Puzzling over the Jigsaw with Austrian Peter on an old Off Guardian Thread. “I Wonder WHO’s Kissinger Now” Part 2.

Austrian Peter

Media Whipping Covid19 Panic to Unprecedented Heights Is this just mass hysteria, or is a major play in the pipeline? Feb 29, 2020 Off Guardian. ““I wonder who’s Kissinger now.” Throwing out the 5G Baby with the Covid19 Bathwater.

austrian peter
 Feb 29, 2020 7:36 AM


 Reply to  Hugh O’Neill

I have been monitoring the progress of this collapse for many years and is why I have written my book – to warn and prepare people for the coming depression.

IMHO, this virus is a spoof. The kill rate, even if it matches the 1918 flu pandemic, is unlikely to reach 100 million – a tiny proportion of the world population – and generally confined to ‘useless eaters’ like myself (the oldies) – at least it saves the pension funds LOL! We have had our pneumonia shots (it kills this way).

The Fed knew they had lost control – now a global depression will allow a reset of a NWO to take place at a much lower standard of living for 80% of the ‘non-producers’ and aging population. Call me cynical but all the evidence points to the elite engineering this crisis and they will benefit as usual.


Roger Lewis
 Apr 5, 2023 11:12 AM


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This is an Article and this is one of many BTL comments that have aged very well. Prescience is the word.
I wasn’t in the habit of linking back here at the time but did make this comment at the time.

Media Whipping Covid19 Panic to Unprecedented Heights Is this just mass hysteria, or is a major play in the pipeline?Kit Knightly

The Vax knocking and the Tackling Fake news element of the Story are I think quite relevant to the story. Vaxxing can be broken down into two aspects.

1. Compulsory Vaccination, Ethics, and regulatory standards

2. Vaccinations with “unintended” consequences.

For Vaccination subterfuge BBC Horizon produced in 1995 a Documentary called The Human Laboratory, along with The Horizon 30-year anniversary film by David Malone, these are the only two Horizon episodes nowhere to be found anywhere on the Web. Even the production teams do not have access to them?


3. Vaccinations with specific resonant frequencies contiguous to 5G Frequencies.

This one is a little harder for non-technologists to get their heads around but it is well described in this clip from an old VHS documentary about the Mass Hypnotic qualities of Television. COVID19, AND THE ALT STATE CONNECTION. #SURPLUSENERGY

#5G w’s .bitchute.com/video/UiaqvugMbo7m/
Again this line of reasoning, and I do stress this is just one of several hypotheses that can be tested against the Irrational hysterics of Many media outlets. Never believe anything until it’s officially denied?

Petro Dollar Hegemony, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Deflation Free Markets vs Free Trade, Globalists & Internationalists The enemy is you!


With the Peak Everything, Peak Bubble Global Shit show presently playing out things are bound to get a little overwhelming.
When a Ball of string starts to unravel there are always a lot of Knots to untangle and Untangling the deceitful web of lies, we may know as, the ” Rules-Based International Order”
will set many challenges against many things we hold dear and have set our course towards, Imagine Pewdie-Pie realising that the Big bad Cat wasn’t his “Mommy” but was in fact his nemesis.
I have done a little montage of Twitter links that respond to a Tweet from a Blue Ticked pundit wondering what is driving the “Markets” buoyancy, ( Plunge Protection Team anyone?)

#GoingDirect is what we are all doing to the Blackstone drumbeat, in the game of Monopoly #Goingdirect means you do not pass go you do not collect £200 and you go straight to your 15-minute city prison.


where slave rations measured in Carbon credits will lock you into a permanent state of surveilled austerity.

There is one crisis that bothers me hugely and that is the crisis of confidence we all seem to share in ourselves and of the efforts and abilities of others like us to continue to improve our own lot and that of our kins folk.


PNAC, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul Partner for a New Pearl HarborFebruary 28, 2012 by Keith Gardner
Alex Jones and Ron Paul know a lot about the New World Order and are right about a lot of things. However, they are also working on the New World Order’s biggest endgame, a new economic order, a new economic Pearl Harbor, which will enslave the productive serfs to the idle aristocrats and international bankers. They want total economic enslavement through monetary usury. They want the serfs to love their enslavement and call it freedom. They want the serfs to make tribute payments to the non-productive aristocrats on increasing national debt in the increasing value of gold made legal tender by the New World Order. Alex Jones and Ron Paul promote the communism for the rich known as feudalism…….
“Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises’s life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.” – Richard M. Ebeling, The Life and Works of Ludwig von Mises

It is also known that Peter Thiel is a Bilderberger and Ron Paul’s biggest contributor. Real Libertarians are starting to ask, “Who is Peter Thiel?”

The Rock Thrown in the Pond – Who Profits? 
by Walter Burien – 09/15/07

“” When the US went off the gold and silver standard in 1963,  about the year 1971 the central banks (of which the facets are the insurance and brokerage companies) and the world power players (the Cabal) started buying up as much of the gold they could get their hands on. On average 150 tons per month over the next 40 years.

It was in their interests to use the derivatives market to keep the price low so they could buy the physical gold with the least amount of dollars used. In 1974 and 1979 they flexed their muscles by playing on that ever-proven age-old technique for conversion of wealth from others into their pockets with a run towards $1000 gold, $2 gas, $50 Silver, and 21% interest rates. It worked grandly. …

There is a real World War going on. It has nothing to do with the common applied terms of war as we have been conditioned to know of bombs, bullets, and death there from. It is a war of population control and management.What are the objectives of this war of the controllers? Final Jeopardy Question!! Tic, tic, tic. Final answer: Population management and control where the end result has an ongoing conversion of wealth in place whereby the population is managed as a “Productivity Unit,” with most of that productivity going into the hands of the controllers. Nothing new here, that game-plan has been in effect from before the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs.To the Cabal it does not really matter if the conversion takes place during peaceful times, brutality by conventional war, or under democracy, communism, fascism, or forced or voluntary servitude. All that matters is that the conversion takes place.When you look at world events, to understand what is going on all you have to do is ask yourself; Who benefits (profits)?


The US Government pledged, all of the gold it owned to the Federal Reserve in 1963 then at $42 per oz as can be seen and verified in the note section, notes 2 and 14 of the 1999 Federal Combined Financial Statement. If the dollar went on the gold standard we would have to buy the gold from the Cabal. Get it? I hope so.

When this push comes to shove play goes into effect, here is the silver bullet as they call it to cancel out the Cabal’s final step for world wealth conversion into their hands;

Let the dollar be backed by a commodity index which includes; grains, metals, produce””


Walter Burien.


This is a long comment and it is also a Necro Post, in the Corporate forum world necro posting is discouraged as is, of course, any talk of politics.


Just a Paulo Freire Quote to round off this comment which I hope will appear.


“Critical reflection on practice is a requirement of the relationship between theory and practice. Otherwise, theory becomes simply “blah, blah, blah, ” and practice, pure activism”. Paulo Freire.

Austrian Peter
Austrian Peter
 Apr 5, 2023 4:09 PM


 Reply to  Roger Lewis

Phew, this is an old thread, I’d forgotten I had even commented. Thank you Roger for an excellent look back – as you say – nothing new under the sun – just follow the money. We are on the same page. You might enjoy this one – stats all in one place:

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis
 Apr 5, 2023 4:26 PM


 Reply to  Austrian Peter

Hi Peter,

It’s remarkable looking back to the very beginning of this latest chapter quite how on point this article was and also how much of what is now largely accepted is here, PCR tests, CBDC, etc, the objectives of the response to the Alleged Crisis were fairly well developed by the online critical thinking community which established itself as early as Post Gulf War 2 and before that 9/11.
The degree of censorship and also continued enclosure of the internet is very noticeable post-2016, Brexit, and Trump the crackdown began and the Dot Com collapse set up the Google and Social media’s usual suspect monopolies, clearly the responses to the crises of the new millennium are all joined up with a common objective.
Nice to hear from you,
All the best

Austrian Peter
Austrian Peter
 Apr 5, 2023 5:16 PM


 Reply to  Roger Lewis

Greetings Rog – it’s proof positive that reading Kit is very much worth my time – I have a high regard for his always excellent analysis. I have quoted him often over the years as he tracks the progress of the multiple PsyOp abuses we have all suffered.

With the help and courage of many like Kit we, the people, are finally making some progress in challenging the ‘international rules-based order’ but I suspect it will be a long and bloody battle before all this is over and justice is done.

My team here are exposing corruption in high places every day – here’s an example: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2023/03/06/people-behind-biden-announce-creation-of-formal-national-surveillance-state-yet-no-one-seems-bothered/

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis
 Apr 6, 2023 8:08 AM
 Reply to  Austrian Peter

I have been having a long ongoing discussion ( over the last 6 or seven years) with a business partner as to how interested people really are, what the sensible response to the current level of sensed, if not consciously acknowledged, being snooped on would be.
For most people in employment ( Dennis Rancourt called them the managerial classes ) but it runs much wider than that, to all those employed. To oppose overtly is to invite being sacked. This has been so for a long time back in the early 20’teens a friend who is a General Practitioner but also a musician had to perform and have social media under an assumed identity, it was against their contract to have a public social media profile if memory serves.

Anyhow the point I always make to my friend is related to Erica Chernoworths work on the success of Protest movements,

” team identified over 200 violent revolutions and over 100 nonviolent campaigns. Twenty-six percent of the violent revolutions were successful, while 53 percent of the nonviolent campaigns succeeded. Moreover, looking at change in democracy (Polity IV scores) indicates that nonviolence promotes democracy while violence promotes tyranny.”

At Times Like These. Epictetus or Wittgenstien. #CovidPurpose #ConquestofDough #TheRoadtoSerfdom nihil sub sole novum. @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby


MARCH 17, 2018

“In addition every campaign that got active participation from at least 3.5 percent of the population succeeded, and many succeeded with less. All the campaigns that achieved that threshold were nonviolent; no violent campaign achieved that threshold.[4]”
the tipping point in an exponential is chaotic and not forecastable, we will know only in the rearview mirror that it has happened.

Where are we on the Curve? I suspect a good way along the steeper part with the Bureaucracy of the ELites very very worried. Hence the various crackdowns and censorship initiatives ( they really are happening This Tommy Robinson Interview with Lord Pearson is very good. Google some of the cases.

6th April 2023

Remember the “Check your Thinking”, Harry Miller case?

I liked CJ Hopkins piece on the Left forum he spoke at in London .

New Normal Left Right Stuck in the middle of no-where


Media Whipping Covid19 Panic to Unprecedented Heights Is this just mass hysteria, or is a major play in the pipeline? Feb 29, 2020 Off Guardian. ““I wonder who’s Kissinger now.” Throwing out the 5G Baby with the Covid19 Bathwater.

Its hard to get people to join in ( In Real Life ) IRL,

I made



Registered users (list of members) 1,354

lots of people signed up for it initially but then it got shadow banned and The sign-ups dried up, The remarkable thing was over a 1000 people signed up and no one adopted a constituency, I think the Hardwick Alliance pushback for freedom had a similar problem and Sandy Shaw mentioned UK Citizen.org on UK Column yesterday, organising on line is so easy for the filters to circumvent. Using End to End encryption is non-trivial and as it is so rarely adopted anyway very easy to infiltrate and disrupt. An encrypted message board or even a forum attached here at Off Guardian would be a good initiative I have set up a few Tikiwikis, which give the possibility for Encryption and anonymity.
Anyway rambling now Kit and Catte and the crew here could do a lot worse than look at the discourse forum back end.



@NoContextHearn V @GretaThunberg The Noble Lie, The Noble Art and the Nobel Prize #TheExergist #GrubStreetJournal Emergence is the thing! #HermeneuticsFluxCapacitor @EddieHearn #GFC1 v #GFCii the rematch mismatch

At Stack Exchange, one of the tricky things we learned about Q&A is that if your goal is to have an excellent signal to noise ratio, you must suppress discussion. Stack Exchange only supports the absolute minimum amount of discussion necessary to produce great questions and great answers. That’s why answers get constantly re-ordered by votes, that’s why comments have limited formatting and length and only a few display, and so forth. Almost every design decision we made was informed by our desire to push discussion down, to inhibit it in every way we could. Spare us the long-winded diatribe, just answer the damn question already.

After spending four solid years thinking of discussion as the established corrupt empire, and Stack Exchange as the scrappy rebel alliance, I began to wonder – what would it feel like to change sides? What if I became a champion of random, arbitrary discussion, of the very kind that I’d spent four years designing against and constantly lecturing users on the evil of?


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