Twitter the new plato’s cave.

Through a glass half empty or half full

I have spent the past few weeks catching up with lots of old contacts in person.
real life on the ground is significantly more pleasant and normal than the Internet or MSM would have us all believe.
Twitter is a bubble, you may think you are not enveloped within that bubble if you are a twattering classes activist, But I have got to break the news to you
that  from the streets, ( I am wearing out a lot of shoe leather ) my perspective is that Twitter lacks boots on the ground real news. I think that the objectives for real news seeking, truth seeking essentially are not best served by commentating on the commentators and other commentaries, a sort of news room echo chamber has been the result..
I feel a little bit like the guy who returns to Plato’s cave, exposing google on the twitter or  facebook platforms is absurd

More Vox populai and less twattering classes echo chamber.
The digital magic show is all without exception the enemy of liberty and human social relations, I fear that if the venerable Slog is missing the point, the blind are indeed leading the blind.
Cynics saw what people could be & were angered by what they had become; Timonists felt humans were hopelessly stupid & uncaring by nature & so saw no hope for change. * 1988 , Paul Ollswang, “Cynicism”:Paul Ollswang, “Cynicism: A Series of Cartoons on a Philosophical Theme”, January 1988, page B at official site; repr. in The Best Comics of the Decade 1980-1990 Vol. 1 , Seattle: (Fantagraphics Books), 1990, ISBN 1-56097-035-9, p. 23. **:

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