we Dancer?

There is a real World War going on. It has nothing to do with the common applied terms of war as we have been conditioned to know of bombs, bullets, and death there from. It is a war of population control and management.

What are the objectives of this war of the controllers? Final Jeopardy Question!! Tic, tic, tic. Final answer: Population management and control where the end result has an ongoing conversion of wealth in place whereby the population is managed as a “Productivity Unit,” with most of that productivity going into the hands of the controllers. Nothing new here, that game-plan has been in effect from before the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

To the Cabal it does not really matter if the conversion takes place during peaceful times, brutality by conventional war, or under democracy, communism, fascism, or forced or voluntary servitude. All that matters is that the conversion takes place.

When you look at world events, to understand what is going on all you have to do is ask yourself; Who benefits (profits)? Walter Burien

When this push comes to shove play goes into effect, here is the silver bullet as they call it to cancel out the Cabals final step for world wealth conversion into their hands;

Let the dollar be backed by a commodity index which includes; grains, metals, produce; domestic stock; energy; etc. Here it will not be the golden rule but the productivity value of the countries commodity production.

Doing this will really put a hiccup (to say the least) in the Cabal’s plan for final conversion through their hoarding of gold since 1963. (The Cabal won’t get killed, they just won’t make a killing) It will also be a just economic environment world wide being that each country’s currency will now maintain or grow in its value based on that country’s own productivity in physical resources not “exclusively” on who owns the gold.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is said in the paragraph above. It is the difference between primary failure of the Cabal’s last step and significant success accomplished for the people. Walter Burien

PS: Back to who Benefits? It was not a few countries from the Middle East or the people therein who have had their resources plundered, a million or so of their people killed, who are now facing totalitarian rule by an externally placed and managed puppet regime.

Look closely at reality and not well managed marketed hype designed with specific objectives harmonized with well orchestrated and promoted events designed to accomplish the Cabal’s master plan.

If We The People do not get a grip, and then regain control, we will all suffer dire consequences for not having done so. One voice can turn into a million and a million can change the World. Focus on the basics and stop scattering like minnows every time the Cabal throws a rock in the pond. Catch the rock before it hits the water and throw it back, or even better yet, take the rock out of their hand in the first place.

Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.

Those insights from Walter Burien are from 2012

PNAC, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul Partner for a New Pearl Harbor The Rock Thrown in the Pond – Who Profits?

”There is no Science, the Study of which is more useful and commendable than the Knowledge of the true Interest of one’s Country; and perhaps there is no Kind of Learning more abstruse and intricate, more difficult to acquire in any Degree of Perfection than This, and therefore none more generally neglected. Hence it is, that we every Day find Men in Conversation contending warmly on some Point in Politicks, which, altho’ it may nearly concern them both, neither of them understand any more than they do each other.
Thus much by way of Apology for this present Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency. And if any Thing I shall say, may be a Means of fixing a Subject that is now the chief Concern of my Countrymen, in a clearer Light, I shall have the Satisfaction of thinking my Time and Pains well employed.
To proceed, then,
There is a certain proportionate Quantity of Money requisite to carry on the Trade of a Country freely and currently; More than which would be of no Advantage in Trade, and Less, if much less, exceedingly detrimental to it.
This leads us to the following general Considerations.”

Paper is poverty…[edit]

“Paper is poverty…it is the ghost of money, and not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson,

It’s genuine. It’s from a 1788 letter to Edward Carrington. I’ve added it to the quotes page.—KHirsch 15:20, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Waiting for something bad to happen

20 Oct 2014
I think Friday saw a power-shift from the central banks to the global private banks. I think the global banks served notice that the Central bank plan of 1) reining in the risk-taking of the TBTF banks and 2) stimulating growth in the real economy is now dead in the water. There is a new plan.

I think Friday saw a power-shift from the central banks to the global private banks. I think the global banks served notice that the Central bank plan of 1) reining in the risk-taking of the TBTF banks and 2) stimulating growth in the real economy is now dead in the water. There is a new plan.  (Let me apologise now for this video being too long. I really did try half a dozen times to make it shorter. I failed. )

Couple of things I forgot to mention in the video.

Lobbying in the US by the financial/Insurance and Real Estate sector in 2014 stands at $249,342,399.   Its been above $450 million every year since 2008.

According to the Sunlight Foundation, Mr Melvin L. Watt, head of the FHFA,  had received some 45 percent of his total campaign funds in 2009 from donors in the finance and real estate sector.

Waiting for Something Bad to Happen

So last week we had this wonderful quote from a man called Stephen Schwarzman,
who is CEO of Blackstone, the big investment house,
and he was asked, well, while all of this turmoil has been going
on in the market, what have Blackstone been doing?
And he said that their

“Our credit unit has been patiently waiting for something bad to happen”.

Stephen Schwarzman,CEO of Blackstone 2014

You’ve got to love that quote.
I mean, that’s up there with Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, talking about doing god’s work.
I think he put the two quotes together. And Mr.Schwarzman has just told us what the financial god’s work is.
It’s to just stand around waiting for something bad to happen to people so that you can profit from it,

Beneath are the links I used in the video roughly in the order I used them.

ECB bond buying

Blackstone quote and their $70 billion

Junk Bond market and Derivatives market

The FHFA and the new sub-prime housing push

Changes to Buy-backs and mortgage laws

UK housing – new mortgage rates

Frank Keating – Frank Dodd hurting the recovery  Look up Frank Keating and Bloomberg to see how often he is on lobbying against regulations.

C. Boyden Grey – Regulatory overreach

Leveraged buy-outs –  ignoring the regulators

Return of Synthetic CDOs

What are Synthetic CDOs and how they work/don’t work.   A really good but technical piece by the always good Janet Tavakoli

To Going Direct.

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