Weapons of Mass Distraction. I Wanna Tell you a Story. #Narrative #Pivot #TalkingPoint #Taboo #ROOM101 #GeePhizer #PhizerGee #PHIVEGEE #OMGPHIVEGEE.#AADHAAR #PEACE #ENSHITTIFICATION. One mans “FAKE Binary” is another’s “Belief Nihilism”

Weapons of Mass Distraction. I Wanna Tell you a Story. #Narrative #Pivot #TalkingPoint #Taboo #ROOM101 #GeePhizer #PhizerGee #PHIVEGEE #OMGPHIVEGEE.#AADHAAR #PEACE . One mans “FAKE Binary” is another’s “Belief Nihilism”

Is Nihilism the greatest Conspiracy theory? Are Conspiracy Theories once proven SCADS or , State Crimes Against Democracy as Professor Lance De Haven called them? Perhaps all dissent or Thought Crime should be lumped into Pidgens Complots of Mischief. Move along nothing to see here.
Given the current change of tack required as the Economic outlook changes alarmingly, it’s a time-consuming but interesting process to Double back and take a glance at matters which dropped out of the news cycle very quickly, Funny how some things seem to run, and run and  others evaporate. Where do they go? is it Room 101, the room in which George Orwell worked at the BBC for the Ministry of Information? That War time job was immortalised by Orwell in the Character Winston in his novel 1984.
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D- Defence Notice pre- 1993) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of “national security”.

Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories:

  1. Good presented as bad
  2. Bad presented as Good

(That is to say simple inversion)

  1. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
  2. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason

(That is to say explanatory inversion)


Sergei Skripal, a Russian military intelligence officer, was found guilty of spying for the UK in 2006, and sentenced to 13 years in prison.
In 2010 he was released and traded to the United Kingdom as part of a spy swap. Having settled in the UK Sergei lived a quiet and comfortable life of retirement, allegedly.
Eight years later, in early 2018, with a Presidential election looming and just weeks before Russia was due to host the FIFA World Cup, Vladimir Putin decided to assassinate him for as yet obscure reasons.

“I refute it thus.” Statue by William Fawke of Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) kicking a stone in answer to Bishop Berkeley’s theory of idealism. [Statue by sculptor, William Fawke]

Addicted to Distraction By Bruce Charlton Makes for compelling if Uncomfortable reading.


“People and events presented by the media as Good are always, in reality, bad; and people or events presented by the media as bad are usually (but not always) Good – and when bad people or events are not presented as Good, then they are condemned as bad for the wrong reasons.

Also, if genuinely Good things happen to be presented as Good by the Mass Media; then it will invariably be the case that they also are said to be Good for the wrong reasons.

Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories:

  1. Good presented as bad
  2. Bad presented as Good

(That is to say simple inversion)

  1. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
  2. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason

(That is to say explanatory inversion)


These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.

The GRU, Russia’s military intelligence unit, dispatched two of their elite covert operatives, who proceeded to fly direct from Moscow under aliases they had allegedly already employed and using Russian passports.
These alleged assassins carried with them two perfume bottles full of “Novichok”, allegedly one of the deadliest nerve agents ever devised. This would be enough to kill around 800,000 people.
On arriving in the UK these highly-trained covert agents book a hotel with a CCTV camera on the front door, and the next day, March 3, they travel to Salisbury by train, allegedly to recon the area, then return to London. They are apparently observed by CCTV camera’s the entire time.
What do you see?


The following day, March 4, they again travel to Salisbury, this time the master assassins walk to Skripal’s house and somehow “smear” the liquid Novichok on the handle of his front door.
No eye-witness, photograph or piece of CCTV footage has ever been made publicly available to show either of these two men anywhere in the area of Sergei Skripal’s house.
The whereabouts of the opened bottle of poison have never been established.
Having applied the poison, the two highly trained assassins do two things before returning to London. 1) They drop their second, unopened, bottle of novichok (presumably enough to kill approx 400,000 people) in a charity donation bin, rather than destroying it or taking it back to Russia. 2) They stop by an antiques store to browse.
The two assassins leave the country that afternoon, flying direct to Moscow, without knowing if their alleged target is dead, and again making no effort to conceal their origins.



Censorship, Algorithm Machine Learning Fairness The Need for the Grub Street Journals Exegesis Flux Capacitor #GrubStreetJournal #ProjectVeritas

The Skripal Case 5 Years On: BS then, BS now

The two assassins leave the country that afternoon, flying direct to Moscow, without knowing if their alleged target is dead, and again making no effort to conceal their origins.
Despite both handling the poison, and somehow carrying enough of it back to contaminate their hotel room, neither of the men – nor any of the staff, train passengers or passersby who come into contact with them – ever become sick, even though only 1mg of Novichok is an allegedly lethal dose.
Later that afternoon, Sergei and Yulia Skripal are found “almost unconscious”on a park bench in Salisbury town centre. It is claimed this was due to contact with the Novichok smeared on Sergei’s door handle, though reports originally stated neither he nor his daughter had returned to the house, and the timing seems to make it unlikely they did
The person who found them was the most senior nurse in the British Army (likely in the area as part of Toxic Dagger, the British Military’s landmark chemical weapons training exercise which began Feb 20th and ran on until March 12th).
Catte’s Corner: “lab leaks” & brick walls
Catte Black

The “covid was a lab leak” story was always a back door official narrative that reinforced the reality of the “pandemic” while appearing to be a suppressed “alternative”.

After reading This Lab Leak Hypothesis marks commentators out as Legitimising a much greater hidden Lie, I did this series of replys

to the Great WesleyFreeberg. Wes and I met on this thread on the dormant Golem XIV Blog

in this thread.

Re-branding Dissent 

I am one of those who thinks that democracy is being destroyed.  I know its fashionable to play cynical one-upmanship and say – ‘we’ve never had democracy’, or, ‘it was destroyed long ago’,  but that game aside, I think its worth actually thinking about how, many forms of democratic expression, effective dissent and peaceful self-determination are being buried.

In “The Next Crisis” I argued that the Global Over-Class have decided that Democracy is a threat to their wealth and power and have more than likely given some thought to how best to neuter it while appearing to do no such thing.  I suggested they would wish to keep the outward form of democracy, so as to keep us reassured and entertained, but remove any substance from it, leaving us with an empty but colourful stage show.

In part two  of the series, I offered a list of the various ways this could be done (a sort of manifesto for the Over Class or, as I have called them elsewhere, The Disloyal and noted how many of those things were clearly already underway.

For example item three of the manifesto said,

3) professionalized Governance. Democracy can be and must be neutered, and an effective way of doing this is to insist that amateur, elected officials MUST take the advice of professional (read corporate) advisors. Expand current law to enforce this.

If this seems monstrous now, their argument, I suspect,  will be that in an increasingly crowded, interconnected and globalised world we can no longer leave critically important decisions in the hands of the uneducated, in-expert and amateur.  We must, of course, still be free to choose but must, from now on, be helped to choose ‘wisely’. And how can we choose wisely if we aren’t given wise choices to choose from?  Oh, the Orwellian beauty of it! No prizes for guessing who will decide what is and what is not wise.

We cannot any longer allow you to choose unwisely! There is so much at stake and so much you and your representatives simply do not fully understand.

The Disloyal, Rebranding Dissent, Listening to Brexit and The Mythology of Money. The Melt Fund Mythology Melting Pot. #CarbonCurrencyEndGame #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SCADS


Richard Rorty 1997 on Democracy and Philosophy


Taking Rorty’s point Here and applying it to the “Truth Nihilism” favoured now by many commentators and writers on those platforms who I agree with largely but do not share their character assessments or indeed appraisal of Truth Claims in some instances.

On The Lab Leak Hypothesis, for instance, My Friend David Malone who is also a business partner of mine, and the writer of the now dormant  GolemXIV Blog, made the Wuhan Lab Leak Documentary for Channel 4. I have absolutely no doubt that Davids’s Documentary is his authentic  unvarnished exposition of his investigation at the time, We discussed it whilst editing was in progress and the stories of how many cuts were required by the Legal Eagals to get what was left in the frame after the Juicier bits were relegated to the cutting room floor. The cutting room floor is a sort of metaphor  for a “D Notice” detruitus , Meets Advertising commercial realities case study. The program was certainly not brought to you by Phizer.

David was asked back in the day by Channel 4 to make the Documentary that became the Great Global Warming Swindle, David and I are on separate sides of the scientific debate on AGW, we do not, I think at least I do not,  consider each other to be Gatekeeperss for the Catechism of either pole in the debate and

can discuss it civilly such as here for instance. 54.36 7.6 Righteous Intolerance, Political Discourse, Burning the deniers, Binary Climate Mc Carthyism.


It Was David that recommended the Book The River to me at the beginning of the P(l)andemic, His last Blog on the Golem XIV blog was about the episode I now refer to as the response to Event 201.

Corona Virus – The African connection.

Like every issue of consequence, in our Age of Incomprehension, opinion about the truth concerning the  Corona virus outbreak is divided.  Either China is taking all prudent steps, the virus, while transmissible, has a low mortality rate and the West, with its travel bans, is over-reacting in a vaguely racist manner, or China has the virus far from contained, we don’t know just how transmissible it is nor its mortality rate because the figures from China can’t be trusted and therefore travel bans are a wise precaution.

If travel bans to and from the infected parts of China turn out to have been justified then one country in particular may be worth watching, Ethiopia.  Ethiopia’s Bole International airport is the main African gateway to and from China. On average 1500 passengers per day arrive from China every day.  Ethiopia scans them all for symptoms which essentially means taking their temperature.

John Ward February 22, 2020 Viruses as an economic weapon
CRASH 2, COVID19, & VIRAL MEDIA NEUROSIS: Are they connected?
Our main news stories at the minute offer thinking people a chance to decide for themselves whether the Buddhists were right, in that everything is connected. The Slog analyses investment meltdown, COVID19 and the Unelected State’s role in media hysteria.

Although it transmits far more easily and is harder to spot than either predecessor, Covid19 is – in terms of ‘deadliness’ – roughly halfway between the two. As such therefore, it is in no way the Domesday Bug; in fact, at that level it isn’t even a cull. Rather, it is most likely to kill economically inactive old gits like me of very little concern to the QE/Zirp perpetrators.

And yet, two things are apparent:

  1. Despite our greater knowledge and previous experience, both the MSM and internet blogosphere/social media are drowning in a fearfest far greater than anything we experienced with SARS an MERS….even taking account of the explosion in digital since then. Sites like Zero Hedge and the Washington Post seem determined to name Covid19 as a 21st century Black Death.

  2. The Unelected State in the US has tried, from Day one online, to establish this event as a germ warfare lab escape. In early to mid January, virologists from Boston to Britain via France and Singapore categorically asserted that Covid19 is a twice-mutated 65 year old virus that did not originate in Wuhan….although they admitted that some elements of easy transmission were odd, in that the RNA bears resemblances in parts to the AIDS virus.

However, the clear possibility that the virus was not a Chinese cock-up but a deliberate plant by A. N. Other power or powers seems to have passed everyone by.

What would be the motive behind doing such a thing? That depends on who one suspects (a) had something massive to gain and (b) needed a major victory over a weakened opponent. As Claude Rains remarked in Casablanca, “It’s time to round up the usual suspects”.






Hawkeye wakes up, AGW and Peak Oil , Artificial scarcity.?


Hawkeyes posts on Forensic Statistician have not aged well? Yes/No?

Davids’s Posts on Covid were over-trusting of the emerging narrative I think, John Ward at the Slog I think hit the nail squarely on the head. Event 201 certainly has turned into a monetary event.

David has been at the cutting edge of documentary filmmaking in the mainstream since the early 1990’s his two favorite episodes of Horizon which he either produced or wrote are Icon Earth and the Far Side. I did a critique of the Farside and it touches a lot of the Bases.

of the now-evolved Great Re-Set Agenda.


HORIZON 30TH ANNIVERSARY THE FARSIDE. 23 MAY 1994 E.16. A Behind Hand Review.

Amongst the many things which are claimed to be a misattributed quote that someone is supposed to have said, but it is claimed they never did say is that ” If you want to know who’s really in charge, then find out who you are not allowed to criticise. my favorite joke of this type is Talking world war 3 blues ” You can be in my dream if I can be in yours ” Bob Dylan said that.
And so to the question at hand.
The Film above was made in 1994 by my good friend David Malone, I just got off the phone with him in fact, In an interview I did with David when he was running for the leadership of the Uk green party he mentions this film and also another Icon Earth both of which almost saw him having his p.45 handed to him by Aunty Beeb, where he was a director and producer on the Horizon science program. I found copies of both, one on the Internet Archive and the other on a Russian video site neither are available in the collections of Horizon episodes widely available in my quest I downloaded a full torrent of every Horizon episode ever, and there were three episodes missing, The Far Side 30th anniversary, Icon Earth and The Human Laboratory. The Human Laboratory has evaded my efforts over the past five years to dig up a copy. Only one other film,which appeared on Yorkshire TV, has proved anything like as elusive as those three Horizon Episodes and that is Johnny Go home which I have managed to find a partial copy of.

The Farside is divided into 3 parts.
Part 1 1964-1974.

BBC Climate Propaganda. JP Morgan Green Washing and Bloomberg and Carney behind the bit save the Central Banking Cartel. Carbon Currency Endgame, playing out.

#Assange #BeforetheLaw #Kafka “The Process” , a descent into fascist dystopia. Show Trial at Belmarsh.” @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @JoeBlob20

How ICNIRP, AGNIR, PHE and a 30 year old political decision created and then covered up a global public health scandal

Ever had a wank ever had a wank ever had a Wankle Engine.Technology, Opportunity cost. Ideas whose time may have come again. Post Scarcity or Degrowth? Energy COst of Energy. Opportunity Cost of Energy. Part 2 More Notes

BBC Climate Propaganda. JP Morgan Green Washing and Bloomberg and Carney behind the bit save the Central Banking Cartel. Carbon Currency Endgame, playing out.

Richard Rorty 1997 on Democracy and Philosophy

Nothing to see Here, Move Along. London Bridge 2 , the Sequel. #COBRA #BrendanCox #PeaJackets #PeasinaPod.#TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @JoeBlob20

“Money” YOU SAY #ARYANS I SAY #ARIANS, Inflation, Cui Bono Who Benefits? Tim Morgans Seeds Falsified? #239: Life after liberalism? Posted on September 13, 2022 THE CESSATION OF GROWTH CHANGES EVERYTHING

Infiltrating the Anti Lockdown opposition to the #Covid19 #Lockdown Narratives #AnnaBrees #KateShemarani #SacredCows #Turdsallthewaydown

The Elevation of Propaganda to Fact. Peter Hitchens, sounding the retreat.

Ship Money, paying the price of your own exit.

Gatekeepers and Goal Keepers.

Double agents, turncoats and traitors, It Seemed so to him. #Shiva #Kennedy #VaccineDisinfo #FakeNews #WrongKindofGreen #WrongKindofVaccine #FusionDoctrine #CovidPurpose @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @JoeBlob20

Nordstream 2: Seymour Hersh feeds the fake binaryFalling into the us/them dynamic is willfully forgetting the lessons Covid taught us.

Kit Knightly
One mans “FAKE Binary” is another’s “Belief Nihilism”.

Nihilism (/ˈn(h)ɪlɪzəm,ˈn-/; from Latin nihil ‘nothing’) is a philosophy, or family of views within philosophy, that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence,[1][2] such as objective truthknowledgemoralityvalues, or meaning.[3][4]

That leaves the Taboo the truly buried, the room 101 stuff, a variation on the idea (was it voltaire?) “Find out who you can’t criticise” and theres your perp. Whats not being mentioned FIVE GEE.

ROOM 101.

the Broadcasting House room made famous by George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Untitled (Room 101) is the only proof of the room’s physical existence.



Sunday Summary a serious appraisal of Covid 19, Corona Virus , SARS Type 2, Of a type that could be made in #Novichock #Codsvid19 #CovidPurpose SAME DAMN TRICKS IN THE SAME DAMN WAY, SAME DAMN PEOPLE #WuhanandhisDog #CoronaVaccine #VaccinationCovid19 #ElectroChemistryCovid19 Corona Virus cover story for electromagnetic control Grid pt2 . @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @ClarkeMicah @2013Boodicca #BoycottGoogle @wiki_ballot #ChineseWhispers #KungFlu #PavlovianFartSAME DAMN TRICKS IN THE SAME DAMN WAY, SAME DAMN PEOPLE #WuhanandhisDog #CoronaVaccine #VaccinationCovid19 #ElectroChemistryCovid19 Corona Virus cover story for electromagnetic control Grid pt2 . @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @ClarkeMicah @2013Boodicca #BoycottGoogle @wiki_ballot #ChineseWhispers #KungFlu #PavlovianFart #Room101


Whistleblowers #Free Mordechai Vanunu Prisoner of the Israeli State.






Pluralistic: Tiktok’s enshittification (21 Jan 2023)

Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, they abuse those business customers to claw back all the value for themselves. Then, they die.

I call this enshittification, and it is a seemingly inevitable consequence arising from the combination of the ease of changing how a platform allocates value, combined with the nature of a “two sided market,” where a platform sits between buyers and sellers, holding each hostage to the other, raking off an ever-larger share of the value that passes between them.

For me it really was Beware the Ides of March as March Progressed I personally went full tonto on #Covidstroika.



And back to my point about Room 101 taboos, Necro Posting and Wittgenstien.

“Are you acquainted with Tolstoy’s The Gospel in Brief? At its time, this book virtually kept me alive. . . . If you are not acquainted with it, then you cannot imagine what an effect it can have upon a person.”

—Ludwig Wittgenstein,

in a letter to Ludwig von Ficker. The Gospel in Brief is Leo Tolstoy’s integration of the four biblical Gospels into a single account of the life of Jesus. Inspired in large measure by Tolstoy’s meticulous study of the original Greek versions of the Bible, The Gospel in Brief is a highly original fusion of biblical texts and Tolstoy’s own influential religious views. Tolstoy explains that his goal is a solution to “the problem of life,” not an answer to theological or historical questions. As a result, he sets aside such issues as Jesus’ genealogy and divinity, or whether Jesus in fact walked on water. Instead, he focuses on the words and teachings of Jesus, stripped of what Tolstoy regarded as the Church’s distortions and focus on dogma and ritual. The result is a work that emphasizes the individual’s spiritual condition in a chaotic and indifferent world. Like Tolstoy’s celebrated literary achievements, The Gospel in Brief has the distinct bearing of a classic: in its urgency and directness it is remarkably current, as if it were written only yesterday rather than a century ago.

Bromides as Allogeries of Suppressed Self Interest. #Sraffa, #Wittgenstein, and #Gramsci

Always the Hammer never the Anvil.

Brexit and Covid are both Managed narratives, with narratives and Kremlin watching alike the imprecise science of reading between the lines and an interpretation of a sum of the Unsaid makes for long discussions should one wish to glean some sort of coherent “real” Politik.

Wittgenstein put it rather well and he was not intentionally mendacious.

“Remember that we sometimes demand explanations for the sake not of their content, but of their form. Our requirement is an architectural one; the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing.”
― Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations

Narratives are Wittgenstein’s sham corbells that support nothing They are comfortable and sometimes uncomfortable tall stories hidden in plain sight.


     #5G FIVE GEE



How ICNIRP, AGNIR, PHE and a 30 year old political decision created and then covered up a global public health scandal

BBC Broadcasting House Untitled (Room 101)




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