On May 15 2020, the central bank of Sweden, the Riksbank, announced that it would be using BlackRock to conduct “an analysis of the Swedish corporate bonds market. From poster child to worst performing EU economy



If there is or was a plan It is clear that there is no control now being exercised over the “events “playing out.
We are in a Chaotic asylum where the inmates
Are indistinguishable from the Staff, the experts and the insane have merged,

On May 15 2020, the central bank of Sweden, the Riksbank, announced that it would be using BlackRock to conduct “an analysis of the Swedish corporate bonds market and an assessment of possible design options for a potential corporate bonds asset purchase programme.”

                                                                                                           Sweden’s ECONOMIC Experiment

Sweden’s Pandemic Experiment?

ECONOMIC? Blackrock?
When the coronavirus arrived, the country decided not to implement lockdowns or recommend masks. How has it fared?

On May 15 2020, the central bank of Sweden, the Riksbank, announced that it would be using BlackRock to conduct “an analysis of the Swedish corporate bonds market. From poster child to worst performing EU economy

DECEMBER 26, 2022


Sweden’s Pandemic Experiment

From poster child to worst performing EU economy: how bad housing policy broke Sweden

From poster child to worst performing EU economy: how bad housing policy broke Sweden
Brett Christophers

source: tradingeconomics.com

 JANUARY 2, 2023


From Homes for Heroes to Exponential Zeroes. Neglected actors in the “Housing Crisis” Narrative#AbsorptionRate, #LastTimeBuyers,#Cash Buyers, #FiscalPolicy ( #MIRAS and #StampDuty ) and #MortgageLending by the #BankingSector. #Demography of #Immigration and#Ageing.

JANUARY 31, 2023

Mortgage Market Heavy Breaking Applied. Avoid Dangerous Curves Ahead


 JANUARY 31, 2020


#Proper #PropTECH #MIPIM #MINDS #DataBases #Graphs An evaluation of Valuation v Priceification #FoolsGold #DataRush #HappyBrexitDay @BorisJohnson @TiceRichard @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @Colliers_UK @Savills @JLLUK @CarterJonas @GeraldEveLLP @CBRE_UK @csiprop @JLL_Guy @katie_oliphant @EdwardCharlesW1 @TheOfficeGroup @LSHtweets @derwentlondon #CPR

BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan

On May 15, the central bank of Sweden, the Riksbank, announced that it would be using BlackRock to conduct “an analysis of the Swedish corporate bonds market and an assessment of possible design options for a potential corporate bonds asset purchase programme.”

1992 Swedish Liberalisation Crisis.

The Sweden financial crisis 1990–1994 was a housing bubble that took place in Sweden that deflated during 1991 and 1992, and resulted in a severe credit crunch and widespread bank insolvency. Similar crises took place in other countries around the same time, such as in Finland and the Savings and loan crisis in the United States. The causes of the crisis were similar to those of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007–2008. In response, the government took the following actions:[1]

  • The government announced the state would guarantee all bank deposits and creditors of the nation’s 114 banks.
  • Sweden’s government assumed bad bank debts, but banks had to write down losses and issue an ownership interest (common stock) to the government. Shareholders at the remaining large banks were diluted by private recapitalizations (meaning that they sold equity to new investors). Bondholders at all banks were protected.
  • Nordbanken and Götabanken were granted financial support and nationalized at a cost of 64 billion kronor.[2] The firms’ bad debts were transferred to the asset-management companies Securum and Retriva which sold off the assets, mainly real estate, that the banks held as collateral for these debts.
  • When distressed assets were later sold, the proceeds flowed to the state, and the government was able to recoup more money later by selling its shares in the nationalized banks in public offerings.
  • Sweden formed the Bank Support Authority[3] to supervise institutions that needed recapitalization.

This bailout initially cost about 4% of Sweden’s GDP, later lowered to between 0–2% of GDP depending on various assumptions due to the value of stock later sold when the nationalized banks were privatized.

In September 2008, economists Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman proposed the Swedish experiment as a model for what should be done to solve the economic crisis that was affecting the United States at the time.[4] Swedish leaders who played a role in devising the Swedish solution and have spoken about the implications for other countries include Urban Bäckström and Bo Lundgren.


source: tradingeconomics.com
source: tradingeconomics.com

Here is the latest publically available Balance Sheet of the very useful, but for me neither fish nor foul Costar UK Limited. As with Uber one wonders whose lunch they, Costar Uk Limited, has designs upon. The US operation is quite distinct, Brokerage in the US is a rather different business to how things work in the UK Market. In the UK it seems that the US directors of Co-Star think things will change, EG and Property Weeks are clearly taking different paths but it’s not only their Lunch that is at risk.

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Costar UK Limited, ‘an Uber of real estate data’?


The Briefing

 By Martin Peers

March 9, 2023


What a panic. You might have thought a new coronavirus had surfaced in Silicon Valley Bank’s Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters, as SVB investors (and, apparently, depositors) rushed for the exits. SVB’s shares fell 60% in regular trading and another 21% after hours. This doesn’t seem likely to end well. My best guess is that SVB will get acquired by a bigger bank that can calm everyone down.

The pity is that the sell-off hardly seemed justified by the bank’s fundamentals, at least as of Wednesday. But this is one of those situations where perception is everything. The stock plunge, while initially sparked by a share offering the bank announced on Wednesday night, appeared to fuel anxieties among its customers about the safety of their money. Venture capital firms didn’t help by telling their portfolio companies to withdraw their deposits from the bank, as we reported today. A classic example was the note from VC firm USV to founders this week that “SVB is in a severe cash crisis.” If there wasn’t a crisis before, there likely was after that went out!

You can understand SVB CEO Greg Becker’s sentiment when he told VCs today that the bank had “ample liquidity” except for a scenario in which “everyone is telling each other SVB is in trouble.” This bears all the hallmarks of a classic bank run, which can spark jitters more broadly—note that other bank stocks also fell today. The broader banking sector is surely fine, even if SVB isn’t.

Still, SVB management bears responsibility for putting the bank in this situation. The bank’s heavy exposure to tech was no accident. And as the Financial Times chronicled last month, SVB also stumbled badly by putting too much money into long-term bonds, causing big losses as interest rates surged last year. A similar problem afflicted Silvergate Bank, the bank of choice for the crypto industry, which said on Wednesday it would liquidate, as The Wall Street Journal today noted. Both episodes show the danger of overexposure to a single sector. But they also show the need for smart balance-sheet management.

What’s remarkable is just how quickly things unraveled for SVB. While reports of its problems had surfaced in recent weeks, things were calm enough that just two days ago, Becker was on stage at a Morgan Stanley conference answering questions about the startup scene, market valuations, M&A, IPOs, remote work, crypto, ChatGPT—everything except how the bank was doing. Becker was even asked about how he relaxed! To be fair, a session with Elon Musk about Twitter at the same conference on Tuesday was similarly devoid of hard-hitting questions, almost as though banks can only get CEOs to speak at conferences if they promise not to ask anything tough. Unfortunately, today’s environment requires more than ever that CEOs answer unpleasant questions.

At The risk of re-iterating myself,

The Home@ix Mindmap.

Central Bank Digital Currency Is the Endgame – Part 1 Iain Davis #GoingDirect #CarbonCurrencyEndGame

It is an excellent article. No quibbles it offers a wonderful framework for understanding
I offer my going direct paradigm mind map

And my blog today on #Texit the secession of Texas from the union, which looks at Energy, Currency, and the Socio-Political command and control structure of Monetary mechanics ss Martin Shubick called it.

”The monetary and financial system of an economy are part of the socio-politico-economic control mechanism used by every state to connect the economy with the polity and society. This neural network provides the administrative means to collect taxes, direct investment, provide public goods, trade. The money measures provide a crude but serviceable basis for the accounting system which in turn, along with the codification of commercial law and financial regulation are the basis for economic evaluation and the measurement of trust and fiduciary responsibility among the economic agents. A central feature of a control mechanism is that it is designed to influence process. Dynamics is its natural domain. Equilibrium is not the prime concern, the ability to control the direction of motion is what counts. Money and financial institutions provide the command and control system of a modern society. The study of the mechanism, how they are formed, how they are controlled and manipulated and how their influence is measured in terms of social, political, and economic purpose pose questions, not in pure economics, not even in a narrow political economy, but in the broad compass of a political economy set in the context of society. ”

Martin Shubik

Hail ! dangerous science, falsely called sublime,

Which treads upon the very brink of crime.

Hell’s mimic, Satan’s mountebank of state,

Deals with more devils than Heav’n did e’er create.

The infernal juggling-box, by Hell design’d,

To put the grand parade upon mankind.

The Devil’s first game, which he in Eden play’d,

When he harangu’d to Eve in masquerade.

In the first ages men mistook thy face,

Thy conj’ring past for wit, thy gravity for grace.
By thee the junior world in witchcraft grew.
That witchcraft still the senior worlds pursue.
Nature’s first usher, to induct mankind,
Prompting wise arts to his inquiring mind.
To Jubal thou, and Tubal, science brought,

To this his metals, that his music taught.

But born a cheat, under the cloak of grave,
First made him a mechanic, then a knave,





Currents of the tides, Time and the nature of things, pass.

The Game – Essential knowledge (Melt Fund On IPFS)


  1. I found Monopoly boring and 2 hours too long. May have just been me and my family but somehow it wasn’t for me …now the real world, that I do find interesting! What is real though? Whatever we decide to see. If we turn a blind eye, the real world is still there but is formed by those with their eyes open.

    1. Hi Alison, sorry not to have replied sooner, I have been sending myself slowly barmy getting all the web 3 stuff I am doing working.
      Board games are very popular here in Sweden, I used to enjoy Chess but dice and move games have not really ever interested me either.
      The story of Monopoly is very interesting though.
      “Monopoly is derived from The Landlord’s Game created by Lizzie Magie in the United States in 1903 as a way to demonstrate that an economy which rewards wealth creation is better than one where monopolists work under few constraints,[1] and to promote the economic theories of Henry George—in particular his ideas about taxation.[3] It was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly—the domination of a market by a single entity”.from Wikipedia,


      Heres to more folk opening their eyes.


So Sweden is Going Direct into the same Blackrock Dystopia.?????

https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.com/2019/05/11/web-3-ipfs-intermediaries-in-a-disintermediated-world-coals-to-newcastle-gcmaf-effectivecancertreatment-bigpharma-davidnoakes-web3-anticensorship/ … #Web3 #IPFS

Web 3, #IPFS Intermediaries in a Disintermediated world. Coals to Newcastle. #GCMaf #EffectiveCancerTreatment #BigPharma #DavidNoakes #Web3 #AntiCensorship


Russia & the lab leak theory

Roger Lewis
 Mar 10, 2023 8:32 AM

I watched this yesterday from 31st January 2020 on Politics and Empire.
FRANCIS BOYLE: WUHAN CORONAVIRUS IS AN OFFENSIVE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE WEAPON.Dr. Francis Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain-of-function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.

It seems that a lot of roads are meeting at this juncture.
The Old Joke, of when you come to a fork in the road take it comes to mind

Maybe we have been at the crossroads before?

But, says another hot and cold Objector, This is renewing Fire and Faggot! reviving the Act, De heretico comburendo! This will be cruelty in its nature! and barbarous to all the World!  54
I answer, It is cruelty to kill a snake or a toad in cold blood, but the poison of their nature makes it a charity to our neighbours, to destroy those creatures! not for any personal injury received, but for prevention; not for the evil they have done, but the evil they may do! Serpents, toads, vipers, &c., are noxious to the body, and poison the sensitive life: these poison the soul! corrupt our posterity! ensnare our children! destroy the vitals of our happiness, our future felicity! and contaminate the whole mass!  55
Shall any Law be given to such wild creatures! Some beasts are for sport, and the huntsmen give them the advantages of ground: but some are knocked on the head, by all possible ways of violence and surprise!  56
I do not prescribe Fire and Faggot! but as SCIPIO said of Carthage, Delenda est Carthago! They are to be rooted out of this nation, if ever we will live in peace! serve GOD! or enjoy our own! As for the manner, I leave it to those hands, who have a Right to execute GOD’S Justice on the Nation’s and the Church’s enemies. 
Defoe, The Shortest Way with the Dissenters; Or, Proposals for the Establishment of the Church published 1702.

In the Modern Age, the restoration of monarchy coinciding with the establishment of the Bank of England is Key.







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