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Joining James O’Brien in the studio to discuss, were comedian and writer Rhona Cameron, writer Tariq Ali, associate editor of The Spectator Peter Oborne and former Conservative parliamentary candidate, Annunziata Rees-Mogg.


Subscribe to BBC News    / bbcnews   Peter Oborne: “The Telegraph needs to explain to its readers why it didn’t report the HSBC story”. The Daily Telegraph has been accused of compromising its coverage of sensitive news stories by its former chief political commentator Peter Oborne. Mr Oborne wrote a lengthy public attack on the newspaper’s decision to limit coverage of certain stories, which he believed was done to placate advertisers. The Telegraph has issued a statement saying the “distinction between advertising and our award-winning editorial operation has always been fundamental to our business”. It added: “We utterly refute any allegation to the contrary. It is a matter of huge regret that Peter Oborne, for nearly five years a contributor to the Telegraph, should have launched such an astonishing and unfounded attack, full of inaccuracy and innuendo, on his own paper.”

HSBC leaks Oborne

Swiss Leaks (or SwissLeaks) is the name of a journalistic investigation, released in February 2015, of a giant tax evasion scheme allegedly operated with the knowledge and encouragement of the British multinational bank HSBC via its Swiss subsidiary, HSBC Private Bank (Suisse).[1] Triggered by leaked information from French computer analyst Hervé Falciani[1] on accounts held by over 100,000 clients and 20,000 offshore companies with HSBC in Geneva, the disclosed information was then called “the biggest leak in Swiss banking history”.[2]


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