Demonic Shits. A stake through the heart of the Zombie Establishment. #PeakZombie #FrancesLeader #TruthSeekers #TruthTellers

There are a lot of things that are pissing me off at the moment. I am sure I am not alone in this sense of frustration.

Seeing the Moronic applauding of Zelensky as he entered Downing Street and as he took the stage to address the UK Parliament

the Westminster bubble seems to have reached “Peak Zombie”.

A political class that thinks if it keeps clapping smiling and high-fiving that the rest of us will be fooled by the claque. Even if we are not fooled then we can of course be distracted and variously caused to squabble amongst ourselves.

Anyway, I got an update in my inbox this morning from Frances Leader, I think Frances is definitely onto something and it makes me feel calm to

know that Frances is still on point and sticking to the task at hand. I was heartened to see today’s update was a post of memes from Bob Moran

Frances has done a few memes posts and they are also a staple in the off-Guardian.

When I am feeling a little jaded and demoralised I always try to have a laugh, watching old sitcom episodes say Fawlty Towers or the Good Life or some standup.

This cartoon is being drawn during the excellent Bob Moran doc on his web site.



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