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“Tomorrow Belongs to Me” is a song from the 1966 Broadway musical Cabaret, and the 1972 film of the same name. It was written and composed by two Jewish musicians – John Kander and Fred Ebb – as part of an avowedly anti-fascist work; the nationalist character of the song serves as a warning to the musical’s characters of the rise of Nazism. Nonetheless, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” has been adopted by right-wingneo-Nazi, and alt-right groups as an anthem.

Tomorrow belongs to #GoingDirect Imagine this sung in a chorus of our wonderful leaders, Apt that it is set here in the Alps  Spitting images 1987 election special, as with all Jokes they are not funny if they have to be explained, if you don’t get it

don’t worry , read the thread and come back to it or better still check out the going direct paradigm mindmap at the end of the post.


Tomorrow belongs to Zee, #MISES #Rockerfeller #ChicagoSchool #GoingDirect @ImpossibleBob @JCHADDAVIS1 @LambsNod @PerBylund @a_cerbic @GaryHalpin23 @SusanScranton @theCOkp



Gould’s Essay the Median is not the message is informative on the question of choosing a metric.

The Median is Not the Message. Skewed distributions and Long Tails! #Gould v #Taleb Naming Names with John Ward at the Slog.

Embodied energy cost of opportunity cost. Which would be a true metric of decision making where resource constraints involve mutually exclusive resource investment decisions. #GrubStreetJournal #HenryGeorge #EnergyEconomics #SingleLandTax #Proudhon




And then came the Wolves. Jefferson and Franklin. Paper is Poverty. “If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you & I, & Congress & Assemblies, judges & governors shall all become wolves.” #Propaganda #FourthEstate #ConquestofDough #MAGA #TRUMP2020



Das Feel. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

“the revolutionary element arises; using, of course, the word revolutionary in a constructive sense”. Major Douglas. Social Credit and Distributive Political Economy.

“Money” YOU SAY #ARYANS I SAY #ARIANS, Inflation, Cui Bono Who Benefits? Tim Morgans Seeds Falsified? #239: Life after liberalism? Posted on September 13, 2022 THE CESSATION OF GROWTH CHANGES EVERYTHING

“Is”, empirical facts and, “What” Ought to be, Solutions. #MMT, “What is” and “What Might Be”. Que Serra Serra #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 @JoeBlob20 #GreenNewDeal #WrongKindofGreen



Per Bylund
Why are people so reluctant to let others #trade and cooperate freely with one other for mutual gain? And why are people so afraid to do their own dirty work, instead of hiding behind the destructive power of a third party?
Good Question, Twitter is a free market in Echochambers such as this.
It’s very interesting when the Call and response chant is not met with expected compliant tribal smoke blowing.

Deep Purple — Smoke On The Water [[ Official Video Live ]]

Addicts Wanted! Payday Monsanto


“Q”, What are we going to do now? A: Horace’s advice. He who has started is half-finished. Collaborate, Coordinate, 12 Log 2-8 Super Cooperate.

“Q”, What are we going to do now? A: Horaces advice. He who has started is half finished. Collaborate , Coordinate, 12 Log 2-8 Super Cooperate.

If you have trouble playing the film from Richplanet, please use this Alternative Link
Richplanet proudly presents the latest film by U.S. filmmaker Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media. The film delves deeply into the companies, individuals, and families who have profited from the global pandemic scam. He exposes a complicated web of global power, which leads largely to Switzerland and also to Italian black nobility families. The film features an interview with Iain Davis who was featured on Richplanet show 290.
CORONAGATE | Full Documentary


Blackstone defaults on Nordic mortgage-backed bond


Going Direct. to Jail


World Trade Centre 7 Who bought the debt Just Saying.

B1M un-lettable World trade Centre.


Global primary energy use associated with production, consumption and international trade

Thus it is undeniable (and I am surprised to read all those who are torturing themselves trying to deny it) – exports are a cost and imports are a benefit.

Giving some real thing away is a cost. Getting some real thing is a benefit.

That doesn’t equate, as I have been reading the last few weeks, in a conclusion that MMT’s preference is for a nation to have a current account deficit.

It just states the obvious fact that exports, by definition, involve sacrificing real resources and depriving a nation of their use.

Imports on the other hand clearly involve receiving final goods and services where the real resource sacrifice has been made by the exporting nation.

In a world where we produce to consume – not for its own sake – then receiving goods and services is better (real terms) than sending them elsewhere.

Since I was one of the ones denying Mitchell’s opening gambit—though there must have been other people “torturing themselves”, since all I noted in my post was that I disputed it as a premise—I had better reply now on this issue.


Why Richard Murphy Disagrees with Positive Money on Monetary Policy. #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot #Wiki_Ballot

The Magic Money Tree and Private Banks , misunderstood and kind to small children and animals?or Just another Fix of Crony Capitalists

  • 00:02
    The sun on the meadow Is summery warm
  • 00:16
    But gather together to greet the storm
  • 00:31
    The branch of the linden Is leafy and green
  • 00:46
    But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
  • 01:00
    The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
  • 01:07
    The blossom embraces the bee
  • 01:14
    But soon’, says a whisper, ‘arise, arise
  • 01:27
    Fatherland, fatherland, show us the sign
  • 01:33
    Your children have waited to see.
  • 01:39
    The morning will come When the world is mine


Fires glowing within….

Someday, in the distant future, our grand-children’ s grand-children will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge.

The Slog quoting from Plato,

Anybody know which dialogue this quote is from? from Plato

I couldn’t find the source for the quote either,

Misattributed, invented or “improved” quotes

These are definitely from the Slog though.

This is what we in the West forgot during and after the 1960s:

*That greed is not a passing fad

*That infinite science will never be settled

*That metaphysical discovery is superior to material worship

*That awkward Truths are to be recognised not denied

*That philosophy opens minds but ideology closes ranks

*That education is there to inform and inspire, not to regiment

*That education infected by ideology is the quintessence of evil

*That education should encourage doubt, not condemn it

*That objective empiricism is a scoreboard, not detestable revisionism

*That neoliberal capitalism is a thesis not a synthesis.

*That opinion must never be a media monopoly

*That a majority opinion is a permission, not a finality

*That corporate money is frequently the enemy of genuine help

* That man is a noble toolmaker, not a service-providing slave

* That any given tribe will be unstable when too large and diverse

*That banks are the servant of ethical capitalism, not its replacement

*The predictive models are an entirely false dawn

*That rationales are never a replacement for Truth

*That globalist export mania can only ever lead to tensions and war

*That neoliberal capitalism may be the antithesis of socialism, but we need a synthesis

*That nation states with a high degree of devolution are more suited to Man than NWO

*That power and politics must be starved of Big Money privilege.

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