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the comment on the Slog from Ross yesterday is spot on. The rest of the post is an old draft, demonstrating the principle of same shit different day, decade, date?

The Long Daze of dishonesty, dark Knights of dissembling…

There are, mercifully, in many areas of ‘normal’ life, opportunities to not engage with the corporations/AI bots and deal directly with small businesses with humans at the end of the phone/email”

Spot on, throw in local currencies and get wealth creation and money circulation back into the limbs of our communities.

Fixing Money.

if i had more time i would make it shorter

David Malone: Ungarbled (I Hope) Pt.1 A review of My interview of David Malone #GolemXIV #GrubStreetJournal meet @1000frolly 1000FrollyPhD ‏

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Tertiary Adjunct
Tertiary Adjunct
2 years ago (edited)
Part 1
0:00 Intro
2:09 The Price System
4:53 the human energy system
13:12 production vs. hours per unit vs. labor hours
17:40 “the easier to produce, the harder to distribute”
19:14 Debt
22:30 Maintain scarcity by destroying crops, making shoddy products, low load factors, war

Part 2 – Proposed solutions
26:57 A functional social design
35:49 Energy Measurements
Introduction to Technocracy – 1933

#ConquestofDough Squaring the Energy, Food, Production, Usury circle.

discussions — of ‘value,’ of fluctuating prices, of the gold standard, of changing interest rates, of items of pecuniary wealth which are at the same time items of debt — are
merely discussions looking toward a readjustment of the factors which prevent them
The problem of analysing political choices against the metric of a Monetary measure is the Money as a Thing is most certainly a Variable and as any good technologist, scientist or metrologist will tell you a unit of measurement has to be clearly defined and fixed.
The dollar. He notes that it is a variable. Why anyone should attempt, on this earth, to use a
variable as a measuring rod is so utterly absurd that he dismisses any serious
consideration of its use in his study of what should be done.
He also considers ‘price’ and ‘value’ and the fine- spun theories of philosophers and
economists who have attempted to surround these terms with the semblance of meaning.
These terms, like the monetary unit, may have had meaning to men in the past but they
mean nothing whatsoever to the modern technologist. The standard of measurement is
not relevant to the things measured; and the measuring rod and the things, measured as if
they were stable, are all variables.

Technocracy, Energy Based Economics, Howard Scotts St Pierre Hotel Speech and some Comments.

Incor­po­rat­ing energy into pro­duc­tion func­tions

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Unite behind the science event with greta thunberg At COP-25 in Madrid in December 2019.#4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #ClimateChange #Science #PolitcalEconomy #CarbonCurrency #EnergyEconomics #CircularEconomy #Technocracy #Eugenics #LimitsToGrowth #ClubofRome #CFR #NaomiSeibt #GretaThunberg

Hitler’s Bank: The Unknown Story of the Bank for International Settlements—Part II—by Mark Arnold

Read it for yourself.

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