Insider Dealing, Monbiots shorting the residential property market. “Alt-Right, Wrong Think” @GeorgeMonbiot @rustyrockets

Insider Dealing, Montbiots shorting the residential property market. ?

Let me explain……

Curious George, a cartoon character that I used to enjoy watching with my children when they were small was a “a good little monkey, and always very curious“. This seems an apt decription for George Monbiot, the insiders outsider, who seems

to be sticking his nose into all sorts of things the baddies are doing whilst remaining somehow a good stenographer for the establishement. Suffice to say I do not agree with many of Montbiots worthy hypocricies and consider him to be a Light Weight.

Our curious George our insiders outsider knows exactly how to tell it to the Yellow Man, it seems lost on our george that many people actually speak as they find.

Montbiot sure poisons a lot of wells for an environmentalist.

Of Course Brand and those that Montbiot does not like anymore commit “Wrong Think” which could be a new category

hence to be known as “Alt-Right, Wrong Think” . Debbie Wasserman Shultz made the same line of attack on Matt Taibi the other day.

All of the brick bats and absurdities aside and keeping it short, why do I say

“Montbiots shorting the residential property market”!

I have opened this registry because I believe that journalists should live by the standards they demand of others, among which are accountability and transparency. One of the most important questions in public life, which is asked less often than it should be, is “who pays?”.


Screenshot 7.36 am (sweden) 11th March 2023

My current investments are as follows:

Last updated 24th March 2022:

I have no shareholdings or investment in any company. In March 2022, I sold my house for £365,000. I put the proceeds into a National Savings account, which I have subsequently topped up to £410,000. I will use this money, with my partner, to buy a new home.

In 1994, I bought a £2,000 share in Tinkers Bubble, a very small organic farm and low-impact settlement. I do not expect to reclaim it.

I have £46,000 in a building society. I have £8,000 in an ethical bank.

I have been paying into a pension, which is currently due to pay out around £9,000 a year.

I currently own no property and no other assets.

In March 2022, I sold my house for £365,000

It is now March 2023, in March 2022 we saw the beginning of a severe slowdown in the UK residential market, Curious George is making a pretty sophisticated arbitrage bet here. Are we to believe that Curiuos George and his partner have simply not found another home or are they betting on the market crashing?

George says in his declaration of interests, ( how very, “they work for you”, of him.)

“One of the most important questions in public life, which is asked less often than it should be, is “who pays?”

Perhaps we should look at that in the more orthodox Cui Bono, Who benefits sense George.

( They do not work for us , you though do work for them. , They, those ????)

Its an object lesson that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Cliff Darcy a writer on the motley fool had the same investment strategy going into the dark days of the post 2008 GFC


Cliff Darcy’s 2008 arbitrage

Don’t Look Back, Pillars of Salt.

Cliff Darcy was holding off on buying a property as he felt the market would crash, one of the commenters on that 2009 discussion accuse Cliff of being biased in favour of his own investment strategy.

Being short on the property market for over a year is granted within the bounds of Plausible deniability particularly if Curious George and his significant other have a dream home in mind. But really George, Really?

The Game – Essential knowledge
There is one object to the Game – To get Rent!
Then become a Master at it, find The Key and get to NextLevel, where life is more valuable than wealth, finally.
This is largely achieved by acquiring secure exclusive possession to as much of the surface area of GameWorld as possible by any means, and then to collect it’s ever rising rental stream.

Monday, 18 May 2015

MeltFund mortgage total market size

For the benefit of our Clients and Partners, here is the total market size of MeltFund.

Sources of this data can be found in the notes below [1]. Do not worry yourselves with scientific precision. Observe with care and see the general numbers are large enough already.

  • Annual number of repossessions [2] – 70,000
  • Average selling price of a house – UK £200,000

MeltFund total annual UK market size:

UK £14 Billion

For the United States, multiply by ~6= US $84 Billion

For the world, multiply by ~20

= US $280 Billion

Here are some more alarming UK numbers. Deny them at your peril:

  • Number of houses – 23,000,000
  • Number of empty homes – 2,000,000
  • Number of mortgages – 50% of households
  • Average equity in a house – 50%
  • Total value of housing stock – UK £4.6 Trillion
  • Total value of mortgages UK £1.15 Trillion
  • Upside from flipping a repossession at source – 60%

How to Remember the Future – Mortgages

Money into Property, Mortgage Debt and Money Supply Symbiosis. The Dismal Science fails society over and over again.

George himself is not of course a bad sort of Melt funder. But he is warming his hands on the Rentier Classes debt-based monetary fraud.

As a property developer myself, I welcome you to the club George. But let’s be real here old chap, all this pot-calling the kettle black business.

They? #Metternich and #DeMaistre v #ThomasJefferson and #JohnStuartMill

The sooner we all admit to ourselves George that we are they and they are us and actually we all share responsibility and culpability for where things are currently headed the better.

We all covet a place in Acacia Avenue, tending the biggest aspidistra in the world with a soft spot for the Mother in Laws Tongue.


The lord of all, the money-god, George Orwell, Keep the Aspidistra Flying. It’s the biggest aspidistra in the world

The Everything Bubble and the Everything Bust. Prospects for UK Housing and UK Housing Markets.

Is Left and Right or Rich and Poor the real political Divide?#JeSuisBourgoiseBlancHomme #ConquestofDough


What next for the money power Part Two, the Denoument. Dangerous Curves Ahead



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