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Monday, 18 May 2015

MeltFund mortgage total market size

For the benefit of our Clients and Partners, here is the total market size of MeltFund.

Sources of this data can be found in the notes below [1]. Do not worry yourselves with scientific precision. Observe with care and see the general numbers are large enough already.

  • Annual number of repossessions [2] – 70,000
  • Average selling price of a house – UK £200,000

MeltFund total annual UK market size:

UK £14 Billion

For the United States, multiply by ~6= US $84 Billion

For the world, multiply by ~20

= US $280 Billion

Here are some more alarming UK numbers. Deny them at your peril:

  • Number of houses – 23,000,000
  • Number of empty homes – 2,000,000
  • Number of mortgages – 50% of households
  • Average equity in a house – 50%
  • Total value of housing stock – UK £4.6 Trillion
  • Total value of mortgages UK £1.15 Trillion
  • Upside from flipping a repossession at source – 60%

How to Remember the Future – Mortgages

The data below will tell you accurately how to invest in mortgages risk free, and when to get in and out. This is all you need to know, to find life, and then wealth, more easily than any other way.


Statistics on mortgage lending: Q3 2022 edition
The latest commentary and full statistical tables are available below. The commentary includes technical information on the MLAR as well as analysis of the findings.

Commentary on the statistics
MLAR statistics: summary tables (Excel)
MLAR statistics: detailed tables (Excel)
Technical notes (PDF)
How the data is calculated (PDF)
For any technical queries on the tables contact MLAR Statistics.

An explanatory note detailing the relationship between this data and other mortgage statistics published by the Bank of England is available on their website.

Latest findings
The outstanding value of all residential mortgage loans was

£1,667.1 billion

at the end of 2022 Q3, 4.1% higher than a year earlier.
The value of gross mortgage advances in 2022 Q3 was £85.9 billion, which was £8.0 billion greater than the previous quarter, and 17.0% higher than in 2021 Q3.
The value of new mortgage commitments (lending agreed to be advanced in the coming months) in 2022 Q3 was 4.5% greater than the previous quarter and the highest value recorded since 2007 Q3.
Key information
Since the beginning of 2007, around 340 regulated mortgage lenders and administrators have been required to submit a Mortgage Lending and Administration Return (MLAR) each quarter, providing data on their mortgage lending activities.

The FCA and the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) both have responsibility for the regulation of mortgage lenders and administrators so this data publication is joint. We publish this data every quarter.


  • UK housing value hit a record high of £8.41 trillion in 2021 – up 10.6% on 2020
  • The value rose by £804 billion, the biggest annual increase in value ever recorded
  • The South East saw the greatest increase in housing value, up £155 billion
  • London and the South still hold 62% of the total value of UK housing stock – despite being home to just 44% of all housing stock
  • Increased institutional investment in the private rented sector saw the tenure grow by £86 billion in 2021 – more the double the increase seen the year before

The total value of all UK homes broke the £8 trillion barrier in 2021, reaching £8.4 trillion, a new record high.

This means UK housing value rose by £804 billion in 2021 (+10.6%), from the previous high of £7.61 trillion in 2020. This is the fastest annual percentage growth since 2006, and the biggest annual increase in value ever recorded. In total, the value of UK housing has grown by +75.7%, or £3.6 trillion over the past decade.


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