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Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta

When the crisis hits the fan.
Corporate watch from 2012.

10 years after

The same narratives of the 2010 coalition are being reheated and retreaded.

John Day your comment is way off beam.
Carbon is the new old and the Going Direct paradigm is the same old shit different day

Going direct paradigm

This is interesting with Lord Kings comments on Austerity. It is beginning to emerge which part of the City is prevailing and I Suspect, the US and Fed want the Uk back in the EU and the EURO restructured ,probably to bail out Germany’s Deutsche bank.

The play would seem to be to Do to the EURO what was done to the YEN in the 1990’s and the pound in the post SUEZ Years.

The Carbon Dollar as a single new “Gold Standard”.  

See tides of the Dollar moon.

The narative is definitely steering back to the Magic money tree.

I will try and do an analysis if I have time copied to Prof Werner.

I did write about my suspicions on this back in February.


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