Will the Twattering classes ever get stuck in. You Dont wanna do it like that.

Monty Python's Life Of Brian - [April Fools'] 'Romans go home' Latin Lesson 60fps FI - Sub ESP

The obvious point you are not making is that


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‘Romans go home’

I stand by my sitrep.
1 may 2022

Sitrep for the 99% , The Financial Jigsaw, SNAFU & IABATO to Stick your NWO where the sun don’t shine! Two world wars and one world cup!

And my pivot to the economy 21 dec 2021

An Emperors New Clothes Moment. Pivot to the Economy and Monetary System. An Epidemic of Debt, #Debtgov21 a new variant on #GFC08

One final point.

From the individual to the general has a sub set between and taht is localised community action.
August 2022

Chrematistics to Carbon Credits. The new Monetary System, The carbon credit “Gold Standard”


No point holding the other chaps coat and telling everyone else what they haven’t done. Get stuck in!

An Ounce of Action is worth a ton of Theory.
“An ounce of Action is worth more than a ton of theory”​. The Affordable Housing Talking shop, is no longer affordable!


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