Ranjan and Rog discuss the antigrowth Coalition and Ali G ( Is it cos I si black) and Lady Husseys geography lesson

The Anti Growth Coalition - London Conversation

The Anti Growth Coalition



“Mixed feelings about yesterday’s visit to Buckingham Palace,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “10 mins after arriving, a member of staff, Lady SH, approached me, moved my hair to see my name badge.”

Fulani wrote that the questions Hussey asked her included “What part of Africa are you from?” and “When did you first come here?” When Fulani said she was born in England and was British, she says Hussey responded, “No, but where do you really come from? Where do your people come from?”

Is it cos I is black?


Rupert J Read On The Couch, The Intellectual Alarmist.

The Whiff of Controlled opposition Patronage. Graeber has his ass sniffed by Monbiot. ‘Perche li cani oderan volentieri il culo l’uno all’altro’ #GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetSatire #GrubStreetComediaVulgaris #GrubStreetPoetry

Hi Ranjan I really liked your blog today The Bader interview is great it get across the verbosity and shallowness of his and his movements arguments. Essentially a  distraction from real environmental problems and way from the debt system. Anti humanist etc.

Shall we do a Skype?

Unintended Consequences , Plausible Deniability, Precautionary Principle. #Synchronicity #Plandemic #CuriousConjunction or #GenuinelyFake. #CronyCapitalistVirus2020 @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby


The underside of the Western tradition
At the end of the last chapter I suggested that one reason Nancy Munn’s work has
been so little taken up is that theories that start from action fall so far outside the main
currents of the Western intellectual tradition that it’s hard for most scholars to figure
out exactly what to do with them. They belong, one might say, to the Heraclitean
tradition, which in Western thought has always been somewhat marginal. Western
philosophy, after all, really begins with the quarrel between Heraclitus and
Parmenides; a quarrel that Parmenides won. As a result, from almost the very start,
the Western tradition marked itself by imagining objects that exist, as it were, outside
of time and transformation. So much so that the obvious reality of change has always
been something of a problem.


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