The Looting Begins. Investor Blackstone defies global property woes with new $30bn fund #VultureFund #Looting #Poacher&#GameKeeper #GoingDirect #ConflictofInterest

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Blackstone announces a new 30 Billion Property Fund, Blackrock is a different company but they stem from the same Stock

Yes, they are. Or at least, they were.

When Larry Fink and his co-founders started his fledgling risk management and bond analytics advisory firm in 1988, he was seeded by Blackstone co-founders Steve Schwarzman and Pete Peterson. In fact, the firm known today as BlackRock started life as Blackstone Financial Management.

In time, ‘Blackstone Financial Management’ grew rapidly. By 1994, with over $50 billion under management, it became time for the two organizations to formally separate. In a decision I imagine he has since had cause to regret more than once, Schwarzman allowed Fink to call the business ‘BlackRock’. While this may have been a natural evolution of its original name, I can’t imagine Schwarzman would have agreed to this arrangement if he’d had the slightest sense for what BlackRock would become. In recent years he has (I believe) acknowledged that a tipping point arrived a few years ago where people went from referring to BlackRock as Blackstone (since the latter was historically the better known brand) to referring to Blackstone as BlackRock.

Multi Polarity in Geo Politics, Global Finance, and the OGAM FIRE MIC Nexus of the Rules-Based international order is a confusing charade of smoke and mirrors.

Its Blackstone and not Blackrock that announced this new fund, Blackrock will either overtly have its own funds or claim Chinese walls and other prophalcatics against its huge conflicts of interest and manage/place funds through other parties.


memo sent out by the American Bankers Association,

“On September 1st 1894 we will not renew our loans under any consideration. On September 1st we will demand our money.
We will foreclose and become mortgagees in possession. We can take two-thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi, and thousands

of them east of the Mississippi as well, at our own price…Then the farmers will become tenants as in England…,”
1891 American Bankers Association, as printed in the Congressional Record of April 29, 1913.
This Note Might refer to it( Can’t find on line)
By Mr. TAYLOR of Colorado: Memorial of Horse Creek
Orange, Adams County, Colo., favoring Government loans on
: farm property; to the Committee on Banking and Currency.
Mr. MONDELL. I have only five minutes. As I said, or- ganization is useful and valuable if men are to secure from
their employers a reasonable proportion of the wealth they
create, but men can organize from now until doomsday, and
they can not draw from an industry any portion of a profit
that the indu.stry does not have or create. They do organize
in England, it is the best labor-organized country on the face
of the earth, and yet the average rate of wage in England is
considerably less than half of that in the United States. It is
much lower in many of the highly organized industries in England than it is in the unorganized industries here. Organization can, and organization does, compel the payment of a fair
wage, and a fair wage is the wage that an industry can stand
and live. No amount of organization, no amount of strife, no demands that can be made, can compel men, or ever has com- pelled men, to pay wages so high that they can not conduct
their business at a profit. Our wages are higher in this country
under organization, because by and through a protective tariff
that maintains prices it is possible for the manufacturer to pay – a good wage, and therefore possible for the organized laborer
and the organized artisan to compel the payment of a good wage.
But take from the industry its profits, place it in competition
with unpaid labor abroad, make it nonproductive, and you can make bread of stones and draw blood from a turnip as easily as you can secure a living wage under those conditions.
Mr. MORGAN of Oklahoma
I want to read something here from the bulletin issued by
the Bureau of the Census to show how under a protective tariff
wages have increased. When I called the attention of the
gentleman from Georgia [Mr. HARDWICK] last night to the in- crease in wages from 1890 to :899, he insisted that the increase
had not been 70 per cent, as I contended it had been. But
here in this Government document it shffw~ that the increase
from 1899 to 1900 was 70 per cent. I mean in the total amount
of wages paid. This table shows that in 18GO the suni of
$378,000,000 was paid out to laborers in the manufacturing industries of this country. Yet after half a century of protection, except for a short period, we paid out in 1909 to the wage earners in our manufacturing establishments $3,427,000,000 a year. To-day probably the total wages paid to laborers in
manufacturing establishments in the United States amount to
$4,000,000,000. No other country on earth pays out so laTge an amount in wages anywhere, and in no other country do we distribute such an amount of the total wealth in wages. · That
is the way that we must distribute wealth, in large degree,
through wages.
And when you pursue a policy, when the gentleman from Alabama, as head of the Ways and Means Committee, the leader of
the majority in this House. with all his ability and courtesy to
every Member of the House, leads the Honse and the Nation
into a tariff policy that will reduce the total amount of wages
paid out, it means a loss to every one of the 7,000,000 men who are employed in the manufacturing industries. and I protest
against it. [Applause on the Republican side.}
Interesting debate on Organised Labour and Trade Barriers protecting the Level of Wages etc, 



Free Trade vs Free Market , Careys American System vs Ricardo-Malthusian system. Monopoly vs Free Market Competition

#GoingDirect #ConquestofDough #MutualAid #CarbonCurrencyEndGame #CBDC #Aadhaar #StopTheSteal Its Not Multipolar its Schizophrenic #EndTheBIS #HonestMoney #HonestDough End the National Debt and a Larger loaf of Bread.

Keep Dancing til the Music Stops, or Don’t stop til you’ve had enough, Riffing on the Levellers. Globalism and Internationalism are different ideologies, and how the Sovereignty of people’s at a national level is irreconcilable with transnational interests.

Rate hikes have been going too far and too fast to be explained by the likely trajectory of inflation in the medium-term. #BaileysBust #GoingDirectParadigm #surveillencecapitalism #Aadhaar

Event 201 with Hind sight, Was it a Monetary event.Have we gone direct #CBDC #Carbon CurrencyEndGame

Debunking Money, Debt Based Carbon Currency End Game. Tides of the Dollar Moon, Usury Hells Fuel Mans Oppressor, Globalisation Unentangled, MELT FUND, a Bourgeoise resolution. A Ratio, A quotient, A function an Algorithm. Event 201 was a monetary event!

When the Crisis hit the Fan,or Now that the Guano is hitting the ventaxia Again.

This discussion is so far off-beam as to be embarrassing. Less of a curate’s egg than a rotten egg. Why?

And I see occasionally, I see one that I like. And it’s a phrase from baseball applied to climate change: Nature bats last.

Nature is the last one that comes into the field and decides the game. And we’ve never been in this world.

What ultimately forces this, is going to be climate change. Because climate change doesn’t accept an argument.

Climate change doesn’t care what you think. Climate change is already past the point where we can do anything more than adaptation.



Carbon Credits are the only part of the Climate Change Narratives that the monetary system players are interested in.

See Spash, The Brave New World of Carbon trading as your starter for ten,

Denying Climate Change?

The Climate Change Carbon Credit basis for the new Digital currency is the Austerity shaped hole in this discussion which caused me to call it a Rotten Egg.

It’s a curious bastardization of Neoliberal “There is no alternative” #TINA

The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

Nafeez Ahmed #WrongKindofGreen #ConquestofDough


‘Between the Lines’ – Ariana Boussard-Reifel


my own work on the Carbon Based currency end game ( Quasi Gold Standard ) is what the Central Banks are really working towards. 16:1.
Walter Buriens Letter from 2007 presages the question of how to establish an even playing field in the basis of the Currency unit for international trade and the importance of National currencies and a free banking attitude to local credit instruments.

The Rock Thrown in the Pond – Who Profits? 

by Walter Burien – 09/15/07

Fed GoldThe US Government pledged, all of the gold it owned to the Federal Reserve in 1963 then at $42 per oz as can be seen and verified in the note section, note 2 and 14 of the 1999 Federal Combined Financial Statement. If the dollar went on the gold standard we would have to buy the gold from the Cabal. Get it? I hope so.

When this push comes to shove play goes into effect, here is the silver bullet as they call it to cancel out the Cabals final step for world wealth conversion into their hands;

Let the dollar be backed by a commodity index which includes; grains, metals, produce; domestic stock; energy; etc.  Here it will not be the golden rule but the productivity value of the countries commodity production.

Doing this will really put a hiccup (to say the least) in the Cabal’s plan for final conversion through their hoarding of gold since 1963. (The Cabal won’t get killed, they just won’t make a killing) It will also be a just economic environment world wide being that each country’s currency will now maintain or grow in its value based on that country’s own productivity in physical resources not “exclusively” on who owns the gold.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is said in the paragraph above. It is the difference between primary failure of the Cabal’s last step and significant success accomplished for the people.

A commodity INDEX backed currency and NOT a gold backed currency.

Keep in mind, the central banks with the Cabal players now are the “owners” of 85% of the gold, the general populace has very little. The Cabal’s plan since 1963 has been to facilitate absolute corporate controlled management of the people as conversion of the people’s wealth in final result ended up in their hands.

Since September 11th 2001, the process, in all respects (emphasis added)  for conversion of that wealth has speeded up ten times fold. Do not let them turn the final and last key as they have planned.

Who is Walter Burien? @elonmusk #FiscalCliff #BankersWars


The Six Ways on Sunday, Carbon Currency end game 16 to 1 on, what are the odds of that?

If one observes the long game the dominant Narrative of the past 30 years is Climate Change and CO2 emission being the only thing anyone needs to focus upon. The Carbon footprint narrative is by a long chalk well ahead of the curve even with the relatively short but seemingly endless Pandemic and Vaccine Narratives of the Past two years. Naming names, Larry Fink of Blackstone and Blackstones Going Direct is considerably more powerful a control lever on what happens next than the efforts of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to enrich Big Pharma and themselves, Gates also has a bigger card in the game, and that is Digital ID and its relationship to both Near earth Satellite networks and the 5G networks, which coincidentally really were rolling out at the Same Time as the Wuhan Event, also in coincidentally Wuhan.

Yanis’s Talk to the student body of Stanford is also very important to the discussion and was completely left out.

Technofeudalism and Cloud Capital: A Conversation with Yanis Varoufakis

wallet with the fed allowing you direct access to banking

using the fed suddenly you don’t need to be banked with bank of america or citigroup

these vouchers that take your money for doing what for monopolizing the payment system really that’s what they do

and if they want to exist fine but they have to lure you with good services in terms of investment packages and savings

schemes and so on and from that digital wallet

At the end of the Blythe agrees with this statement from Varafoukis.

whatever. You have to have a bank account with the pimps of the banking, of the payment system, who

are the bankers. M.B: The intermediaries. Y.V: Yes. Intermediaries. Um, the Chinese Central Bank is creating digital wallets with anyone without the intermediaries.

The ECB would love to do it. They cannot do it because, the moment Lagarde says that, she will be decapitated tomorrow

by Deutsche Bank, Finance Bank, and the rest. M.B: And the same is true of the Fed.


Essentially what Blythe and Varafoukis are promoting is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the #Goingdirect Mould with a Universal Basic income. The question is what degree of social control or anonymity would be commensurate with their proposed system? A Free Market Free Banking System in the Carey American system Model would be very different from a Centralised State Monopoly type system whether Fascistic in a Stalinist or a Mussolini Corporate Fascism way. These are all questions that are not being voted upon and flying under the Radar. Finally, I am uneasy that where such discussions take place no discussion seems to be initiated with respect to Usury, the notion that Debts are a given as opposed to the notion of credit.

Christine Lagarde admits in this Gotcha prank interview that the ECB has a CBDC in the works and it proposes a measure of surveillence and control, Carstens of the BIS has also salivated over the Control he envisions in a BIS led version of CBDC . They all seem to relish eating each others lunch , but for now the feast will be the Smaller local and regional banks and their customers who will be foreclosed upon in the traditional way or left to re finance with the State Sanction systemically important banks.

Now we have in Europe this threshold above €1000. You cannot pay cash if you do you are on the grey market, you take your risk, you get caught, you are fined or you go in jail. But the digital euro is going to have a limited amount of control. There will be control. You’re right. You’re completely right. We are considering whether for very small amounts, anything that is around 300 €400, we could have a mechanism where there is zero control. But that could be dangerous The terrorist attacks on France back ten years ago were entirely financed by those very small anonymous credit cards that you can recharge in total anonymity.


Debunking Money, Debt Based Carbon Currency End Game. Tides of the Dollar Moon, Usury Hells Fuel Mans Oppressor, Globalisation Unentangled, MELT FUND, a Bourgeoise resolution. A Ratio, A quotient, A function an Algorithm. Event 201 was a monetary event!

Finally this


Blythe is a Climate Change and hence Carbon Credit rationing advocate.
Aadhaar and the post 2008 Looting? Buzz Feed Article The Dash For Cash.

As it is for smaller banks so it will be with small landlords #GoingDirect is the Uberisation of everything. and the rationing of everything through Carbon Credit accounting #Aadhaar

Uberisation of the housing market. PRS for profit social Landlords. Some notes


Black Rock Going Direct Paradigm , Mindmap

Conquest of Dough

The Conquest of Dough,

Part 1 Introduction.

The wise king said, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in vessels of silver” (Prov. xxv. 11). Hear the explanation of what he said:—The word maskiyoth, the Hebrew equivalent for “vessels,” denotes “filigree network”—i.e., things in which there are very small apertures, such as are frequently wrought by silversmiths. They are called in Hebrew maskiyyoth (lit. “transpicuous,” from the verb sakah, “he saw,” a root which occurs also in the Targum of Onkelos, Gen. xxvi. 8), because the eye penetrates through them. Thus Solomon meant to say, “just as apples of gold in silver filigree with small apertures, so is a word fitly spoken.”

Maimonides, A Guide for the Perplexed.

Part 2 The Last Bakery In Aleppo.

The Conquest of Dough

Part 3 The Road to Damascus

The Looting Begins. Investor Blackstone defies global property woes with new $30bn fund #VultureFund #Looting #Poacher&#GameKeeper #GoingDirect #ConflictofInterest


The Road to Damascus.


Abdul, breathless and sweating emerges from his escape route into Elijah’s Cave. A well-learned and never forgotten routine has started to play out. Told in Songs and Poems of the Elders and Forefathers. The rhythms and timbres of those ancient bonds inform the protectors of the sacred dough what they must do and where they must go. Each link in that sacred chain knows the melody of this saddest and most solemn of songs, a song of flight, a song of Terror, and a song of deeply bonded and grounded faith in the mutual respect of trades crafts, and guilds honouring credit and trust with mutual respect and protection. Elijah, son of Abraham and grandson of Ezikhil, kisses the Lapis Lazuli lid of the Sacred vessel and embraces his brother in truth.

” Brother, your father”,

“He is dead, The White Helmets Came”,

“You must hasten to Damascus brother. This embrace will not be our last. I will take you to a guide. You must put on these clothes and here are your papers. At Damascus, the Guide will take you to our safe house from where you will Go on to Cairo”.

“Thank you, Elijah, how much time do we have”.

“Oh, time enough Brother Abdul”,

The two men had often played as boys a Jew and a Moslem, along with Christian children and all faiths living in peace in this most ancient of playgrounds, now reduced to ruins.

“Hey Abdul, are Fatima and the children safe”,

“yes they are safe Brother”

“and Ruth and your boys, yes they are safe”.

And so the journey starts on the road to Damascus, Elijah, and Abdul dressed in Black Orthodox garb Embark on the road to Damascus in a Red Cross Jeep over rubble and through ruined streets and along that ancient road. Both are lost in memories and both reciting poems and humming those old songs which bind them to a common tradition, feared by these modern Caesars who now pursue them.

Drone Control. Jake Brown looks at his remote monitoring screen which relays a picture from a drone 2000 metres above the Streets of Aleppo. He radios the white helmets,

“Red Cross Jeep headed West Two Men on board

Red Cross markings are they clear for evacuation”


“Affirmative Red Cross jeep Elijah Mordecai Rabi of East Aleppo cleared to travel with Assistant Rabbi; Fugitive must still have gone to ground.”

And so our two fugitives follow the route of Samaritan fame, to Damascus Perhaps some history for this leg of the journey.

These Ceaser’s that lay claim to the mother earth from which his family had grown and were a part of, Bonds to Stone Henge, Scapa Flow, Cairo, Alexandria through to North Africa, Ethiopia, Libya, Through The Greek Islands, and the Balkans Through Ukraine and the Urals Routes through which Agriculture and commerce and trade had spread with no wars of conquest until Ideology and Hubris had caused the Striving for the true believers, Zealots and Credulous to Reach into unseen branches for mythological Golden Apples which had never been produced and nor would they.

This Road to Damascus was a time machine of memories and it is those memories that bind all mankind in a brotherhood of common genesis where the Sense of Self can be found if only one learns to look and see that common bond beyond the Jealous ego of the Jealous priesthood of Conquests down the ages.

Conversation between the two had naturally been limited until out in the Countryside and headed away from the conflict area around Aleppo but familiar place names reminded Abdul of old family stories of the curious visitor to Aleppo in the year 1812 . Sheikh Ibrahim Ibn Abdallah a Swiss Traveler versed in Arabic customs who would later become famous as the first Westerner to see the Fabled City of Petra in Jordan.

Although the atmosphere was heavy with the Grief of recent loss the two were accustomed to death and loss and felt a close kinship to their long and distant histories spanning Cultures, Ethnicity, and other egotistical constructs that men fabricate to gain imagined status. That breed of men who justify unimaginable claims against Territory and land they have not and can not ever know and feel as intimately as the indigenous peoples who mould and blend into their surroundings.

Abdul and Elijah knew a piece of Heaven on earth, an affinity of shared horizons felt by all aboriginals in intimate rhythm with and harmony to the Geography of their being.

“What a Guy the sheik was Elijah, here is a signpost to Hamah, we are almost Half Way now.”

“Those Motherfucking Ismaylys and the Anzeyrs, “

They both blurted out laughing


Both had heard the stories handed down by oral tradition and in songs and such feats of apparent super memory lost to those in the West, with short attention spans and even shorter Tempers who can now but look on in awe at those painted as backward in the media of Soundbites and distractions of the most inane trivia.


The two Fugitives with their precious artifact of living breathing memory back to the mists of time would lay over for the night at the same Castle which offered hospitality to the Swiss Traveller who adopted Arab Dress in his homeland and later indoctrinated to the Honorary Fellowship of Tradecraft Bakers who stood for a connection of peoples to their lands and referenced wealth to the Bounties of Nature and not the hard food of Midas currently rending asunder the lives of Millions of Syrians,

The Journey back in time would continue to Damascus in the morning and from there to Cairo and Alexandria. Where The story of the Grains that still lend their name to the smaller weight measure of the Gold those old and these new invaders seek to appropriate.

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