Tuesday 28th February Rog and Ranjan discuss #GFC2 #WatchingTheWheelsComeOff #WhoStoleTheSizzlefromMySausage


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Tuesday 28th February Rog and Ranjan discuss #GFC2
https://notthegrubstreetjournal.com/2013/07/30/feeding-the-5000-bejebus/ Serco: the company that is running Britain https://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/jul/29/serco-biggest-company-never-heard-of#:~:text=John%20Harris,2013%2019.03%20BST

The paradigm shift obviously taking place is related to the response to the pandemic and certainly sees Blackrocks #Goingdirect being implemented.

 FEBRUARY 19, 2023

#IRL in real life, @RageAgainstWar_ Keyboard warriors of Plato’s Echo Chamber. “Those who can do, and those who can’t tweet.”

 FEBRUARY 20, 2023

Hope for the best , prepare for the worse. Absolutely Shocking Predictions By ChatGPT About The Coming Financial Collapse by Anthony Migchels on February 8, 2023

On the week beginning 20th February, I agreed with my fellow Shareholders in Home@ix that we should withdraw from a major affordable residential development scheme. The deterioration in the Housing Market and Economy generally had become so bad that all routes to viability for the £30m plus first phase of the development had evaporated.
Wed, Feb 22
“My shareholders and I have decided to withdraw from the purchase of the site today as the Existing s.106 conditions alone are too onerous and the lapsed consent is unlikely to relieve the existing s.106 burden and will probably make it worse. The Cash contribution of £500k is also adding to the increasing unattractiveness of the site commercially for us.
We are expecting the Market to get considerably worse over the best part of this year due to the threat of higher interest rates and the already apparent fragility of the economy in general.”
A week later I reflected on the withdrawal coming after 3 years of establishing our Brand and unique approach to an occupier lead approach to establishing affordable communities.

FEBRUARY 23, 2023


Feb 23, 2023, 11:39 AM (9 days ago)

Hi xxxxx
( Black Rock and Blackstone both have property funds in trouble at the moment, if they are in trouble the rest of us have no chance.)
All Agents will be facing tough times this year Market activity in Commercial is as badly impacted as in Residential. The figures I flagged at the very beginning of January analyzing the raw data between Boxing Day and New Year are only now being reported in the press, already towards the end of December there had been quite a lot of discreet layoffs in the large surveying firms, Its that rapid deterioration in the wider market that derailed the XXX deal.
The situation has actually got so bad that what was a good potential run-off area for the Housing Associations to take up the slack has actually seen many of them now hitting the buffers as well.
After 3 years of hard work, all I can do is trim our sails to meet what happens next, I don’t think its possible to even start thinking about developing a strategy until after Easter and figure out if things are continuing to get worse or beginning to stabilize at some level?
I will get my thoughts into some sort of order over the weekend.

#TheGrotReset I didnt get where I am today without seeing #WearenolongerinKansas. Has Housing Bottomed?

MARCH 3, 2023

The Everything Bubble and the Everything Bust. Prospects for UK Housing and UK Housing Markets.

MARCH 4, 2023

The U.S. Treasury Is Testing a Devastating New Weapon: A Super ‘Bazooka’ #GoingDirect #BlackRock #Monopoly the only game in town.

Real-Estate Land Development Limited rlddevelopments@gmail.com

Mar 4, 2023, 10:20 AM (2 days ago)

Dear All,

I have been developing a strategy to get some activity into RLD and Home@ix as we go into a stagnant at best period for both the commercial and residential markets.
My Update between Christmas and New year had already identified the as-yet unreported alarming slowdown in Residential sales activity for both New homes and the Established homes markets.
I will look to develop a defensive acquisition strategy and continue the discussion with the potential equity and debt partners from the past 3 years.
Obviously being at square 1 with respect to having any birds in the hand has been a blow, that said ” needs must when the devil drives” and right now the Devil is driving pretty hard, those under the yoke of ill-considered badly bought assets ( Blackstone and Blackrock for instance) are feeling the whip rather keenly. When will central banks put a floor under the market? this remains to be seen. Something has to give pretty soon so we will find out pretty soon what the Strategy is going to be.
Is it still Going Direct? This policy is being implemented in Sweden, I think it is the policy rolling out across the G20.
  • A practical way of “going direct” would need to deliver the following. This could deliver the following: 1) defining the unusual circumstances that would call for such unusual coordination; 2) in those circumstances, an explicit inflation objective that fiscal and monetary authorities are jointly held accountable for achieving; 3) a mechanism that enables nimble deployment of productive fiscal policy, and; 4) a clear exit strategy. Such a mechanism could take the form of a standing emergency fiscal facility. It would be a permanent set-up but would be only activated when monetary policy is tapped out and inflation is expected to systematically undershoot its target over the policy horizon.
  • The size of this facility would be determined by the central bank and calibrated to achieve the inflation objective, which would include making up for past inflation misses. Once medium-term trend inflation is back at target and monetary policy space is regained, the facility would be closed. Importantly, such a set-up helps preserve central bank independence and credibility.

This proposed framework could include Bernanke’s temporary price-level target where the central bank commits to not only reach its inflation target but make up for past shortfalls (see Bernanke 2017 and our June 2019 work on inflation make-up strategies). Importantly, it complements it by specifying the mechanism – the SEFF – to push inflation higher. This is inspired by Bernanke’s 2016 proposal for a money-financed fiscal programme.

This approach improves on other fiscal approaches to providing stimulus when rates are at the ELB, we believe. Similar to Furman and Summers (2019) and Blanchard (2019), it argues for the use of fiscal policy – yet it does not rely on rates staying below growth for the entire time needed to stimulate the economy.

Our proposal stands in sharp contrast to the prescription from MMT proponents. They advocate the use of monetary financing in most circumstances and downplay any impact on inflation. Our proposal is for an unusual coordination of fiscal and monetary policy that is limited to an unusual situation – a liquidity trap – with a pre-defined exit point and an explicit inflation objective. Quasi-fiscal credit easing, such as central bank purchases of private assets, could be operated by the SEFF rather than the central bank alone to separate monetary and fiscal decisions.

A credible stimulus strategy would help investors understand what will happen once the monetary policy space is exhausted and provides a clear gauge to evaluate the systematic fiscal policy response. Spelling out a contingency plan in advance would increase its effectiveness and might also reduce the amount of stimulus ultimately needed. As former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson famously said during the financial crisis: “If you’ve got a bazooka, and people know you’ve got it, you may not have to take it out.”

This is one way to implement a credible coordination framework. In the next downturn, the loss of central bank independence and uncontrolled fiscal spending are risks. Any framework will need to put boundaries around such policy coordination to mitigate these risks.



Craig Murray gets out of Prison today.

AitkenHead murray

The Tavistock Formula.

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