David Vine Cyclepath, the real time Helmut mounted “Go Pro” MSM social media paragon of Cyclepath etiquette. “Bogus Candy Floss Credit” and #TheConquestofDough,  Douglas Carswell, Grace Blakely, Brendan O’neil Horace and Pindar

“I guess the cyclepath lobby are behind 15-minute cities. Cyclepath’s are the new Zil Lanes and the Cyclepath party will soon be afforded special access to Cyclepath party supermarkets, and bonus retreats outside of the limits of the cyclepath ringway around the Fulham Epsilon enclave.” Digger Tonefreqhz, Laments the rise of 15 Minute cities under the new Big Brother Mercantilist State.

I watched two Douglas Carswell interviews one with Brendon O’Neil and the other with Grace Blakely. O’neil is a Marxist Libertarian and Grace Blakely is Ash Sakars friend and both I think are into their fully automated luxury communism

Ash I know is “A Literal communist” Grace is for democratic socialism.



14,873 views Premiered on 6 Sept 2019

Grace makes the case for socialism – and Corbyn – while a sceptical Douglas Carswell challenges her. But they find some surprising common ground.


47,576 views 26 Aug 2019

From the way they see Brexit to football, the elite both despise and distrust ordinary folk. What can we do about it? Watch Brendan O’Neill in conversation with Douglas Carswell.




Both in the Introduction to the book and from the interview with Carswell, sadly Grace seems enamored of the millenarian Climate Change doom.

An Hour and a quarter interview and the introduction to a book certainly show that Grace has a good grip on where the problems in our Society, Economy and politics lie. Talking about Net Zero in 2030 does though

point to a naivete, if not substantiated evidence of ignorance, of the Energy realities of the modern economy. At several points drawing on Marx and probably Gramsci Grace talks about Power as a form of Capital

I certainly think that this video would repay the watching for Grace and indeed Douglas.



Douglas Carswell introduced a private member’s Bill on “Fractional Reserve Banking back in September 2010, his has been an interesting journey, and his latest interview is with Pres. Trump’s Former Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, sister Of Eric Prince  (  From 2001 to 2010, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) awarded up to $600 million in classified contracts to Blackwater and its affiliates.[20]) it looks like Douglas is making something of a Christopher Hitchens of himself across the pond at the moment. Looking at Carswell, Baker and Farage and also Boris its interesting to see where two apparent reformers now seem to have ended up, post the ” Scandemic “, I do wonder how much of Stolen would be considered to be having gone to far or to have flown to close to the sun.

2014–present: Constellis Holdings[edit]

A merger between Triple Canopy and Academi, along with other companies that were part of the Constellis Group package, are now all gathered under the Constellis Holdings, Inc. umbrella.[6] The transaction brings together an array of security companies including Triple Canopy, Constellis Ltd., Strategic Social, Tidewater Global Services, National Strategic Protective Services, ACADEMI Training Center and International Development Solutions.[7]

In September 2016, Constellis was bought by Apollo


DeVos grew up as a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.[30] She has been a member and elder of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids.[31][32] Former Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw, with whom DeVos served on a committee, said she is influenced by Dutch neo-Calvinist theologian Abraham Kuyper, a founding figure in Christian Democracy political ideology.[3]

Whac a Mole NGram

Zionism, Calvinism and the “Jewish national home” in Palestine into a “Jewish Commonwealth” Not safe for snowflakes. #OccupyTheEuropeanSpring

Only a Pindaric poet can sing praises of Augustus

Anyone, Iullus,3 who strives to compete with Pindar relies on wings that have been waxed with Daedalus’ skill, and is destined to give his name to a glassy sea. Like a river rushing down a mountainside, swollen by rains above its nor­mal

Pindarum quisquis studet aemulari,
Iulle, ceratis ope Daedalea
nititur pennis vitreo daturus
nomina ponto.

Whoever is eager to rival Pindar, Iullus, is flying with wings waxed with Daedalus’ aid, about to give his name to a glassy sea. #QED

Collection of Posts in the BBC News Business blog of Robert Peston And Stephanie Flanders


The other debate of note was the Steve Baker One

JUNE 11, 2017

Why Corbyn Needs the Tories "Inside Pissing out and not outside pissing in". to secure Social Democracy from The Global Money Power.

OCTOBER 8, 2017

Further Thoughts on Market Measures as Procrustean Delusions. Watching the watchers, Deniers denying denial doing as denial does? CLimate Catastrophe Porn! Not safe for snowflakes. #OccupyTheEuropeanSpring


Harold Wilson used to refer to the Money Power as the Gnomes of Zurich, Hot Money in the late 60´s and 1970´s was not nearly the Terror Wing of the Neo-Liberal “Queen TINA” Elites that it is now, even then Harold Wilson Knew to be wary of it. Dennis Healy Callaghan’s Chancellor got into bed with it. Starting the UKs Seduction by Thatcher in 1979 and her Bastard Son Blair in 1997. 

The British People have found their Moses in the Reeds on the far banks of the River Thames. Mr Corbyn with his Brand of Social Democracy can lead the British People to the Promised Land but will require having the Conservative establishment on to side. This is necessary so that they to have political Skin in the Game and so they will Fend off, if not fully engage in a  Fight, against the Money Power ( And dare I say, Their Magic Money Tree).

The City State of the City of London is a Fifth Column within Britain, Even our Queen Has to get Permission from the Lord Mayor of the City of London to Visit.
Clement Atlee in his 1945 post-WW2 Landslide was able to redeem the British Working Classes Rain Check from the Years of Depression and War, with the Reforming Parliament of 1945. Mr Corbyn must first do the Fight on Brexit with the Tories alongside and on board, as Atlee Did with Churchill. 

It is still the same enemy and we are also fighting to liberate the same people and not just to protect our own Freedoms.Atlee actually Nationalised the Bank of England, after the war due to his 45 landslide, Corbyn will secure a similar landslide in two and a half years time post-Brexit. Corbyn can similarly reform the money Power, there are Conservatives, among them Peter Lilley, Bill Cash, and Steve Baker, who want this to happen too.

Mr Corbyn needs now to think Very Carefully about the Wise Words of Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Here I have put them in this meme, which I made when Owen Smith contested Mr. Corbyns Leadership for a second Time.



I am reminded of the writing of Caitlan Johnson and a blog I did some time ago

 JUNE 27, 2017

Was The "Inconvienient Truth" Always a "Convienient Lie"? #CLimateChange #ParisAccord #TrumpsEPA #WattsUpWithThat #DeSmogBlog #ScienceofDoom


APRIL 9, 2018

conclusion that the MSM is a lie machine,MSM All In with Lies about everything


One thing that puzzles me is why when you draw the conclusion that the MSM is a lie machine, Which I agree with. Then why is it that Anthropogenic Global Warming due to the CO2 Hypothesis is somehow a Truth that the MSM is Consistently Telling? I can not reconcile that contradiction, I am curious how you do yourself.

Addicted to Distraction By Bruce Charlton Makes for compelling if Uncomfortable reading.
It will offend most readers but he has a very good point, I do not share his pessimism but the rest is hard to argue with.
“People and events presented by the media as Good are always, in reality, bad; and people or events presented by the media as bad are usually (but not always) Good — and when bad people or events are not presented as Good, then they are condemned as bad for the wrong reasons.
Also, if genuinely Good things happen to be presented as Good by the Mass Media; then it will invariably be the case that they also are said to be Good for the wrong reasons.
Thus, the major output of the modern International Mass Media consists of only four categories:
1. Good presented as bad
2. Bad presented as Good
(That is to say simple inversion)
3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason
(That is to say explanatory inversion)
These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high-impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.
Therefore those who want to free their minds from the Mass Media must first avoid as much Mass Media output as possible, and secondly develop automatic negativistic behaviour towards the Mass Media output which they cannot avoid”.
For what its worth here is my investigation of The Carbon Cycle, Climate Science and all of that.
There is a comprehensive PDF linked to in the Blog Post if you are interested.

 NOVEMBER 21, 2016

Climate Change .AGW and all points from Activism to Skepticism. @Wiki_Ballot #GrubStreetJournal

Is a debt-riddled economic system capitalism?


A great article demonstrating genuine powers of synthesis and analytical compression. I don’t agree with the alt-right position on climate change, however.

I’ve read the data on this – not the variant local trend data often used by climate deniers – but the long term trend data and it is pretty damning. Furthermore, the notion that the elites are using climate change to shoehorn humanity into a new autocratic tyranny is, quite frankly, silly.


Not that John argues this point here – it is argued elsewhere. I also don’t believe this isn’t ‘capitalism’ as argued: it is finance capitalism, a post-industrial outgrowth of industry intensive, product driven capitalism. It is also one aspect of the hydra-headed crisis facing the elites. The amassing of contradictions in the system – admirably signposted in John’s article – is gaming the outcome, an outcome well beyond their own powers to limit and control. The threat of market contagion is real. Will they be able to head it off? No. What will emerge from the catastrophe? Look at history. You don’t have to be one of the Horsemen to answer that question.

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“I don’t agree with the alt-right position on climate change”
kieranteach, Is Climate Denialism Alt-Right ?
Is Skepticism per se also Alt-right?
Would you please reference the Long Term data which those not wishing to engage in wrong think should consult.
My regular source of Long Term Data is the Satellite record which Dr Roy Spencer publishes monthly
April 3rd, 2023
The Version 6 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for March 2023 was +0.20 deg. C departure from the 1991-2020 mean. This is up from the February 2023 anomaly of +0.08 deg. C.I saw Bill Mc Gibben preaching earlier in Twitter thatMarch was the 529th straight month hotter than the 20th century average. If you’re younger than 44, you’ve never seen a cooler-than-normal month


So for 44 years, the only way has been up?
If you look at the cyclical nature of the UAH data I think that Mc Gibbens’s position is Alt- ( fairyland) perhaps.

Happy Easter ,

NASA will spend about $ 52 billion to search for and destroy the Pioneer 10 probe, launched into space 50 years ago and carrying a message to intelligent life forms that was recognized as transphobic.


My own reading into Climate, Monetary History, Political Economy, and Hetrodoox Economics as well as a long career as a property developer has given me an interesting look at the picture from both sides of the fence. Intergral Analysis is a good way of looking at things from different perspectives #AQUAL, all quadrants all Levels, Bernard Leitaer did a paper on the integral analysis of money. What happens when our World view needs a piece of the jigsaw that another Quadrant has Righter than our own variable inserted for that bit of our own version of the big equation?

 Click on Cover for full PDF

DECEMBER 8, 2021

Visionary realism: A green future beyond capitalism – Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor & Noam Chomsky. Some Observations.

The overwhelming feeling of running around in ever-increasing circles is all but overwhelming, as I listen to Douglas Carswell’s speech to the House of Commons, “Bogus Candy Floss Credit”, Ten Minute Rule Motion; Financial Services (Deposits and Lending) Mr Douglas Carswell 15 September 2010  Joint with Steve Baker


and Steve Baker On Thursday 20th November 2014, for the first time in 170 years, UK parliament has debated the creation of money. Few people know that 97% of our money supply is created not by the government (or the central bank), but by commercial banks in the form of loans.

And Now we come to #GoingDirect, Grace mentions Blackrock in the Carswell interview, sadly the transcript on the video is not working properly so referencing different parts is a chore as it is not possible to easily reference points made, from Memory Grace was saying that Blackrock were effectively managing the state treasury and that this function should be performed by a cooperatively owned body and not by a global corporation, I think she was right in September 2019 and is still right today.

It was easier to believe in Freedom of Speech and Democracy in 2011. The Ongoing Fascist Coup EUssr and GBLimited. #Brexit #Brino #MayMustGo #ConquestofDough #Peston


Free Trade vs Free Market , Careys American System vs Ricardo-Malthusian system. Monopoly vs Free Market Competition

Keep Dancing til the Music Stops, or Don’t stop til you’ve had enough, Riffing on the Levellers. Globalism and Internationalism are different ideologies, and how the Sovereignty of people’s at a national level is irreconcilable with transnational interests.

I guess the cyclepath lobby are behind 15-minute cities. Cyclepath’s are the new Zil Lanes and the Cyclepath party will soon be afforded special access to Cyclepath party supermarkets

and bonus retreats outside of the limits of the cyclepath ringway around the Fulham Epsilon enclave.


Two pieces of tarmac are sitting at a bar having a drink…

Suddenly, a red piece of tarmac storms into the bar, and one of the pieces of tarmac having a drink jumps under the table to hide, his friend says to him, “What are you doing?”, he replies, “Hiding, you don’t want to mess with him, he’s a cyclepath.”


The Conquest of Dough,


The wise king said, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in vessels of silver” (Prov. xxv. 11). Hear the explanation of what he said:—The word maskiyoth, the Hebrew equivalent for “vessels,” denotes “filigree network”—i.e., things in which there are very small apertures, such as are frequently wrought by silversmiths. They are called in Hebrew maskiyyoth (lit. “transpicuous,” from the verb sakah, “he saw,” a root which occurs also in the Targum of Onkelos, Gen. xxvi. 8), because the eye penetrates through them. Thus Solomon meant to say, “just as apples of gold in silver filigree with small apertures, so is a word fitly spoken.”

Maimonides, A Guide for the Perplexed.


As the Low Hanging Fruit rots, the true believers and credulous continued to grasp at the unseen upper branches of the tree of myth and ideology: clutching further, and stretching longer, extending their reach by any means, even means unimaginable to anyone but the desperate and deluded. They knew that the Golden Apple, no one had ever seen, or, produced evidence of its existence was there, just beyond their furthest reach, Just out of sight of their keenest glance, so as the Low-Hung Fruit still rotted having ripened and yet not nourished those for whom only the Perfection of the Golden Fruit of pure ideological reified hubris would ever be enough. The obvious went ignored its goodness rejected in the pursuit of the impossible promises of soothsayers, priests, mountebanks, politicians and Fifth Avenue suits, and City Bankers, so many lies clothed in so many promises taking hope and optimism and producing a pathetic belief in the bounties of the Noble Lie.

And here we see the Autumn of a civil war where men women and children have perished, their death caused by what some in years to come will say was due to the Mythical invasion of the sea peoples. Which, Historical Turning of a 21st-century Ideologue would find its analog in Aleppo Syria to the Firestorms and Privations of the Bronze Age collapse in 1150 BC. And what do these two disparate events and the Low Hanging Fruit and the Apple of Gold wrapped in Filigree of silver have to do with our business here ?  In our thoughts and investigations in these coming pages we will surely find out as we discover together, as we look at the scenes that play out before us. Together we will in our mind’s eye trace the steps of Ahmed Abdul Hittite the Bakers son of Aleppo who was sent abroad again to seek refuge for the secret of his Guild to be perpetuated in a Bond millennia Old and passed down from Father to Son. Along with the Secrets of the precious alchemy from which his family had sustained Egyptian Pharaohs through to the Palace in Damascus of President Assad and Sultans, Pashas, and great Kings and Queens of yore in the Cradle of civilisation, Damascus even before Abraham had Spoken of Gods word Already ancient when Jesus Christ Was a Boy and Older Still when the prophet Mohammed Received the Holy Quran. For Abdul’s mission and the secret recipe was the secret of Dough, the Sacred Dough of Aleppo from which all Leavened Bread had been exported as an Idea and a Method, yet only the Hittite Sour Dough of the Hittite Bakery of Aleppo was the true source and substance of the Greatest most sacred and honored Starter, the eminence, and fountainhead of The Bakers Craft, tied to antiquity and bound to the most Trusted and to a Brotherhood of world Wide civilisation. Where there was Trade there was Counting to be done and accounts to be settled, where merchants would Seal their Bargains with the breaking of Bread and the Dipping of Bread in Salt and where the secrets of the alchemies of Commerce were held deepest and closest. The Hittite bread would serve to mark, The Conquest of Dough, Where all could bake and break bread hewn from the earth of Mother Nature’s bounty, the true source of the wealth of man in nature.

JULY 16, 2017

The Conquest Of Dough. One Week In and Words are pouring out of the grey Space and back into the Ether. Channeling Something?

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